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Through Hatred Comes Love

"Rogue, get out of here while Remy keeps the security busy."

"Ok but how are ya going to get out?"

Remy smirked, "Chere, Remy will fin' a way. He is a a thief after all, 'nd one thin' a thief knows how t' do well 's sneakin' out."

Rogue glared at him and muttered, "Ah figured."

Rogue was now away from the school and heading to...well she didnt really know, she was just walking around with her head down thinking about how much she hated that school, when she bumped into a man's chest. She looked up and there he was. Red on Black eyes staring down at her and that smirk that never seem to go off his face.

"So cherie, where do y' wan' t' go?"

"Ah dont know...Ah just had to get away from school."

"Why do y' hate school s' much chere?

Rogue faced the ground again, not knowing what to say. Remy noticed this and pulled her chin up so that they were facing each other.

"Y' can tell Remy anythin' cherie."

Rogue stayed quiet for a moment, but finally decided to say it. "Ah dont only hate school cuz ma teachers have it with meh, Ah also hate it cuz it's just so crowded and Ah could accidentally touch someone...and there are always people making out in practically every corner and thats something that Ah could neva do...

"Dont worry cherie, Remy knowsthat one day you'll be able t' touch, but Remy doesn't mind if y' let him touch y' now."

"If Ah touch ya, ya'll end up unconscious." On that moment she said that, herstomach growled.

Remy laughed. "Y' hungry cherie?"

"Yeah, kinda."

"Well Remy knows a place y'll like t' eat."

"Really? And since when do ya know what Ah lahke?"

"Cuz Remy knows y' chere. He knows yer taste."

"Sure ya do." She said in a sarcastic tone.

Rogue and Remy arrived at a small but pretty good restaurant and sat down. When Rogue saw the menu, she froze. It was all southern food. She looked up at Remy, which was smirking like always. "So y' like what's inde menu cherie?"

"Yeah, Ah love it, Ah mean Ah havent had this type of food since the longest."

"See told y' Remy knew what y' like. Well then lets orderde food, Remy's starving."

Time passed and they were done eating and were just talking now. Rogue couldnt believe she was actually having a good time with the Cajun. She then noticed that it was getting late and said, "Remy Ah think we better go now, its getting late, and they'll noticed that we ditched school."

"Aw, but we are havin' such a good time, 'nd besides, Cyclops 'ndde red head must know that we skipped since they were in our class."

"Yeah, but they will neva tell Logan, so let's go before Logan himself finds out and gives us extra Danger Room sessions."

Remy payed for the food and now they were heading to the Institute.

"Remy, let meh go in first so that Logan wont know that we were together." She gave a weak smile, "He still doesnt trust ya a lot."

"Sure cherie, Remy will go a couple of minutes after y'."

Rogue went in the Institute hoping nobody will notice but just as she came in, her little brother popped in front of her.

"Kurt! Ya gotta stop doing that!"

Kurt had the biggest smile on his face. "Sorry sis, vut there is a surprise for you!"

"Yeah? What is it?" She said in a not so amused voice. She didn't believe him one bit and even if she did, she wouldnt think she'll like the surprise very much.

"You'll see." Kurt touched Rogue with his gloved hand and teleported them to the Proffesor's office.

The Proffesor was also smiling and Rogue had no idea what was going on.

"Ok what's this all about?" she asked.

"Rogue, we all know how much you want to be able to touch people, so we have designed something that will prevent your powers from functioning while you are wearing it."

Rogue stared in shock, still not being able to believe what the Proffesor had just said.

The Proffesor smiled again and showed her a bracelette. "If you wear this, Rogue, you will be able to touch."

"F-for real? This isn't like no trick or no dream or anythang right?"

"This is all real Rouge!" Kurt said, obviosly he was really happy for her.

The Proffesor handed Rogue the bracelette. "Well try it on."

Rogue's hands were shaking while she tried putting the bracelette on. Finally she managed to put it on and Kurt said, "Vell, take your glove off and see if it works!" He already knew it worked since he had putting it on before and he looked the same way he did with the holographic inducer and he couldn't teleport.

Rogue shakily took her glove off and stared at her bare hand.She reached it up to Kurt and touched his face. There was no pull, no memories, just the warmth of Kurt's face. She finally pulled back with a huge smile on her face. She faced the Proffesor and said, "Proffesor, A-Ah dont know what teh say. Ah mean Ah've always wanted this."

Xavier had never seen Rogue so happy, and after Apocolypse he doubted he ever would. "Rogue, I am so glad you liked it, but Im afraid that you cant take it on missions since we will probably need your powers."

Rogue nodded and did something she never thought she would do. She hugged the Proffesor and whispered, "Thank ya."

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