Disclaimer: I do not own Rayearth or any other Clamp works that happen to be used within this. I just dabble in Clamp's world for a while.

A/N: What follows is a thoroughly random collection of drabbles and short stories that I have written for the Rayearth fandom of various pairings and with various characters.

I. Size Does Indeed Matter


He looked into the mirror….standing on tiptoes.

Of course he did this where no one could see him…such behavior was not fitting for the Master Mage.

But Clef utterly failed.

He was simply…he did not want to say short...just not tall.

Flicking his wrist, he elevated himself into the air…so that was what the world looked like from other people's perspective.

There was a knock on the door.

He fell awkwardly.

Damn Mirror, Clef cursed under his breath.

He cast a lightning spell on it, as if it was the cause of his height deficiency…

He would simply ignore it.

Perhaps That's Not What the Creator Intended

Ever since his trip to the Magic Knights's hometown, he had been unable to get the image of the moo-vee out of his head….it was something called Godzilla.

That made him ponder something that he had long ago taken as a forgone fact and wonder exactly how far it could be taken…

Taking his staff, he chanted the words of the spell.

Much later, in the great hall, Umi dissolved into a fit of laughter.

Looking up at his now ten foot tall figure, only Fuu who could venture a comment.

"Perhaps that's not what the Creator intended, Clef-san…"