A/N: I had this story in my head for the longest time, I just had to write it... okay this takes place after Gem of the Moon... just Gem of the Moon. Okay there are many OCs but the main ones are Usa the ditzy assiant chef, Ko the sarcastic musician/battle stagiest and Hikaru, Usa's boyfriend who can't remember anyone's name even if his life depended on it (exceptions are Usa and his father Hikari). Enjoy!

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By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: What Happens when Fate and Destiny get Drunk

In the world of the gods Fate and Destiny were having a nice little drinking game of "Naruto: Believe it!" whenever you take a swig of booze when Naruto or someone else yelled "Believe it!"… they just finished after the 8th episode both were pretty drunk… Fate began to sing "Barbie Girl" for no reason in particular.

"I love thatsh thong…" slurred Destiny.

Both began to sing it while very drunk… Athena came into the room and sighed "They're in deep trouble…"

In the World of the Devil Fruits…

On the Merry Go a fight was going on between the Straw Hats and the Jackson Pirates. Jackson with his first mate Kanna of the Wind stood next to him. They had a new plan to finally get the Gem of the Moon.

"Doesn't does this guy ever give up?" asked Ko.

"I don't think so…" said Zoro tying his bandanna to his head.

"I can't wait to kick their to kick their butts… if they think their going to get this from me they of have another thing coming!" said Usa glowing pink.

"Go Nameless Horde!" said Jackson.

"The nameless horde again?" asked Sanji.

"They must have something up their sleeve…" said Robin.

3 seconds later…

The nameless horde members were on the ground unconscious.

"You think would take us out?" asked Luffy.

"That was merely a distraction…" said Jackson.

He motioned to Kanna who was slowly gaining strength

"Wind Wind Blade!" she let loose a large blades of wind… it headed to Ko and hit her dead on.

Everyone gasped at this… Chopper and Usa ran to her.

"Ko…" said Usa.

"Sis… I don't thi…" sauid Ko coughing up blood.

"Ko don't speak… please… your going to live…" said Usa.

"Sis… don't fool yourself…" said Ko

She stopped breathing… Chopper took her pulse his eyes were wide.

"She's dead…" said Chopper.

Usa began to cry… "It can't be… its can't be…" she cried.

Luffy gritted his teeth, he took …their musician… their battle starriest…. their friend…

"How dare you!" yelled Luffy, "Gum Gum Bazooka!"

He launched his attack Jackson and Kanna… Kanna however used her powers to first let the attack backfire blowing him into the air, then used wind blades to cut him badly… he landed in the ocean.

"Luffy!" cried everyone but Usa who began to sob even more… first she lost her sister then her captain…

"Give us the Gem of the Moon and no one else gets hurt…" said Jackson.

"All right!" said Usa crying.

Their eyes were wide… "Usa! What do you think your doing!" yelled Sanji.

"First Ko… Luffy probably drowned all ready… if… if I give it them then you will live… I don't want any one else to get hurt because of me!" cried Usa.

"But with out you'll die!" said Usopp.

"Don't you think I know that… if any of you ever see Hikaru tell him I love him… and if any of you ever see Trent tell him sorry… but he's never going to beat me…" cried Usa.

She sighed and cried al title more

"Who know maybe he'll screw up with something and Ko, me or Luffy can posses someone and avenge us…" said Usa.

She got up and walked to Jackson.

"Usa you're crazy!" yelled Zoro.

"Please don't Miss Rabbit!" said Robin.

"Sorry…" said Usa.

She took off the Gem of the moon, as it was still on her body she placed it near her heart and said to herself "Sorry Hikaru…"

Kanna smirked she let look an attack known as "Wind Wind Hurricane Blades" aimed right for the surviving Straw Hats… none could dodge… Usa's eyes wide.

"You promised no one would be hurt…" said Usa.

"We lied…" said Jackson.

He grabbed the Gem of the moon right before she passed out she heard the yell "Wind Blade."

Usa woke up with Hikaru… he had grim look on his face…

"I'm sorry… I couldn't get here in time… they… all of them…" said Hikaru.

"No…" cried Usa, "Why… why me? Why did this have to happen? It's all my fault…"

"No its not… I should have joined… but I didn't… I was lucky I had gotten word that they were planning this…" said Hikaru.

Hikaru began to cry as well as Usa... she looked around and saw the mangled bodies of her friends.

"I can't believe it… no…" said Usa.

Both felt partially responsible for what happened… Hikaru sad to "Let's quit… let's quit being pirates… and live your dream…" he said, "I'm pretty sure it would make Luffy happy to know that one of his crew member would be living their dream…"

"Your right…" said Usa.

She felt the remnants of their Ki among them… in sense it gave her comfort… but it hurt her to know she was the only one who survived in what would be known as "The Straw Hat Massacre"

By pure chance Usa found the Straw Hats undamaged in the sea… "Luffy… one day I will let you fulfill your promise…" she thought as she dove in to retrieve it.

In the world of the Gods.

Fate and Destiny had hangovers… then Athena was there to yell at them.

"I can't believe you did that… you completely messed up one world!" she yelled.

"Ow… turn down the volume…" whined Destiny.

Athena sighed as she gave them special pills that got rid of their hangovers.

"I can't believe you… you know that no gods are allowed to get drunk expect for Dionysus…" said Athena.

She was interrupted by Dionysus showed up in nothing but underwear singing "Barbie Girl"

"You know minus dressed in nothing but your underwear that's you acted…" said Athena.

"Uh…" said Fate.

"As I was saying you two really messed up thing for one world… many of those who were destined to shape that world have died." said Athena.

"Crap…" said Fate.

"What happened?" asked Destiny.

"Well you got drunk and something killed people destined for great things while your back was turned and law states no one can turn back time with out the objects of legend for that world…" said Athena.

"But only mortals can find and gather them…" said Destiny.

"I know… your in real trouble and you must fix fortunately you were really lucky…" said Athena.

"Why?" asked Fate.

"Well I'll explain, the people that kill these people were after a Jewel known as the Gem fo the Moon… of its little known powers along with showing sprits or "Ki Remnants" as the current holder calls them that if someone dies while protecting the current keeper they would be reborn with complete memories…" said Athena.

"Thank us…" said Destiny.

"You were lucky because those 8 mortals have to fix up your screw ups!" said Athena.

"So how long do you have to wait to fix things…" said Fate.

"15 years… at least…" said Athena.

"Damn it!" yelled both Fate and Destiny.

"Don't worry I'm sure in 5 years they will be conceived…" said Athena.

5 years later on Konegi Island…

Usa stood at the Special Grave site… dedicated to 8 people who became special heroes for Konegi Island: Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin and Kone Ko.

"Well guys it is 5 years since you died…" said Usa.

She reflected all the events of the past 5 years. Hikaru contacted his father who understood why he quit the Moon Light Pirates. Ichigo became depressed but Serena helped her though, knowing the loss of a loved one, Sansom Gen actually came and announced he and Nancy (his naughty nurse) were expecting a baby… she wanted him to make up with Usa… as he could never make up with Ko and so he could turn his life around, he's no longer a pirate and now a reasonably nice guy… though years of alcohol made him an idiot. Also the interesting visitors to this gave, such as royalty… like the Princess of Alabasta: Vivi, and the King of the Sakura kingdom Dalton… Usa, Serna and Ichigo got a shock of lives to find that Dr. Kureha, who was with Dalton's entourage knew Moko… not only that but they had a fling years before… a fling that returned… thanks to the of loved ones: Chopper for Dr. Kureha and Ko who Moko considered a 2nd grand daughter, they got married… it didn't help that they had the crazy monkey dance regularly… which caused Ichigo and Serna to tempoaply move in Usa for the safety of their sanity for a few months after wards. Usa also thought of other guests, such as Buggy the Clown whop cried "I wanted to be the one who would kill him! Why?" and other people who wanted to kill Luffy who cried the same thing. Ace visited Usa, he was sad his brother couldn't live his dream… but proud because he died protecting some who was his friend. She didn't want to touch the marines that visited… particularly Tashigi who got drunk and admitted that she was in love with Zoro.

"Guys… I'm sorry…" said Usa who still felt guilty. She looked at her hand, there was a wedding ring on her hand, after the Massacre she and Hikaru moved to Konegi Island and got married.

"So you're the only survivor…" said a voice.

Usa turned around and saw a man with red hair wearing what looked to be a cape that cover his left arm… she knew who he was…

"Your red Haired Shanks… aren't you?" asked Usa.

"Yes I am… so this is grave site…" said Shanks.

"Yeah… for Konegi Island anyways… there might other else where…" said Usa, "Can you stay here for a few minutes?"

She began to run to her house but collapsed to her knees. Shanks was confused.

"I don't feel so well…" said Usa she got up, "I hate to be rude but can you please escort me to the clinic…"

"Um… sure." said Shanks.

They arrived to find Dr. Kureha yelling at Lenny for getting his head in a bike rack.

"I told you I'm going to have to charge you that!" yelled Kureha.

"That's unfair! Everyone else don't have to pay…" whined Lenny.

"Well I have two reasons for that… 1 is that I promised my dear husband that I will charge little or nothing. I don't mind as he's rich, 2. Everyone else isn't idiots who do stupid stuff… like the time with the aquarium and blow torch." said Dr. Kureha.

"Um well…" said Lenny.

"Or the bicycle and the jackhammer.": said Dr. Kureha.

"Um…" said Lenny.

"Let's not forget that time with the pineapple, a horse shoe and 25 monkeys." said Dr. Kureha.

"Fine! I'll pay!" yelled Lenny.

Then she noticed her step granddaughter.

"Usa… you don't look so good… I guess I could put aside the idiot for you…" said Dr. Kureha.

"Thanks Dr. K…" said Usa.

"God damn it!" yelled Lenny.

"Well you have thought of that before you got yourself stuck in a bike rack…" said Dr. Kureha.

The good Doctor did an examination, she was surprised, "I was great news… your pregnant… it's a shame that Hikaru wasn't the one to hear the news with you... who is he?" said Dr. Kureha.

"That's Shanks, the one who inspired Luffy…" said Usa in a hushed voice.

"Oh…" said Dr. Kureha, "I thought he looked familiar…"

"Oh you're that Witch from Drum Island… the old…" said Shanks before he could finish his sentence he was beaten to a bloody pulp.

"This is why I refer to her as my grandfather's wife…" thought Usa.

Later Usa was walking Shanks to her house… as he could barely walk.

"We're going back to my… house I have something to give you…" said Usa.

"What?" asked Shanks.

Later in the living room Shanks sat on the couch while Usa went to a special locked case, inside was Luffy's straw hat, Zoro's swords, Nami's bracelet, Chopper's hat and a picture of them that was taken right before the massacre. She took out the key and opened it and took out the legendary straw hat. Then locked up the cabinet.

"Here… Luffy would have wanted it this way…" said Usa hading Shanks the straw hat.

He looked at it, "You keep it…" he said.

"What?" asked Usa.

"I have the funniest feeling that Luffy would have wanted this way. Who knows maybe your child will be inspired to become a pirate and that could be his inspiration." said Shanks.

"Um… thanks…" said Usa.

Shanks was about leave "I should get back to my crew…" he said.

"Wait… is Yasopp still part of your crew…" asked Usa.

"I guess Luffy must have told him about him… yeah why?" asked Shanks.

"Well…" said Usa.

She told Shanks to tell Yasopp to visit the grave. He vested it and was shocked, Shanks and Usa were with him.

"He always looked up to you… even though he never knew you…" said Usa.

Yasopp said nothing… he didn't know what to say.

"Guys…" thought Usa as she looked up into the sky.

Somewhere else…

Luffy was dizzy the last thing he remembered was falling into the ocean… now he was in a white place… it was like the dreams that psychic girl Sabrina gave him when a kid named Ash joined them for a while… but that's literary another story…

"Where am I?" asked Luffy he touched he head and his hat was missing, "My hat… where is it?"

"I wish knew… about where we are… not about your hat…" said a voice.

He turned around and saw most of his crew... except for Usa.

"Your not the only missing something…" said Nami looking at her wrist where her bracelet was supposed to be.

"I'm missing my hat too…" said Chopper.

"Damn it where's my swords…" thought Zoro.

"You couldn't take those things here… I guess because their being watched the survivor…" said a voice.

They turned around and saw two young women, one had sliver hair and golden eyes while wearing gold robes while the other had gold hair with silver eyes and wore silver robes, both were extremely beautiful.

Sanji's eyes irrupted in hearts, "What beauties…" he said.

"One of the great ones is a pervert…" said the golden haired one who was Destiny.

"Yeah…" said the silver haired one who was Fate.

"Where are we?" asked Nami.

"Well first its time for introductions, I'm Fate…" said Fate.

"And I'm Destiny…" said Destiny.

"That's nice…" said Zoro.

"What we are about to tell you will shock you to your very soul… your dead… all of you…" said Fate.

"What!" yelled Ko and Luffy.

"It would make sense…" said Sanji.

"We saw you two die…" said Nami.

Ko eyes were wide… "Where's Usa! Did she die?" she ask.

"Usa… lived… also one more thing… its been 5 years…" said Fate.

This surprised everyone.

"What took so long?" asked Ko.

"Well it's a long story: there's little problem about your deaths… none of them were supposed to happen…" said Destiny.

There was a silence in the place were they were…

"Oh… man… now I guess we should explain things…" said Fate looking embarrassed.

"I'll explain!" said Athena coming out nowhere, she wore light blue robes with dark blue hair.

"Oh man… you promised you wouldn't show the tape ever again…" said Destiny.

"Sorry but I lied, everyone thinks funny too…" said Athena.

A monitor came out of nowhere, it showed Fate and Destiny extremely drunk signing a very bad rendition "Barbie Girl"

"I'm now officially convinced it's a dream…" said Ko.

"What does this mean?" asked Robin.

"You see let's say that Mars a god of war became drunk... a war in one world would stop…" said Athena.

"Is that why you keep getting him drunk… so that pointless war in that one world will stop…" said Destiny.

Athena laughed nervously then sighed "It's like that with every god or goddess except for Dionysus… if he becomes sober than the drunkenness and wild behavior would stop… that would hurt multiple economies… anyways…" said Athena.

"Both of us got drunk and it screwed up fate and destiny of your world by killing you…" said Fate.

"Okay hands up… who's still convinced this is a dream?" asked Ko.

Everyone but Robin and Luffy wasn't really paying attention.

Fate, Destiny and Athena sweatdroped.

"Well there's another power of the Gem of the Moon that you must know about… if someone died while protecting it then they will reborn as the children of the current keeper… with all your memories in tact and since you did protect her you will be reborn with all your memories in tact…" said Athena.

"Really?" asked Nami.

"Well there are few catches… one is that you will all be born as rabbit boys and girls…" said Destiny.

"Well it figures… Serena did eat the Rabbit Rabbit fruit." said Ko with a shrug.

"Another will be that Robin and Luffy won't have their Devil Fruit powers, if you want them back then you better hope that devil fruit somehow it comes to you…" said Destiny.

"So I wont' be rubber any more?" asked Luffy.

"Afraid not. Also… your all be siblings… and I know a certain love cook should know that since you'll be genetically brother and sisters that Nami, Robin and Ko will be off limits…" said Fate.

Sanji began to sulk in the corner… well there wasn't any he was just sulking.

"Also one more thing… you should know that you will have to go on a mission when you turn 13…" said Fate.

"Why 13?" asked Usopp.

"Because Konegi Law states that when a person turns 13 they to go on a training journey that will have to last at least one month…" said Ko, "So I'm assuming that Usa moved back home…"

"That's right…" said Fate

"Then why did it take so long for us to be here?" asked Zoro.

"Well Usa's been married for the past 4 and a half years and she's finally pregnant…" said Fate.

"That doesn't explain much…" said Luffy.

"It explains everything…" said Ko.

"I'm beginning to regret never teaching him about that…" said Chopper.

"Everyone just shook their head.

"In 9 months you were be reborn… until that happens you be here for 9 months… I will explain much to you… when your born you won't be able to talk until you reach an age will be able to… same with walking… however you be able to communicate with each other telepathically until all of you can talk and form sentences." said Fate.

"Tele-what?" asked Luffy.

"I say 3…" said Ko.

"I say 5…" said Zoro.

"I have to say 4…" said Nami.

"I agree with Nami…" said Usopp.

"What are talking about?" asked Luffy.

"Nothing…" said all 4… they were talking about how long it would take to for Luffy to talk.

"It means we can read each other minds…" said Robin.

"And when you are reborn you will disappear one by one from here… and back to the mortal world" said Destiny.

Everyone nodded about this…

"Well see you in 13 years and 9 months…" said Destiny.

The three goddesses disappeared.

"If this isn't a dream… this is going to be a loooong 9 months…" said Ko.

"Yeah…" agreed Zoro.

Back in the mortal word…

Usa sighed after breaking the news to Yasopp. She looked over to the case wit the mementos. Then went to prepare a special meal for Hikaru.

That night Hikaru and Usa were eating dinner.

"What's the news?" asked Hikaru.

"Um… how did you know I had good news?" asked Usa.

"Well it the meal you made… it all gourmet…" said Hikaru.

"I'm pregnant…" said Usa.

"That's great… um… can you please name them?" asked Hikaru with a small whine.

Usa gave a small laugh, even after all these years Hikaru never remembered anyone's names… so much so he referred to Serena as "Usa's mom", Moko as "Usa's grandpa" and Trent as "Usa's brother"… at least it was better than the actual attempts to say their names.

"If it's a girl I was thinking Ko…" said Usa.

"And a boy?" asked Hikaru.

"Luffy…" said Usa.

In the world of the… um… it was referred to as the rebirth waiting room over the course of 9 months every passed the time playing word games or annoying the heck out each other on purpose… it was the only entertainment… other than all the times when Dionysus showed up and acted… well like the god of "Wine and wild behavior" would.

The one day Luffy began to disappear.

"What's happening?" asked Luffy.

"You're the first to be I guess…" said Nami.

"Its about time this happened…" said Ko.

"Why is he the first one to be born?" asked Usopp.

Everyone else shrugged.

And slowly one by one disappeared, after Luffy was Ko (who guess symbolic purposes), then Zoro, then Chopper, then Nami, then Usopp, then Robin and finally Sanji.

In the mortal world…

At Usa and Hikaru's house, Usa had finally gave birth to her last child… the reincarnation of Sanji.

"I guess she still thinks of you…" came Ko's voice to the reincarnated Sanji.

"What's that suppose to mean?" communicated Sanji.

"You were born last…" communicated Zoro.

"That's right little brother…" communicated Ko.

"Hey…" commutated Sanji.

"Technically you are my little brother now…" communicated Ko.

Sanji mentally sighed.

"Why did Dr. K deliver us?" asked Chopper.

"I don't know…" responded Nami.

"Congrats… Usa… 8 healthy octuplets…" said Kureha.

"The… chickens… they're riding pantyhose" said Usa who was completely out of it.

Hikaru who was by her side and Dr. Kureha sweat drop.

"What?" said Hikaru.

"What would you say after you just birth to 8 children?" asked Dr. Kureha.

"Touché…" said Hikaru.

Dr. Kureha went into the living room where Serena, Moko, Ichigo, Trent, Yumi (his wife who he married two years before), Hikari, Gen, Nancy and Lily (their 5 year old daughter) were waiting for the news.

"Well what is it?" asked Serena.

"She had a litter…" joked Dr. Kureha.

Almost everyone laugh except for Lily.

"So how many?" asked Ichigo.

"Octuplets… 3 girls and 5 boys" said Dr. Kureha.

Everyone celebrated, in the room all the little new born reincarnated pirates were laying in cribs.

"Okay… so sometime Usa met Dr. Kureha…" communicated Nami.

"And she agreed to give to us… I guess they became friends…" communicated Luffy.

Haiku looked over his "children"

"Hikaru's our father…" communicated Robin.

"Saw that coming, I hope what ever they name us… he remembers our names…" communicated Ko.

"Yeah… it gets really annoying how he forgets our names" communicated Usopp.

"That's right Ranma…" communicated Zoro.

"Shut up!" communicated Usopp.

"Unless that becomes your name…" communicated Chopper.

"If he doesn't remember our names, he'll be a terrible parent" communicated Ko.

Usa finally healed, thank to the Gem of the Moon. She looked over her children… her eyes were wide.

"No way…" she said.

"Usa… what is it?" asked Hikaru.

"I'll tell you later…" said Usa.

"So you think everyone should see them…" said Hikaru.

Usa nodded Hikaru left the room and said the visitors were welcome.

"No way…" she said to herself.

Everyone came in.

"Out of bed all ready… that gem thingy… sure works quickly." said Gen.

"Dad, its called Gem of the Moon." said Usa.

"Wait… Usa… a good… relationship with the bastard!" communicated Ko who began to cry on the outside as well while internally binge to yell out string of curses.

"Do you think she's over reacting?" communicated Usopp.

"No…" communicated Zoro and Sanji.

"Oh the Jusenkyo Incident…" communicated Nami.

"So who was born first to last?" asked Trent.

"Well Usa's brother…" said Hikaru, "The little boy with black hair... who's has his foot in his mouth was born first."

"Luffy… do you really have your foot in your mouth?" asked Zoro.

"Maybe…" replied Luffy.

"…" replied all but Ko who still yelling out a string of curses.

"The 2nd is the little girl with blue hair who is crying…" said Hikaru.

Usa picked her up and began try to calm her down.

"That won't work… until I find why you have good relationship the bastard…" Ko yelled mentally.

"Everyone ignore her for a while…" communicated Usopp.

"Then there's the little boy with green hair, fallowed by the little boy with light brown hair." said Hikaru.

"He's adorable." said Yumi.

Outside Chopper laughed inside he was doing his usual sting of curses.

"You do realize she can't understand you…" communicated Nami.

"Oh yeah…" replied Chopper.

"Then the little girl with orange hair then the one with dark brown hair." said Hikaru.

"Good god! What's with that nose!" yelled Gen.

Somehow as a reincarnated baby Usopp kept his long nose.

"Well the long nose gene is a recessive gene and apparently someone from either family already has it…" said Dr. Kureha.

"I blame Gen!" said everyone in the room including Nancy.

"What?" asked Gen.

"It's deftly not from the Gi Clan…" said Moko.

"It's definitely not from me…" said Hikari.

"What it might be from your first wife Moko or your late wife Hikari." said Gen.

"We blame you even more bring it up…" said Moko and Hikari at the same time.

"Grr…" said Gen.

"That calmed me down hearing that…" communicated Ko.

"Good…" communicated Nami.

"Wait did the bastard say "first wife?" about Moko… does that mean that he got married?" asked Ko.

"Its probable…" communicated Robin.

"Then the little girl with black and finally the youngest the little blonde boy." said Trent.

"Their so cute with their rabbit ears." said Yumi.

"They got it from their beautiful mom…" said Hikaru.

Usa blushed at this.

"We should have the babies get rest…" said Dr. Kureha.

Usa felt to her knees "Hungry…" she moaned.

"… and feed Usa…" said Trent.

The put the reincarnated pirates into cribs and let them to sleep.

In the dinning room Lily yawned.

"Lily, you want to sleep in the guest room?" asked Usa.

"Yeah, I'm tired thank Usa-neechan." said Lily who ran off the to the houses' guest room.

Inside the nursery the reincarnated crew was assessing was what's going on.

"Okay so during this time period: Hikaru married Usa, Usa forgave the bastard, Moko probably got remarried, someone had a kid and I think Trent probably got married." communicated Ko.

"ZZZZ" came from both Zoro and Luffy.

"Lazy bums…" commutated Sanji.

"I'm tired too…" communicated Usopp.

"Probably because we're babies…" communicated Robin.

Slowly they fell asleep… they really did need their rest.

In the dinning room after Usa ate she sighed.

"What is it?" asked Hikaru.

"But I am about to say should be kept as an extremely well kept secret, even once their old enough… also we should hide it from Lily too… she would understand what I'm about to tell you…" said Usa.

Gen and Nancy nodded.

"I should explain things first about Ki. Each person has a unique Ki signature, it's like a finger print. While tow people may have to exact same color there would be a differences… such as one would be cold while the other warm…" said Usa.

Hikaru, Hikari, Moko, Serena, Ichigo and Trent already knew this. While the others at the table didn't.

"Go on…" said Nancy.

"It's physically imposable for tow to have the same exact Ki signature… unless on of the people is alive and the other is dead… there are two ways this to happen: 1 is when the person is possessed and 2 reincarnation…" said Usa.

"What does this have anything to wit anything…" said Gen.

"My children… have the exact same Ki Signature as Luffy, Ko, Chopper and the others!" said Usa, "which means…"

"That they possessed your children!" said Gen.

Everyone anime fell, "No you moron! Her children are the reincarnations her crew!" yelled Moko.

"So are you going to name them after them?" asked Yumi.

"That's not such a bad idea…" said Usa.

Next Time: 5 years have passed... no one knows the truth... but when Usa she's happy, she's sad and she snaps after realizing she breast fed Sanji... what will happen?