Some pointless Bakura/Ryou fluff that doesn't involve love or anything. Just friends. Yay for friends. Don't own, of course.

It was cold, and it was raining. But Ryou did not care. He had been sitting here for over an hour now. He had been contemplating jumping earlier, when Kaiba had sneered at him and called him a weakling idiot, but he had decided against it. It'd be stupid to jump for something like that. For someone like Kaiba. Now he was just staring down at the city below, thinking. He didn't want to die. And he wanted to be happy. Then he decided. He'd be happy. Just to spite Seto Kaiba, he, Ryou Bakura, would be happy. See how Kaiba sneered then! With a look of determination, he looked down again, and watched the city. This time he did not think of jumping, or of death. He thought of his future. Footsteps behind him alerted him to a new presence, and when they ceased as the person sat down, he smiled. He knew who it was.

"Thinking of jumping or something, little light of mine?" asked a voice.

"No. I was thinking of falling."

A slender eyebrow was raised in question. "Falling?"

"Yes. Falling." Ryou turned his head to see his other better.

"Yami no Bakura, I have something to ask you."

Yami no Bakura stretched a bit, and pulled his trench coat off, offering it to the boy. "Ask away. Just how honest I am depends on your question."

"That's alright," Ryou answered, pulling the coat on. "I just wanted to know, if I fell, would you catch me?"

Yami no Bakura was silent for a minute, looking down at the city lights. "Would you catch me when I fell?" he asked finally.

"Of course I would, Yami no Bakura," he said immediately. "But would you catch me if I..." he trailed off.

A smile crossed Ryou's face.

Yami no Bakura's own smile escaped and he quickly stifled it.

"Was there ever any doubt?"

Behold the pointless fluff and nonexistant plot!