Truth Unbound

It was dark; the stars could be seen clearly in the black carpet of night above, like candles flickering from the wind of space. It was 6:30pm, and Kai Hiwatari, now 17 years of age, was walking on the pathway which led to the general direction to where Tyson's house lay. Apparently there was a party with the gang to celebrate the Bladebreakers winning of the fourth world tournament they had been in; and apparently he was invited. Yes, after the previous tag-team tournament the BBA had gone back to the basics, and so the team had decided to regroup and do what they did best.

The grey-blue haired teen sighed to himself, smiling slightly – which was something that he hardly ever did. He remembered back in the last the champion round of the tournament, and how it felt, when Tyson told him that it was his year to win, and that he could compete in the last three rounds. It had been a shock of course, for it basically meant that he was handing over the champion crown. 'You've been wanting this since I first met you buddy' Kai could replay the words in his head as if he was there again, 'So don't stuff up and lose!'.

Kai really wasn't the kind of guy to go to parties, let alone be invited, but somehow tonight he just had too go. Why? Well, for starters, he really didn't mind the others' company – even if they were sometimes arrogant, annoying, childish, idiotic, un-serious, clumsy, have the table manners of pigs… well, you get the picture. They were really the only true friends he had ever had, and the only people that he could trust; and then there was Hillary. Kai sighed once again as he turned into the street of Tyson's house, the lights coming from within the dojo could be easily seen, and a group laugh broke the silence of the night, the voices easily recognizable. When the brunette had first joined the team he had doubts for her, but she soon proved her worth to him, so he accepted her and he thought that was that. Oh how wrong he had been! Hillary had soon grown on him with each moment they were in each others presence, and had continued to do so until his affection for her was greater than anything he had ever felt for anyone.

Kai was in-love.

He opened the gates of Tyson's house which groaned in complain for oiling, walked up the steps to the sliding door of the dojo, and hesitated. Do I really want to go inside? He thought to himself, grrr…this isn't like me, I shouldn't care about this! Why am I so nervous? Kai slid the door open, which revealed the party was not the dojo but instead sleeping bags which he guessed belonged to Max, Ray, Kenny, and Tyson. Max was there unpacking, and looked up with his usual bright cheery smile. Kai didn't return it; that was just his way, and everyone knew that no smile was good enough.

"Hey Kai, you finally came!" the yellow haired teen greeted,

"Nobody told me I had to bring a sleeping bag" he replied in a monotone voice,

"Really? Oh, maybe you might have to share one with Tyson!" Max then laughed, (A.N. At his own joke might I add!)

"You and I both know that that's never going to happen" Kai concluded walking over to the other doorway.

"Oh really?"


"What about with Hillary then?"

Kai froze; and turned to stare at Max with an icy glare, which quickly wiped the Americans smile off his face.

"I don't like Hillary in that way"

"Okay, okay, sorry!"

After a short hallway the next room was the living area, which had its table spread with a variety of snacks, there was music playing, and friends all around. "Hey Kai, glad to see you here, welcome to my house," stated Tyson, "Would you like some orange drink?"

He looked around: Kenny had momentarily looked up from his computer in greeting, but was now again typing away madly; Ray was with Max who had just walked through the door; Hillary looked up from where she was sitting, and smiled sweetly at him. "Hey Kai" she said, he tried not to blush. "No thanks Tyson. I have a problem"

"Gee, that's new" Ray jested,

"Actually, nobody told him that he needed to bring sleeping bag" Max commented, then quickly got distracted with the food on the table. "Oh, well he can just sleep on the couch or something," Tyson said, which made Kai frown slightly.

"No, I'll just leave whenever, its no wor" –

"Oh but we insist, don't we guys?" Tyson asked round,

"Oh yes, we can't have our World Champion missing out on the fun, now can we?" Ray added with his toothy grin.

"Oh yes, I'm sure you've got a whole lot of fun for us Tyson, just ready to be had by all?" Hillary said with a hint of sarcasm, and Kai sat down next to her.

"I do, and I've also planned a surprise, which I'm sure you're all going to love!" Tyson said,

"What is it?"

"Now that would ruin the surprise now wouldn't it?"

After that the night continued on normally: Ray had challenged Max to a best out of three beyblade match, to which he agreed, and Kenny decided to record the game on his laptop to apply any changes to their beyblading stats. Tyson ordered pizza, and Kai stood out on the back balcony, with only his thoughts to keep him company as the cool winds blew from the east. I don't really feel like practicing tonight… though a match with Tyson could be fun, seeming I know I could beat Ray and Max anytime… The sound of footsteps broke his thoughts. He didn't turn around for he already knew who it would be. "Hey Kai, what cha' doing out here for?" Hillary said, and joined him on the balcony. He was silent for awhile, "Just need some time to myself is all"

"I know what you mean… oh, I guess you want me to go then?"

"No, I think I can make an exception for you" he turned to her and smiled slightly; she smiled back. A few minutes passed in silence, they thought privately to themselves, until Hillary spoke: "Kai, I'm proud that you became World Champion, it's really a great achievement"


He could feel the blood rushing to his face, so pretended to look at a garden gnome to conceal it.

"I have something I need to tell you, though…" It had been but a mere whisper, but that was enough to make the blue haired Russian look at her with interest.

"You can trust me with anything – you know that"

Yet in his mind he was thinking: Oh God oh God oh God oh God!

"I know… Kai… I think, no, I know that…"

"What? Know what?"

"Maybe it's best if I showed you".

With that she leant towards him and kissed him on the lips. For a moment Kai was shocked, but he soon gave into his temptations and leant into the gift. He then slowly wrapped her arms around her waist as she did to his neck, making her moan with lust. Momentarily they parted for breath, Kai gasping out the words "I love you". Pushing her against the wall he pried open her mouth with his, and explored her mouth with his tongue. The brunette ran her hands through his hair as she tried to fight back the blue haired teens tongue, so that she could explore his own mouth. She had to part for air, but he stopped her and whispered, "God damn it, breathe through your nose!" Now they could pash more heatedly, and Kai began to move his hands under the girl's top, so that he could feel her perfect tits. Soon Hillary could feel Kai's manhood poking through his pants, and she began to put her hand down there to caress it, when they both heard: "The pizza has arrived everyone!"

The two teens broke apart.

"We "

Annoyed, Kai and Hillary had gone back to the living room to have some pizza, and tried their best not to smile too much and cause suspicion. Now, when everyone was halfway through their meals, was the time for Tyson's surprise to be revealed. He wiped his face with a napkin (which was much needed), stood up in front of everyone, and cleared his throat quite loudly. This will be entertaining, Kai thought to himself, his arms crossed and eyes closed with content; Hillary was sitting next to him. "If I can all have your attention, it is time for me to reveal my surprise of the night!" Tyson said and everyone went quite, "As you all know, my grandfather is out of town with Hiro, which means that we are free to do what we want"

"Urr, Tyson, if I may interrupt for just a moment" Kenny said, "But if it's something dangerous or" –

"Kenny, of course I'm not going to do anything outrageous, I just bought a carton of beer off this guy I know so" –

"Wait, beer? That's the surprise?" Ray asked,

"You have beer!" Max exclaimed with shock,

"Oh god…" Hillary moaned,

Kai chuckled.

"Yes… well I thought it would be nice for the celebration. I guess we better get into it, but we only have enough for everyone to have three each okay?"

"I found it!" Max declared, who had snuck away for only a moment and was now carrying out the carton. The yellow haired teen already had one crooked under his arm, and soon everyone had taken one, even Kenny.

The night continued onwards: Max was the first to finish his beer, and was already onto his second. "You're supposed to savor it, Max" Ray said, "Its more for enjoying than drinking,"

"What? No, Hillary, its drinkin' stuff, umm…" Kenny said to Ray with a giggle,

"I'm Ray, Chief, how much have you had?" he looked into the geek's drink bottle, which wasn't even half empty. "Gee Kenny you really need to know how to hold your alcohol" Tyson said with a laugh, but then frowned when his friend had suddenly fallen asleep. "I think we should put him to bed" suggested Hillary, "He looks pretty bummed out"

"I'll do it" Ray said, and picked the 'rager' up off the couch and took him into the dojo. He came back shortly afterwards and said, "I thinl we should play a game or something," and sat back down on the couch.

"Spin the bottle!" Max cheered, placing his empty bottle on the coffee table, then opening his third. They all stared at him…

"Max, you're not gay are you?" Tyson asked,

"Me?" Max pointed a finger at himself, "No, I'm bi-sexual" and he took another swig of his beer and put an arm around Tyson. "Well, err, no matter what we'll respect you for whatever you are, Max, but I have to tell you I'm not gay. So, err, sorry" Tyson said and took his friend's arm off himself.

"Oh, that's cool man, hey look! It's Kai!" Max pointed at Kai, who then said, "Max I think you've had a little too much to drink, you should probably go to bed"

"I've only had four beers… or was it five?" he hiccupped, and took another swig.

So they sent him to bed, Tyson complained about the missing beer, while Ray set up monopoly. They played till about 10:00pm when Tyson got bored of it, mainly because he was losing, and said he was off to bed. Ray went also, and with a "Goodnight" left Hillary and Kai alone. The two talked for awhile, until Kai went to check if the dojo door was closed, which it was, then began to set up his couch-bed, which wasn't more than the pillows and a blanket. "Goodnight Kai" Hillary whispered in his ear, and kissed him on the cheek. She then walked off through a corridor to her room which she had claimed earlier, saying "A girl has to have her privacy you know!". The boy stared after her, longing for her. A few minutes later all lights had been turned off and he was lying on the couch thinking deeply to himself: Should I? Or shouldn't I…?

He decided that he should.