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The Word That Was Forsaken

PX 666-753 did not look all that promising, the sand was cause and dry, the very air seemed parched and made one immediately gasp for water. The whole planet could be described as dry but even that hardly came close to a fair description.

It was Jack who first made a reference to the world's number (666) and the awful conditions, he immediately wished he hadn't opened his mouth, it was blistered dry in an instance which in turn lead to a severe bout of coughing and a desperate thirst that would not be satisfied.

He signalled for his team to put of their oxygen masks, he took a gasp of relief as his burning lungs filled with the cool, clean air of the mask, he then turned to his second in command, "Why didn't all of this show up on the MALP?"

Sam shrugged, "I don't know sir, but I suggest we investigate those ruins and leave within the hour, there's no telling how this atmosphere will effect us but we should be relatively safe otherwise it would have showed up on the MALP"

Jack raised an eyebrow but nodded and allowed himself to be led towards the ruins by his team, he now had a headache coming on.

"Hey, Jack?"

"What" he opened a bleary eye to gaze at his friend, the younger man pointed at some text near the bottom of a crumbling wall, "This text here is one of the texts from Ernest's planet but I don't think it's Ancient or Asgard"

Jack raised his head a little to see the writing better, it was small and flowing and somehow reminded him of flowing water and harp music though it didn't really resemble either, "It looks familiar but not the same" he admitted, "Do what you have to because we're packing up soon" he stood up and walked over to his bag for his transmitter.

Jack thought he should be congratulated on his handling of that conversation, he hadn't been harsh or sarcastic in any way. He felt good but he made sure to make a mental note to do such things later when he had the time, his headache was sapping his energy at the moment.

Around fifteen minuets later SG-1 walked down the metal ramp from the stargate and went to the medical bay, they all had headaches because of the sheer dryness of the planet and a vast thirst that all felt the need to clench many hours after their check up.

"Any luck with the writing stuff?" Jack asked poking his head into the room his friend, Daniel, was occupying, he took another swig of water from the large bottle in his hand and entered the room, sitting heavily on a vacant chair.

"Well" Daniel replied, taking a large gulp of water himself, "Yes and no"


"Meaning it is one of the languages but it seems to be a less formal version if you know what I mean" Jack raised an eyebrow,

"Look, this is from Ernest's planet which, using the languages we do know, I translated to mean 'We partake in this agreement, we been the Third Race' I then matched it to the text on the left which I believe says, 'We are the Sondra and the Sondré, the Third Race' which only makes sense if you assume that the Third Race was divided and this is what they called themselves which also makes me think they are also called the Furlings which Thor mentioned and –Jack wakeup!"

Jack jumped and knocked several books to the floor, "Sorry, erm, so, we found the Furlings eh?" he picked up the books and drank some more water without looking at Daniel.

Daniel frowned, "Yes, I think so. But I want to ask Thor some more about them and their language and such if we can get hold of him", Jack nodded, perhaps a little to enthusiastically, "Great, let get to it!"

This is a more serious story then what I usually write but it ties in with my love of history so I think I'll manage.

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