Chapter 11: Unanswered Questions

The Neo-Straw Hats were still celebrating the new arrivals, Alice and Bailey. Megan, Amy, Beth and Emily gave them, the okay to tell them about the mission.

"Really!" yelled Bailey.

"Yes… Destiny and Fate got drunk and screwed up our reality causing us to die…" said Sanji.

"Let's not forget Loki and Eris…" said Robin.

"That is so weird!" said Bailey.

"It is…" said Alice.

"So what's going to happen when everything's back to normal?" asked Bailey.

The room suddenly went silent…

"You asked a question that shouldn't be asked…" said Alice.

"We don't know the answer ourselves… so we can't answer it…" said Luffy.

"Oh I see…" said Bailey.

Hours later, elsewhere, Shanks had just woke up, last thing he remembered some girl claiming to be a goddess.

"Man what did I drink…" said Shanks.

"Good you're awake…" said a voice.

It was of course Athena, she just standing above him and it was a strange room.

"Where are we? And who are you?" asked Shanks.

"Like I said my name is Athena, I'm a goddess and this is the world of the gods" said Athena, "Fallow me…"

Shanks knew it was better to ask more questions later. She lead him to a door.

"Don't say anything…" said Athena.

"Why?" asked Shanks.

"I don't you drawing their attention…" said Athena.

She opened the a crack, both began to watch Fate and Destiny, Fate was dressed in a Kakakura High School uniform while dancing strangely to Asterisk (the first theme song to Bleach).

"So how was that that?" asked Fate when the song was done.

"Oh year watch this…" said Destiny.

She was suddenly dressed in a Mahora Academy uniform as Happy Marital (The Negima theme song) Beloved Version began to play. Destiny began to dance around strangely as well.

Athena closed the door as Shanks stared at Athena.

"What was that?" he asked.

"They are the initial cause of why your world has been screwed up…" said Athena.

"What?" said Shanks.

Back on the Merry Go, it was late at Night, Zoro was on watch that night, usually at some point he'd fall asleep, but that night he couldn't, Bailey's question rang in his mind.

"What will happen?" he asked no one in particular.

That's when Luffy who couldn't sleep either headed towards the Ram's head to think. Zoro saw him.

"Luffy!" called Zoro but quiet enough for the others to sleep.

"Zoro…" said Luffy who then rocket over the Crow's nest, "Hey I didn't know you're up… usually you're asleep by now…"

Zoro sweatdroped, he knew it was true but didn't like when someone pointed it out.

"Can't sleep…" said Zoro.

"Me neither… it's because of Bailey's question…" said Luffy.

Zoro chuckled, "That's why I can't sleep either…"

"Weird…" said Luffy, "So what'd go to happen?"

"I don't know… will we stay the same… will we go back in time… will they change history… no one had said anything…" said Zoro.

"As long as I can become king of the pirates it don't matter…" said Luffy, "But… I just want to know what's going to happen…"

That's when they heard signing from the deck… they looked down… it was Ko looking up at the stars.

"Hey Ko…" said Luffy.

"Luff', Zoro… wow I'm surprised… I didn't think you were awake… you're usually asleep" said Ko.

Ko jumped up to the crow's nest.

"Hey Ko I was wondering how you that if your not part cat any more?" asked Luffy.

"Oh I trained… Usa help me… if you hadn't noticed Usa trained Sanji to do that too…" said Ko, "And bedsides you there too…"

"Oh yeah…" said Luffy rubbing the back the back of his head.

"Bailey's question?" asked Ko.

Both nodded…

"So what do you hope what will happen?" asked Ko.

"What do you mean?" asked Luffy.

"Well I hope that we go back in time and prevent Jackson and Kanna from killing us…" said Ko.

"Why?" asked Luffy.

"Well…" said Ko with a light blush, "I realized something while we were waiting to be reborn… but what I realized could never happen..."

Zoro smirked, "What?" he asked.

"Okay you two promise you won't tell any one and if you tell anyone I will kill you…"

Both Luffy and Zoro laughed… until Ko said in a deadly serous way, "No I wasn't kidding… I will go against my beliefs and kill you letting this secret out…"

Luffy gulped in fear… he knew Ko is not one to mess with until she began to laugh, "I'm only kidding… but it don't mean I'm not going to beat you to a bloody pulp…"

Zoro and Luffy sweatdroped.

"Well you I lo.." said Ko.

"Hey you're awake!" called Sanji.

Ko anime fell…

"Oh yeah…" said Luffy, "Want to join us…"

"Sure…" said Sanji jumping up.

"Ko was about to tell us something interesting…" said Luffy.

"Liar! I wasn't about to tell you guys anything!" yelled Ko angrily with a light blush and glowing sky blue a bit.

"Really you weren't?" asked Luffy, "But it seem like you were…"

"I wasn't so quit making stuff up…" said Ko as her angry glow died down.

"Oh okay…" said Luffy, "So you can't sleep either because of Bailey's question?"

"No…" said Sanji, "I take it it's why moss head is awake…"

"What of it…" said Zoro.

The two began to argue…

Meanwhile in the World of the Gods, Athena had finished her explanation to Shanks about what's going on while sitting at a table in a strange room.

"So those tow got drunk which let these two named Loki and Eris to mess with our world which resulted in Luffy and his crew's death expect for Usa? And now their reincarnations have to find these things called objects of legend? I still don't believe you…" said Shanks.

"Oh really I have some proof right here…" said Athena she slapped a piece of paper onto a table, Shanks saw this, his eyes were bugging out.

"Where did you get this?" he asked.

"I'm a goddess… we can summon pictures of anything…" said Athena.

"What do you want with me…" said Shanks.

"Well…" said Athena.

Back on the Merry Go the two continued to argue, Luffy laughed a bit while Ko sighed in announce.

"Hey do you what time it is?" came a voice.

They looked down and saw their siblings, Nami was the one who asked the question. Ko sighed and knocked the two out of the crow's nest landing face first.

"She's right you know…" said Ko.

"Did they wake you?" asked Luffy.

"No… we heard the noise and found Ko was missing…" said Robin.

"Same you and Sanji…" said Chopper.

"Bailey's question?" asked Ko.

"Bailey's question…" responded Usopp.

Ko and Luffy jumped out of the crow's nest.

"So…" said Chopper, "What do you think what will happen…"

"I don't know…" said Ko as she helped Zoro after his fall.

"I know she's wants us to go back in time… I don't know why she didn't finish he sentence why though." said Luffy.

"I didn't say anything like that…" said Ko.

"Well… whatever it is… I just hope thing return to what happened before we died…" said Nami.

"I wonder…" said Robin, "If time is turned back… if Alice and Bailey will be born…"

"Why wouldn't they be?" asked Luffy.

"They might be destined to be born…" said Zoro.

"Like the marriage between Dr. Kureha and Moko…" said Chopper.

"Oh yeah…" said Luffy, "But we'll agree… whatever happens… we will stick by each other!"

Everyone nodded in agreement… or they would have if a snowball hadn't hit Luffy in the back of the head.

"Normal people and goddesses are trying to sleep down here…" said Alice with a sleepy looking Megan next to her.

Luffy smiled sheepishly, "You should get back to bed… I'll take over watch…" said Luffy.

"Okay…" said Zoro.

The boys when back to the boy's cabin with the exception of Luffy who rocketed up to the crow's nest, while the girl's minus Alice and Megan who lingered in the doorway.

"Their concerned over my sister's question…" said Alice.

"Yeah…" said Megan with a big yawn.

"So what will happen… when thing are normal again…" said Alice.

"I'm not aloud to talk about it…" said Megan.

"I see…" said Alice and the tow went back to bed.

Up in the crow's nest, Luffy was looking at his hat.

"Shanks… I wonder if your still alive…" thought Luffy.

Back in the world of the gods…

"I see so you want me to thin out those who wants revenge and get rid of some marines…" said Shanks.

"And if you refuse…" sauid Athena.

She took out even more pictures... Shanks looked at them, every expression grew more and more embarrassed as he went to next.

"Each picture is more embarrassing than the next…" said Athena.

"So how are you going to get these out…" said Shanks.

"Make it rain… just like what Eris and Loki did with those sheet out of paper…" said Athena.

"You wouldn't dare…" said Shanks.

"I would… if you refuse…" said Athena.

"But I didn't refuse..." said Shanks.

"So I just blackmailed you for nothing…" said Athena.

"Pretty much… Luffy… even in his new life I see him as a son…" said Shanks.

"I should have known… this is one those times when I feel stupid… and I'm a goddess of Knowledge…" sighed Athena.

Shanks chuckled… "So how am I supposed to know this isn't a dream?" he asked.

Athena put something in his pocket…

"You'll see when you wake up… by the way… if there's someone who you think can and while agree to help you, you can tell…" said Athena.

Before Shanks can say anything else he woke up by the banks of the river… he was convinced it was dream until he felt something in his pocket, he reached for it and sweatdroped… it was a picture from when he was a teenager back on his first pirate crew… it was a picture of this one time when he tripped and accidentally kissed Buggy on the lips. There was a drawn picture of what look like a chibi Athena saying "Oh this kind of thing happens all the time with boys who hate each other."

"It wasn't a dream…" thought Shanks, "What the hell did I get myself into…"

Next Time: A picnic goes wrong when Loki and Eris springs a trap in the form of a Labyrinth, the good news is that there's an object of legend on the island, the bed news is that everyone's separated... meanwhile Shanks decides to try to enlist Tashigi and Ace in his mission given to him by Athena... will they believe him? Find out next time...