Ya know, reading all the funny fics on this websitehas really inspired me to write something of my own so...yeah. Enjoy!

"Mmmm, baby you're so beautiful," mumbled Roger as he lay in bed, too lazy to get up at 12.00 in the afternoon.

"Awwww honey, so are you," mumbled Mimi as she hugged her boyfriend close to her skinny body.

"I can't wait to see how our beautiful our baby is gonna be," said Roger.

Mimi smiled and rubbed her belly, which was now suddenly 7 months pregnant with their baby (I know, how did she do that? –LOL-). "Oh I know it'll be beautiful just like you, Roggy."

"Haa! I bet it'll be all depressed and angsty just like Roger here," said Benny, who randomly appeared out of the bedroom closet.

Roger blinked. "Benny? Howthe fuckdid you get here?"

Benny shrugged. "I dunno. Just happens, I guess. Apparently this fanfic author seems to love making me randomly appear out of nowhere."

Mimi relented. "That's ok, Benny. Please feel free to randomly disappear whenever you like."

"Ok, thanks."

And so Benny sat in the corner of the bedroom twiddling his thumbs while Roger and Mimi went back to having sex in the bed because Mimi's stomach suddenly became skinny again. (Wow, I am so jealous of her –giggle-)

Hey guys, it's me. Nope I haven't abandoned Yeshula's story. I'm just working on something else that completely random and crazy. So hope ya'll like it.

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