chapter 23

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bold – actions within the normal talking

underline – thinking

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-….- - time jump

"…" – flashbacks/dream sequences

"…" – seeing-the-future talking

"So you are here to help us this time," asked a cautious Amara.

"Of course," said Galaxia.

"Don't trust us," asked Iron Mouse.

"Yeah," said the majority of the scouts.

It took a long time to explain who these five scouts were. The wizards, the Gundam pilots, the power rangers, the ninjas, the YYH gang, the Teen Titans, and the digidestined were looking at the scouts with wariness. They heard about the last battle between these five and the sailor scouts, only Serena remained alive until the very end. Galaxia and the other four sailor scouts apologized and told them that they were there to help. "Now if they are here to help, we need to pull a lot of strings for everyone," said Raven.

"It is most likely that we need to pull some strings to get the wizards to other schools," said Hotaru.

"What do you suggest then, dear friend," asked Starfire.

"We are going to split the wizards up," said Yusuke.

"And then what? Have you forgotten that there are others that want us," pointed out Percy.

"Then this is what we need to do with the help of our brethren," said a smirking Draco.

- The Next Day Within Hogwarts –

"When are those Sagaku students and the teachers coming back," muttered Dumbledore.

Within Hogwarts, Dumbledore had nothing better to do than to pace around and mutter something underneath his breath. He was worried that Harry wouldn't destroy the Dark Lord when the time came. He was worried that Harry would not do as he says anymore. All that planning to convert the Boy Who Lived as a puppet for his plans was being foiled by those Sagaku people. Mina, along with the director Serena, was getting on his nerves. The Order of the Phoenix was backing away from the Headmaster. "Um, Albus, please calm down," said Mr. Weasley.

"Those Sagaku kids are nothing but trouble," said Dumbledore.

"Why are we discussing some Hogwarts' students, Albus," said Mrs. Weasley, "We should be looking for Ginny!"

"I told you already Molly," said a calm Headmaster, "Ginny was killed on impact. We saw the body."

Mrs. Weasley was very agitated with Dumbledore, but she knew that she was powerless against him. Dumbledore was the figurine of light, as to what the wizards would say. Others who didn't know about wizards would say that their 'god' was the figurine of light, but mostly everyone who came in contact with one Sailor Moon would always believe that she was the figurine of light, for she fought beside everyone. Anyways, to keep in track, the Order of the Phoenix members were sitting around the Great Hall of Hogwarts and discussing about a plan that Snape had overheard from He Who Must Not Be Named, aka Voldemort. Suddenly, an owl came flying into the hall, dropped a newspaper, and flew as fast as it can go to get away from the people. "What is it, Albus," asked one of the members.

"Take a look at this," said Albus as he spread the newspaper and the letter out.

"Oh my," gasped Mrs. Weasley as she saw what the newspaper entailed.

On the newspaper, it said that there has been a terrible airplane crash. A lightning bolt hit the side of the airplane and crashed into the mountains when they were heading towards America. The list of people is what shocked the wizard world. These names were as followed:

Harry James Potter

Frederick Weasley

George Weasley

Cedric Diggory

Mina Aino

Hermione Granger

Draco Malfoy

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Minerva McGonagall

Neville Longbottom

Blaise Zabini

Theodore Nott

Percy Weasley

Penelope Clearwater

Oliver Wood

Pansy Parkinson

Mrs. Weasley pretty much started to cry for her three friends and her children who died. Mr. Weasley tried to console his traumatized wife as he looked at what the letter said. It basically said that the following people were now dead and that the families had their condolence from the tragedy. What are we going to do now, thought a very graved Dumbledore as some families' memories were wiped out of ever having said child or, in Neville's case, sent a letter stating the plan of what they did.

- With the Heroes –

"My plan worked," said Draco.

"And what was your plan," asked a miffed Fred.

"To make all of you die in an airplane accident that happened when you guys got here," said a smiling Draco.

"Finally," said Hotaru, "I can now be myself!"

Everyone turned to see Hotaru shed her disguise and was revealed to have lavender eyes and black hair with a hint of purple when the light hit certain spots on her head. The sailor scouts, the wizards, the gods, and the goddesses laughed at what Hotaru did. The others were shocked at her new appearance. It took a calm Trista and a smirking Draco told the others about the disguise of Hotaru. The others calmed down to see a smiling Rini hug Hotaru. "No wonder I couldn't recognize you," said Rini.

"giggles Yup," said Hotaru.

"So now that these wizards are 'dead', what are we going to do with them," asked Beastboy.

"We are going to enroll them into school with you guys as well," said a pointed Raven.

"What," shouted the Teen Titans.

"We do need a cover," said Raye.

"So here is what we are going to do," said Serena.

Harry and Cedric were going to stay with Serena while Ginny and Percy went with the digidestined. Fred and George were with the Gundam Pilots while Sirius insisted that he and Remus stay with Serena as well. McGonagall would be with the Gundam Pilots as Galaxia, Iron Mouse, Aluminum Siren, Lead Crow, and Tin Nyanko goes to Juuban with Seiya and Kakyuu. The Teen Titans were going to be separated and going to Yusuke's school or to Naruto's village. So, Beastboy, Starfire, and Cyborg went with Yusuke while Robin and Raven went to Naruto's village. Starfire was sad because she wanted to be with Robin, so Raven switched places with her. "So now that we have our teams, we meet up at the teleportation area and train here," said Serena.

"What are the teams again," asked Oliver.

"Remus, Sirius, Harry, and Cedric are with me," said Serena.

"Oliver, Ginny, Percy, and Penelope are with me," said Tai.

"Fred, George, McGonagall, and Neville are with me," said Duo.

"Beastboy, Raven, Cyborg, and Theodore are with me," said Yusuke.

"Robin, Raven, the ninjas, and Blaise are with me," said Naruto.

"I'm going back to Angel Grove," said Trini.

"I think I'll go be with Hotaru," said Draco.

"So that means the entire sailor scouts are going to protect Juuban, so listen to Mina, Draco, and Hotaru for training," said a serious Serena.

"I'll be with Naruto," said Hermione.

"Itachi, you stay here with Serena," said Shikamaru.

"Yeah, we don't need Sasuke to go AWOL on you," said Temari.

The Gundam pilots knew that they were going to be tortured by Relena once more, yet their friends will be here to stay with them. The Teen Titans were wondering who would go and protect Jump City while they were gone, but Robin said that he already called Titans East to help out on Jump City while they were away. This will take awhile, thought Galaxia as she listened to the plans.

- At Angel Grove High School –

"Welcome back Trini," said Rocky.

"Great that you are back with us," said Aisha.

"It's great to be back," said Trini.

Angel Grove High was still the same as Trini has been there with the original power rangers. Harry and Cedric were adjusting to the new change; Sirius and Remus were more interesting in everything in the school. Remus was the new History teacher and Sirius was the new Mythology teacher. That class was also new to Angel Grove High, but Serena pulled some strings and made a new class. Right now, everyone had Mythology for last and was heading towards there, Serena and Jason holding hands when they walked in. "So how exactly is Sirius going to teach us," asked Cedric.

"I think this is the first time he teaches anyone," said Harry.

"Well, at least he looks calm," said Tanya.

"And at least he has an assistant," said Katherine as she pointed towards Billy.

"Now this is more like it," said a smiling Serena as she sat down and started to write down some stuff for training.

- With the Villains –

"I want Rini here and now," shouted Darien.

"We shall get her then," said a disguised Sasori.

- With Rini –

"I'm sure that you will like this place," mimicked Rini.

"Hi," said a boy.

"Um, hi," said Rini.

"My name is Justin," said the boy, "Are you new here?"

"Yes," said Rini, "Name's Rini Tsukino."

While Rini and Justin were talking to one another, Sasori and Deidara were on the prowl for Rini. They spotted her sitting down in front of the middle school and talking to a boy her age. The two children were waiting for their guardians to pick them up. Deidara and Sasori came up and discretely came behind the two. Amara, the sailor scout who stayed behind in Angel Grove, saw them and parked. She went and transformed and ran towards them. "So you're the child, un," said Deidara.

"Who the heck are you," shouted a scared Rini as she and Justin backed away.

"Don't dilly dally, Deidara," said Sasori.

Deidara was about to go and grab Rini, but Amara, as Sailor Uranus, came over and stayed between the two. Sasori sighed and started to use his puppetry ninjutsu on Amara as Deidara ran to grab Rini. Twenty minutes of fighting Sasori, Amara was pinned down by strings as was injected by poison that Sasori gave her. "Come on," said Sasori.

"grabs Rini I've got her, un," said Deidara.

"Uranus," shouted the other scouts as they ran towards their comrade.

"We're done here," said Sasori as he and Deidara disappeared with Rini.

"Rini," shouted Justin as he watched his new friend disappear.

We are so going to be dead once Jason and Serena finds out that Rini is kidnapped, thought the sailor scouts as they disappeared to the Power Chamber to wait for the others to come along.

AN: Another chapter for this slow fanfic. I'm not giving up on any of my fanfics. Anyways, the people who are reincarnated in my story are:

Selene – Serena

Apollo – Naruto

Shinimegami – Hotaru

Shinigami – Duo

Gaia – Hermione

Athena – Starfire

Hephaestus – Tai

Ares – Draco

Aphrodite – Mina

Hermes – Shikamaru

Hestia – Kari

Rhea – Raven

Kaze – Temari

Hades – Yusuke

Phoebe – Kimberly

Osiris – Itachi

Themis – Deidara (cat god)

Bast – Sasori (cat god)

Chitsuki – Kisame (blood god)

Isei – Konan (power goddess)

Torabi – Tobi (travel god)

Tebiki – Zetsu (travel god)

Akagi – Kakuzu (greed god)

Kiru – Hidan (kill god)

Yofuzen – Darien (evilest person ever)

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