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"Hey guys," Sirius panted as he bounded up to his three best friends, "Sorry it took so long, some idiots put the class set of the sixth year Transfiguration textbooks in the cupboard all wonky an' shit so McGonagall made me stay behind and fix it," He scowled.

James laughed, "And we've unearthed yet another woman who has fallen, helpless, for Padfoot's charms!"

Sirius pushed him playfully, "Shut up, Mr. Still-trying-to-get-Gingertop's-attention!"

A brief scuffle followed, Unbeknownst to the two boys they were being watched. They were being watched by none other than their best friend, Remus James Lupin.

Remus sighed; lately he'd caught himself gazing at Sirius way to much for his own good. He found himself studying the way the other boy's muscles rippled under the white collared shirt he wore, and the way his raven hair brushed his shoulders and how the wind blew it gently across his face. He thought of gazing into those peat bog eyes, running his hands down Sirius's smooth back and kissing those soft pouty lips.

"…Oony, Moony!"

"Y-yes?" To Remus's chagrin, he felt a blush creep up his neck.

"So Moony," James smirked at him with a calculating glint in his eye, Remus began to perspire, "Who is she?"

"Wha-what?" Remus asked, genuinely surprised.

"Oh, Come on! Don't think we didn't notice your love-sick sighs and your-erm…-nighttime activities," Sirius scoffed.

Remus had a sinking feeling that the "nighttime activities" that Sirius had referred to were not the ones having to do with the full moon.

"What girl? I don't know what you're talking about," he said, sounding guilty even to his own ears, he hoped fiercely that they wouldn't press the matter, what if they found out he was…gay?

"Come now Moony mate, you can confide in your Padfoot, he'll teach you how to snag the one you love and capture the heart of girls with a single smile! One week with the earthly Eros and she will follow to the end of the world!" Sirius flung an arm around Remus's shoulder flamboyantly and stretched his hand out to the horizon, "Just picture the possibilities!" He gazed off into the distance for a few seconds longer, just for effect.

Then, as if snapping out of his revelation, Sirius quickly retracted his arm and turned to face Remus, "So, how 'bout it? Shall I help you win fair lady's heart?" he waggled his eyebrows.

Remus stood there, stuttering while his friends looked on, evil grins plastered across their faces. He turned to Peter, "A little help here?"

The other boy just raised his eyebrows. "Little rat!" Remus thought as he glared at his said friend.

Apparently Sirius had decided that Remus had been silent for too long. "Please let me help you! You haven't had a girlfriend since…well, ever! And it would make us all so happy if our Moony finally found love," He looked at him with his big brown puppy-dog eyes just imploring him to say yes.

"But he doesn't know that my "fair lady" is really – no! I can't think like that! I cannot fall in love with my best friend!too late – my love that he soo wants me to have is him." Remus flopped into a squashing red arm chair resignedly, "I'm such a poof,"

"Now, now Moony, why the long face?" James peered at him, "Don't you want her to like you?"

"Never fear, oh Moony moon moon! I shall not rest until you two are entwined in passionate looooove!" Sirius sighed, a goof grin upon his face.

"Umm. Okay." Remus said in a small voice.

"Huh?" Sirius blinked at him.

"Okay, you can shower me with your worldly knowledge of woman," Remus rolled his eyes, it wouldn't hurt to know how Sirius won over so many girls, he could always use such knowledge for….

"You- You mean it?" Sirius asked almost timidly, "Yay! I'm so happy, we're gonna get this girl for you, and it'll be perfect and wonderful, and all because of me!" his eyes glazed over as he sunk off into a blissful reverie.

All of the sudden Sirius launched himself at Remus. The next thing he knew, he was sandwiched between his armchair, which was laying back to the ground, and Sirius, a very warm and nice smelling Sirius.

"…Um," Remus stared up at Sirius's wide eyes, into the oddest expression he'd ever seen on his friend's face. He looked dazed, out of breath, and there was something else there that he couldn't exactly place, lust? Passion? No, it couldn't be…could it?

He didn't have any more time to ponder it though; Sirius snapped back to his usual energetic, flamboyant self and rolled of Remus casually. He offered him a hand but Remus had other plans.

Grabbing his friend's hand he yanked, Sirius toppled over just as he'd hoped. This time Remus ended up on top, a guttural growl escaped from the back of his throat and a wolfish grin appeared on his face.

Sirius tried to get up, but Remus wouldn't let him, "Nice try Pads, but you forget, I am a werewolf."

"Yeah," Sirius grunted, "Although no one would guess it the way you ponce about, reading 'fine literature' and wearing glasses," he finished gasping out. With a final effort he shoved Remus of and rolled over him.

"You two are acting like puppies." James remarked casually.

The two boys broke away from the staring contest they were having and Remus suddenly became painfully aware of the situation; Sirius's legs had somehow gotten tangled between his own and his shirt had ridden up, bear his torso. Sirius's hand was much to close to a certain body part for comfort and his was just brushing his own cheek. Remus grunted and pushed his friend off him.

He beat a hasty retreat up to his dorm to take a cold shower. But no amount of cold showers could erase that look in Sirius's eyes, from Remus's memory.