Chapter Ten

Kai, Tyson and Ray all followed the policeman down one of the many hallways of the hospital; they had left Max behind to rest in bed, seeming he still had not woken. With each step Kai took it seemed as if a little part of his strength returned, like when you are dying of thirst, and with each gulp of water you take from that paradise oasis some of your lost energy returns with it. "Just in here boys, take a seat," the policeman said, gesturing for them to step into a room. Kai walked in, seeing that there was a small couch, a great amount of toys and games and a TV with a video/DVD player. A.K.A.: this was the play room.

Kai took a seat on the small couch, moving over so that Tyson and Ray could squeeze in. When they were all ready, the policeman went over to the TV and turned it on. When he switched the channel to AV1 a blue and unnerving screen appeared, making Kai shiver with anticipation and also fear. Time seemed to slow down as the tape was being inserted into the player; it went in with a 'click' which somehow echoed rather loudly, but only to Kai. The whirring of the player sounded in the room, and seemed to make its noise with a statement, saying: I am the calm before the storm. The screen flicked the video's image: there was a man standing there, he wore a mask to hide his face, and it looked very sinister indeed.

The man began to talk.

"– I don't have anything in my teeth do I?" he said,

"No sir – but we're recording now," came another voice, presumably the camera man.

"What? Oh, right." – The masked man cleared his throat – "Greetings Bladebreakers, this video is being recorded to inform you that by now your precious Hillary is in our clutches. She will not be harmed in any way, shape, or form – that is, unless of course you do not follow my instructions exactly. If this is the case, Hillary will be killed."

These last words sliced through Kais mind like a blade off ice; cold, cruel, and shocking. "Hillary . . ." he whispered, barely audible. Tyson put his hand on Kai's shoulder in comfort.

The tape went on.

"And so, assuming that you do want the girl to live, I will now read out in steps exactly what you have to do to get her back." The very sinister man began to unfold a piece of paper, "That bastard. . ." Kai said through gritted teeth, gripping the arm chair with a firm hand. When the paper was completely unfolded, the man went on. "One: Tyson, Ray, Max, and last but not least, Kai, will all give up their bit beasts to me."

"What!" Tyson exclaimed, his hands tugging at his hair,

"But that means. . ." Ray began,

Kai said nothing, but just listened onwards to what the man had to say. "Two: the bit beast parts will be delivered by one of the Bladebreakers to me, at the town park, ten o'clock. If there are any police within the area, or any attempts to capture us or prevent us from anything; Hillary will be killed."

Everyone in the room was silent, and though they all were deeply concerned with what was going on, Kai was neither frowning nor smiling. He was thinking.

"Three: When the goods are delivered, and the girl is handed over, we will be given a two mile head start to escape. To make sure of this, the girl will have a device attached to her which will self-destruct on my signal. It will also self-destruct if you try to take it off by any means; when we have reached our two mile distance, it will deactivate and fall off." The very sinister looking man waited, standing in front of the camera in silence, as if to let his words sink in. "That is all," he said, and the screen went blurry with black and white fuzz.

"I'll leave you boys so you can talk in privacy," The policeman said, leaving the room. Neither of them spoke, but just sat there staring into empty space, going over in their heads what they had just seen and heard. Kai stood up and quietly walked over to the window on the other side of the room. He looked out into the sun shined world of the day, to the blue sky. Somehow this didn't reflect on how he was feeling. "Those people who took Hillary," he said, "Are more idiotic than I thought they were." Kai turned towards his friends with a determined smile on his face, "I know how we can get Hillary back, and make sure we don't lose our bit beasts as well." Tyson and Ray looked up at him in surprise, "How?" they both asked. Kai just headed out the door; Ray and Tyson soon followed him in frustration.

Meanwhile, over the hills and far away – or rather, in an office situated under an old abandoned warehouse, Hillary was beginning to wake up. She was lying on a soft leather couch in Number 1s office, though this she didn't know. "Ohhh," she moaned, her head in pain with the throb of a headache; she opened her eyes, and kept them open. The room was very dark. Hillary lay there, breathing softly but steadily, gathering her surroundings. Okay, she thought, looking around her in the almost pitch blackness. I think I've been kidnapped, Kai and the others were knocked out with me. . . I was on the pathway . . . god my head hurts . . . should I get up and investigate? . . . Maybe not. . .

By now her eyes had adjusted to the light, and objects were beginning to be outlined in her vision, charcoal and grey upon the black. From what she could make out, there was some kind of table or desk, something ear shaped which she guessed was a chair; the rest she was uncertain of. Hillary tried to stand up from the couch, but found that she was too weak, and collapsed back down onto the soft leather. She felt a little bit dizzy. "Whatever was in that dart could not have been good," she said, closing her eyes in defeat. "Kai . . . Dad . . . what will they all think?" Hillary opened her eyes again, looking around the room for something. She soon found it. The door of the room had been closed, that was obvious, but it was the fact that the light which was filtering from underneath it was not like normal light. At least, it wasn't the kind of light you would find in any normal building. This light was a pale grey, which meant that by Hillary's standards, she was: a) in an underground chamber, or, b) outside it was very, very overcast. She also noticed that there were no windows in the room.

Suddenly, dim voices could be heard coming from outside the room. They were becoming louder and louder, for the two different voices were coming closer. "– is quite irrelevant to the situation, Number 2, but alas, I must admit: pumpkin scones are delicious." The door swung open, and Hillary closed her eyes, pretending to still be knocked out. Number 1 and Number 2 walked inside, turning on the lights via a switch. "I see the girl has not yet awoken," Number 2 said, taking a seat near Hillary. She could smell his breath: scotch. "It would appear so," Number 1 agreed, taking his seat by his desk, "But no matter, by tomorrow I am certain we will have what we desire, and the girl can go off with her friends." Though Hillary wasn't certain, she could have sworn she had heard the sound of a match being struck. Sure enough, the smell of cigar reached her nose. Great, another bad smell I have to deal with. . .

"Yes, once the girl is handed over, we will complete what our former master could not. It seems like such a long time since we were at the abbey . . ." Number 2 said, trailing off, remembering what had been.

Now is the time to reveal who Number 1 and Number 2 are. No, they are not numerals that can talk and smoke cigars and drink alcohol. They are – or were – servants of Boris from the Abbey days, when the purple haired Russian was bent on creating human beyblading soldiers. They are set out on doing what he could not finish, and obviously they really need to get a life. People would think that they would have learned from their foolish mistakes; they had not.

Hillary could not take the smell any longer, and so, with a bellowing voice that only she could muster: "MY GOD! COULD YOU PLEASE PUT THAT CIGAR OUT! IT STINKS!"

Number 1 and 2 were down right startled. They had not been expecting the girl to wake up so suddenly, let alone for her to yell at them so loudly. After taking a moment to recover, and to put out there cigars, Number 1 spoke.

"Ah, you've awoken then,"

Hillary looked at them both in steaming anger, trying her best to hold off her impressive stance before they realized she couldn't really do anything to them. She prepared herself to run, to get away, to escape out the door. Number 1 just smiled however, for he had predicted it, who wouldn't? If you're holding someone hostage you have to expect these things. "Don't even think about running, child," he said bitterly, "Sit down." Hillary remained standing, "Why should I?" she asked; Number 1 looked at her right arm, and smiled. She followed his gaze, and was surprised to see that a large, chunky and, overall heavy 'thing' was attached to her wrist.

"What on earth…" she muttered, her heart beginning to pound with fear.

"It's an Exo-clasp," Number 1 told her, "My own invention,"

"I helped!" Number 2 butted in,

"Alright, Number 2 and myself invented it. Would you like to know what it does?"

Hillary looked into Number 1's eyes: they were cold, and full of greed. This was surprising seeming that they were hazel in color. "Tell me then," she said.

"It explodes, basically. On my command it explodes, which is why you will do what I say, unless you want to die young." He strolled back to his chair behind his desk, sat down, and poured himself a drink; "And I don't think you want that."

It was the next day; the day; the day of truth, when all the pieces of the puzzle would fall into place – metaphorically speaking, of course. And nobody was looking forward to it. Kai and the others, including Max who had woken shortly after the viewing of the tape, were told that it would be best if they went home to rest. So they had spent the night at Tyson's house, and had discussed the plans for the next day, while police in a car laid watch outside. In a way, it was convenient that Tyson's Grandpa and brother Hiro had called to say that they would be out of town for a few more days. This way everyone could do there own thing.

Kai was the first one to wake up in the sleepy household. He lay in the bed of the spare room, the same room that he and Hillary had given their virginities to each other, on that faithful night of love, and lust. He stared up to the ceiling, to the white washed reality of his thoughts, of what his mind contemplated. He breathed in deep through his nose, trying to catch a whiff of any remains of his love's scent. There was none. Tears began to form in his eyes, but he held them back, for he did not want to cry. He knew what he had to do, and he knew it would work.

Wouldn't it?

He decided to prepare himself for the day, and so he got out of bed and dressed into his day clothes. Last night, Tyson, Max, and Ray had decided to draw straws as to who should be the one to go into the park and retrieve Hillary. But Kai would hear nothing of it, and demanded that he should be the one to go; nobody objected to this, but just solemnly agreed. After he was dressed, he made the bed. This was something normal of him, a habit learned at a young age, but somehow he couldn't do it.

Kai just stood there, throwing the pillow aside, and picked something up. It was a hair tie – Hillary's hair tie, and he held it firmly in his hand with a fierce grip, as if loosing it would mean loosing its owner. He put it in his pocket, and continued to make the bed.

Later on, he walked out into the living room and found that Ray was doing his usual thing that he always did when staying at Tyson's place: cooking the breakfast. "Good morning," Ray said over his shoulder, the sizzle of bacon his companion.

"Is it?" Kai asked, and lazily threw himself down onto the couch, face down. Ray said nothing, and continued with his work. A little while later, Max came out of the dojo, where his sleeping bag had been set up; a determined look was upon his face. He sat down on the couch opposite Kai, "Kai, I know your plan is going to work," he said, "I know whenever you do something, there's always a good reason for it." Kai moved his head from face down, to face not-down. He was looking at Max, and his eyes seemed to glaze over, like an extra layer of moisture had been applied to his eyes.

"Thank you, Max," he said.

When breakfast was about ready, Max said that he was going to go wake Tyson up; he had not yet awoken. Or so they thought. When Max returned, he reported that Tyson was not in his bedroom at all, surprising both Ray and Kai. "Then where could he be?" Ray asked; he wouldn't have to wait long to find out. The front door could be heard opening, then closing. "They should be up by now, Kenny, make your way inside," Tyson's voice sounded, and soon he and the Chief walked into the living room. "I must say, that I am horrified as to what has happened to Hillary," Kenny said, adjusting his glasses. "I thought that it would be best if Kenny came over, he deserves to go through today with us," Tyson explained, as Kenny sat down on the couch next to Max. "I'm lucky I made extra-extra food," Ray called out from the Kitchen,

"Yeah, that'd be great," Kenny called back, knowing what Ray meant.

And so Kenny joined the group. They all had their breakfast (which was bacon and egg rolls), and little conversation was had, an aura of knowing and respect felt by all. Soon, everybody had finished, and the table was being cleared of its plates and utensils and so on. "That was great, Ray," Max said,

"Yes, very delicious," Kenny agreed.

Kai was silent as he helped clear the table, not wanting to look at his watch, he asked: "What time is it?"

Tyson looked at his own watch, "Half past nine . . . you should probably be getting ready to go soon." Kai nodded and took the load that he was carrying into the kitchen. He hadn't noticed it, but Tyson had been the only person in that room (Max, Kenny and Ray being the other people) who hadn't frozen where they stood when he asked that question.

As Kai stacked the plates onto the sink, a knock upon the door sounded. "I'll get it," Tyson called out . . . . . . Then, "Kai, the police are here . . . it's time for us to go."

Kai slowly made his way into the centre of the town's main park. Today it was windy, and the air whirled around Kai in screaming fury, making his hair and scarf dance madly. In his hand was a package; it wasn't very big, but a small thing, wrapped up tightly and securely. Inside were the bit beasts: Dragoon, Draciel, Drigger and Dranzer. He could hear them complaining, their frustration. They knew this was wrong. But he and the rest of the Bladebreakers had spoken with them, not through speech, but through their minds, and so their spirit companions had given in. This will work; Kai thought to himself and to the bit beasts within the package, have faith.

Kai checked his watch: there was still a good ten minutes before the kidnappers were set to arrive. He was nervous, of course, that something might go wrong. What if they kill her anyway? What if they never arrive? What if my plan doesn't work? All these thoughts and more went through his mind; Kai couldn't live with himself if something happened to Hillary, or if the bit beasts never returned for that matter. But he would make sure that would never happen. Kai came to the centre of the park, the wind still howling away, making him shiver from the cold. He stood there waiting and watching for anything out of the ordinary, scanning the area for any sinister looking men.

Minutes passed.

Then, when he was growing too impatient for his own liking, Kai heard the sound of a chopper somewhere in the sky. "Where is it . . ." he grumbled, searching the blue expanse for the source. He soon found it: the large, black, and above all very sinister looking helicopter was ahead of him in the sky. It was coming closer and closer with each second, getting larger and louder as it neared. Soon it was almost on top of him, and Kai jumped out of the way, walking back a few paces as it landed. The air currents the blades were emitting was making the grass look like a flowing green sea, while leaves and other debris scattered away. Kai's heart was pounding madly.

One of the doors on the copter opened, and a man dressed in black stepped out, a mask covering his face. It was the same man from the tape. The man walked up to Kai, "Where are the bit beasts?" he yelled over the noise, and Kai tapped the box. "Where's Hillary," he yelled back. Then on queue, two men stepped out of the copter; Hillary was in their grip, looking hopeful and scared at the same time. Kai noticed the large metal device attached to her arm, and anger swelled in him like a balloon being filled up with water, getting larger and larger until it would burst. The men let her go and pushed Hillary roughly forward, "Hillary!" he cried, running to her. They met each other, their embrace strong and full of emotion, "Don't ever leave me again," he said,

"Don't worry Kai, I won't . . . I won't . . ."

They held each other for a little bit longer, until Kai let go, knowing what he had to do.

The blue haired Russian turned and faced the man, "I've done my part," he said, "Now it's your turn." Kai nodded and looked at the package in his hands; the bit beasts were silent now, knowing what was going to happen. The package was handed over, reluctantly, and the man greedily took it. "Thank you," the man said, ripping open the package to inspect its contents. "Good, good . . . it was good doing business with you," he said, and then, "Alright men! Let's get out of here!" While he and the men went back into the copter, Hillary and Kai were running as fast as they could to get as far away from the aircraft as possible. "What was in the package?" Hillary yelled,

"It doesn't matter," he replied, "We'll be getting them back as soon as that thing on your arm deactivates." She gave him a confused look, but kept running all the same. They came to the edge of the park, where they were met by Max, Tyson, Kenny and Ray. Excluding Kenny, they were all holding their beyblades in their hands. "We're so glad you're safe!" Kenny said, Hillary hugged him tightly.

"I just hope this works," Ray said.

The beyblades were fitted with blank bit chips, where their bit beasts would normally be. "What, what did you guys give aw" – Hillary couldn't finish what she wanted to say, for the device made a loud beeping noise, which startled them all. Her face filled with terror for a moment, and then the device fell of, breaking apart on the ground. "Now!" Kai yelled, and he and the others held up their beyblades towards the sky. Nothing happened for a moment, before four glowing shapes could be seen coming towards them in the sky. "Look, they're coming back!" Max cried for joy, noticing a certain purple light flying in the air. Then the bit beast lights separated, and suddenly picked up speed so that they were moving ten times as fast. They met the beyblades with an explosion of booming sound and blinding light. When it was all over, and everyone had picked themselves off the ground, they all looked at the blades in wonder.

The bit beasts had returned.

"What on earth just happened!" Number 1 screamed, "The bit beasts have gone! How the bloody hell did that happen!" Nobody on the helicopter was game enough to answer, but just stared directly at there feet – even the pilot. "AH! We have to go back!" Number 1 yelled, "Turn around! I said, turn arou– what is that noise?"

The helicopter was running out of petrol. The helicopter was loosing altitude. The helicopter blades were slowing down. . .

The helicopter crashed into the lake.

"Come on," Tyson said, who was the last one to get into the car, "Let's go home. . . or at least to mine." And with that the police car moved forward picking up pace as it went. Everyone in the car cheered, even Kai.

And thus, over the next few days a great many a thing did occur: Number 1 and his crew were caught, soon being sent to court, where they were sentenced various amounts of time to stay in jail. Things went back to normal with the Bladebreakers – well, almost. Tyson's credit card had finally arrived in mail, and now he had his own monthly order of those special Russian potato chips, delivered directly to his house. Ray had gone back to his home village, and Max had begun training a group of kids in beyblading. One of them had a very revealing photo of him, which he signed. Kenny helped with the training. As for Kai and Hillary, they went on with life as it normally went: if you count exciting beyblade battles, bit beast magic and an upcoming tournament as normal. And so ends this part of our heroes' tale; who knows what exciting events may come in the future? Only time will tell . . .


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