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Hey guess what? Darren Hayes, my most favourite singer ever (ex-singer from Savage Garden) got married to his boyfriend of 2 years, Richard, in London last month and I am so ECSTATIC for him! For more info, go to www . darrenhayes . com . (Without the spaces) Congratulations guys! –swoons- And now, onto the story.

The whole room froze again, their mouths wide open, except for Camera whose lens fell off her face for the third time that day, and they all braced themselves for the answer again.

Suddenly, Benny's glare slowly turned into a wide grin and he giggled quietly at all the horrified Bohemians, including Captain Jack, Captain Barbossa, Jack the Monkey, Camera and Glinda the sock puppet. Then he stepped out of the doorway and in came Will Turner and Elizabeth Turner, their arms loaded with cameras and speakers, followed by Ashton Kutcher in a baggy red shirt and baggy pink pants and 10 kgs of solid gold bling-bling , who yelled, "YA'LL JUST GOT PUNK'D, BIATCHES!"

The Bohemians – meaning Mark, Roger, Mimi, Angel, Collins, The Easter Bunny, Maureen and Joanne – looked around the room and sure enough, Captain Jack, Captain Barbossa and Glinda all started giggling madly. The Bohemians then relaxed and soon the whole room was gilled with laughs and giggles. Finally, after three hours of non-stop giggling, Captain Jack said:

"Alright mateys, this calls for a celebration. Bring on the rum!"

Collins reached into his jacket and magically pulled 10 bottles of rum this time, and the whole gang, including the Punk'd crew, happily chugged down the vile drink that is known to turn even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels.

After five hours of non-stop drinking, Ashton finally stood up, with much difficulty since he was drunk out of his head, and said, "Dude, where's my car?"

Mark, who had his scarf tied around him like a boob tube while Glinda wore his sweatshirt, said, "Dunno. Where's your car, dude?"

Ashton belched loudly, giggled like a 12-year-old girl, and asked again, "Dude, where's my car?"

Mark giggled at him, fondled Roger's thigh and Mimi's boobs at the same time, and said, "Dunno. Where's your car, dude?"

Ashton suddenly flared up and yelled, "Shut up dude! It's not funny!" and then feebly attempted to swing his fist across Mark's face, but ended up hitting Dr. Nick in the teeth because he was so drunk. He then crawled out of the hospital ward to go look for his car, which he himself parked right there in the receptionist's office.

"YYAAYY!" exclaimed Mimi happily. "I can finally spend time with my baby Evita now!"

Roger crinkled his forehead at her. "What baby, Mimi? We just got Punk'd. There is no baby."

"WHAT?" yelled Mimi. "That can't be true. EVITA! WHERE ARE YOU?" she cried as she hugged the little white cloth that was on the hospital bed.

"Umm, Mimi?" said Mark, blushing as red as an apple. "That's my underwear."

Joanne crinkled her forehead. "Why is your underwear lying on the bed, Mark?"

Mark rolled his adorable blue pools of water which practically lived behind his glasses and again blushed redder than the reddest thing in the world after several coats of red paint all over it . "Because Roger and I were just having sex in there. DUUHH!"

"OOhhhh. That's why!" said Maureen, who was still terribly fascinated with the gumball machine in the corridor. She turned around and sighed happily at Joanne.

Who sighed happily at Jack the monkey, who squeaked happily at Roger, who sighed happily at Mark, who sighed happily at Captain Barbossa, who sighed happily at Camera, who sighed happily at Collins– no wait, cameras don't sigh. Anyway, Camera did something that cameras can do happily at Collins, who sighed happily at the Easter Bunny, who sighed happily at Captain Jack, who sighed happily at Angel, who sighed happily at Benny, who was suddenly randomly dressed in a Glinda-the-Good-Witch pink dress. Yup, everyone was happy. Well except for Mimi, who was still clutching Mark's underwear close to her and crying out loud for the baby that never actually existed, even though she was pregnant on some random days. Weird, I know, but hey, it's my fanfiction. That means I can do whatever the fuck I like, so there. –giggles-

"AND CUT!" yelled Chris Columbus, as the studio lights went off and the camera people ran around with the equipment, not knowing what to actually do expect to just run around with the equipment so that they look like they're actually doing something. The whole gang all relaxed, walked into a giant, private diamond-studded trailer and had hot dirty sex together happily ever after.

And as for Benny, well, turns out he doesn't really mind being randomly screwed around in stories. In fact, he actually likes it. Anything's better than being the bad guy anyway. –winks-