Here is the sequel to A Step Into The Future. I took a break from writing these stories and completed Living A Lie:D I am going to write two stories at once, but this one is more important than the other. I need to finish stories that I have already started. And OMG, I know I didn't make them beat up Vlad but, they will beat him up heaps in this story, I just gotta figure out why… I GOT IT!

Description – Ryan and Gregg have to go back to Australia because they only came to Amity Park for a holiday. Kirst learns how to teleport and uses her powers to visit Lea Foghorn, the person who found out Kirst was a Fregher and taught her. They meet Roxy and Fungus for the second time, even if they don't know it. There is something strange about Roxy and Fiona (from Not Just A Date, my first story) so, they are on a mission to find out. Does it have something to do with Vlad? Of course it does! Will they tell Fiona the Fenton's well kept secrets?

Disclaimer – I do not own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does.

A Journey's End... For Now

Chapter One

Lea Foghorn.

Kirst walked into her black and pink bedroom and collapsed on the bed. I had to go ALL the way to Wisconsin today and it tired me out, I wish I could teleport, thought Kirst.

Kirst got up off her bed and changed into a black singlet and pink tracksuit pants which she used as pyjamas. She closed her eyes and used her telekinesis to get a tissue as she felt her nose itch.

She pulled the lavender scented tissue up to her nose just as a sneeze escaped. She opened her eyes and looked out the window to see that there were no stars in the sky. The street lamps weren't on yet as it was only just beginning to get dark.

Hearing footsteps that were coming closer to her room, Kirst turned around. Someone knocked on her door and she used her telekinesis once again to open the door. On the other side stood her 1 month boyfriend, Ryan Log.

He walked into her bedroom and grabbed her hand. He pulled her to sit on her now very messy bed. She followed him, wondering why he looked upset. He turned to look into her blue eyes.

"Kirstyn," he begun. "I really don't know how to tell you this but," he turned his head away from hers for a moment but looked back into them a second later. "I am going back to Australia with Gregg." Ryan told her.

"You're joking?" Kirst asked, disbelieving what she was hearing.

"I wish I was. You see, they need Gregg and I in Australia, apparently they found two boys who are Freghe's that need to be trained and every other Freghe already has a student. We couldn't take them away from their families." Ryan explained.

"I will really miss you, when do you have to go?" Kirst asked her boyfriend.

"Tomorrow," He mumbled. "But I PROMISE that I will send you letters whenever I can. We should be back for your birthday, maybe earlier."

"But," Kirst sighed. "They wouldn't have learnt everything there is to know in," Kirst put a finger to her chin. "2 months. I will miss you at Christmas especially."

"I shall send you a present when the time comes. Yes, it's true that they wouldn't have learnt all there is to know, that is why I will only be down for a month, and I will be bringing my student with me." Ryan told her.

"Do you have to go?" Kirst asked.

"I'm sorry, we both know I do." Ryan told her.

"Luckily YOU can teleport." Kirst complained.

"You'll get it sometime, I must go now, goodnight Kirst, I will see you in about 2 months." Ryan said.

He kissed her on the lips one last time before he teleported out of her room. Kirst was left sitting on the bed, looking at the place he had once been for a few minutes. She sighed and pulled the covers over her body as she got ready to sleep.

"He had to rub it in my face, didn't he?" she asked no one in particular as she used her telekinesis to turn off the light and shut the blinds so she could have an early night.

Danny and his girlfriend Kelly walked into Danny's house with full stomachs. The lights were all off which told them that the Fenton's had all gone to bed. They snuck up to Danny's bedroom and watched a few movies.

They had been out to tea at a very expensive restaurant a few hours before to celebrate their 6 month anniversary. It was almost Danny's birthday which was in January and Kelly's which was in February, six days after Kirstyn's.

Danny and Kelly were both turning 16 while Kirstyn was turning 14. Kirstyn had come from Australia where she would be in year 9 now.

While they were out to tea, they had been visited by Ryan and Gregg who told them that they would have to go back to Australia. They took it pretty well, glad that Ryan and Gregg would visit sometime and write letters when given the chance.

It was 3:34am by the time they had finished watching movies. Still restless, they transformed into their alter egos, Danny Phantom and Kelly-Go-Boom. They flew out into the chilly night sky and saw that one of the street lamps had blown out.

They noticed that hardly anyone was walking around this early and only a few cars were driving so they didn't have to worry about the Guys in White. Even though they had gotten better, they still haven't caught these two ghost hybrids.

Down below in a dark alley they saw a suspicious lady dressed in all black. Curious, they followed her down the road and in front of a jewellery store. When she climbed onto the roof and picked the lock on the flap door, Danny flew inside and pressed the silent alarm.

Kelly stayed outside and waited for the police to arrive. When sirens were heard, the lady tried to make a run for it but Danny invisibly held her in her place. She struggled and slipped out of his hands but tripped over Kelly's visible leg.

Behind Kelly were some police officers who were obviously very tired. They handcuffed the lady, thanked the two ghosts and drove off down the street.

A yawn was heard and Danny turned to see that his girlfriend was half asleep. "Come on, let's go home and get some sleep." Danny told her.

She sleepily nodded and they flew off, Kelly resting in Danny's arms. When they were almost home, Danny looked down to see that Kelly was sound asleep and had changed back into her human form.

He put her into her bed as carefully as he could, trying his hardest not to wake her. When he succeeded, he transformed back into Danny Fenton and went downstairs. He got a drink of orange juice, cleaned the cup and walked upstairs to go to sleep.

Before he closed his eyes and headed into a dream, he looked at his digital clock which read 6:46am.

In the room next to him, his little sister was just waking up.

Maddie and Jack sat at the dining table, arguing over a matter that they found very important.

"Aww, come on Maddie, you know I would never hurt a ghost without you, I promise." Jack told his wife.

"Then how did the Box Ghost end up in a tube that no ghost can escape?" Maddie asked.

"I don't know; I wasn't here! Honest!" Jack assured her.

"Then who…" she paused and looked to the stairs. "Danny!"

Jazz walked down the stairs just as her parents said that. She yawned and looked in the fridge for anything that was edible. "He was out late last night, when I had a shower I was listening to the radio and, apparently, he stopped a thief." Jazz told them as she got an apple.

"Our little ghost son caught a burglar at the age of almost 16," Maddie gasped. "He must be worn out. How did the police react?"

"Well," Jazz took a bite out of her apple. "They took the criminal and said the next moment, Danny and Kelly had vanished."

"But why would they stick around with a criminal in the back seat of their car thingy's?" Jack asked.

"They didn't, some police officers took the lady away and others stayed for a while. I woke when he came in at almost 7 and Kirst was in the shower so I went back to bed." Jazz told them.

Kirst walked through the front door and into the kitchen. "What's for dinner?" she asked.

"It's not even lunch time and you're asking what's for dinner? How would we know? It is Jazz's turn to cook tonight." Maddie told them.

"Aww." Moaned Jazz.

"What's for lunch then?" Kirst asked.

"I don't know, you might want to go to the Nasty Burger." Maddie said.

Kirst sighed and walked upstairs. Jazz threw her apple core in the bin and grabbed a helmet thing, gloves, and boots from the bench.

"Jazzy-pants, you know that isn't meant to be used for exercising, it's meant to be used for battle training." Jack reminded his oldest daughter.

"Aww, please?" Jazz begged her father.

"It's either battle training or nothing." Jack said.

"Fine." Sighed Jazz.

She slipped the battle training gear on and started punching ghosts. She didn't tell them that she was actually counting in her head and not training to hunt ghosts, she HATED hunting ghosts.

Danny and Kelly walked downstairs to see that the only person in the house was Kirst who was lying on the couch, reading Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce. They sat down beside her and turned on the TV.

"And the dog licked it's behind for twelve more hours." Reported Tiffany Snow.

"Why did I have to…? On other news, local ghost kids Danny Phantom and Kelly-Go-Boom sent a guilty woman to jail last night when they caught her robbing a jewellery store. They pressed the silent alarm and held her until police had handcuffed her and sent her to jail. If they are watching this by any chance, we would like to thank them. Back to you Tiffany." Said Lance Thunder.

"Kirst, d'you want to go to the Nasty Burger for lunch?" Danny asked his sister.

"What?" asked Kirst, only just realising that they had started talking to her. "I wasn't listening."

"Do you want to go to the Nasty Burger for lunch?" Danny repeated slowly.

"Sure, when are you goin'?" Kirst asked.

"In about an hour, we still need t'get dressed." Kelly told her.

"Alright, I'll be in my room, just tell me when you're ready." Kirst told them.

She put her receipt/bookmark onto the page she had just finished reading and closed the book. She put it on the couch and walked up into her bedroom. Once in there, she looked out the window to see that it was sunny.

"I wonder if Lea's friends were upset when she had to teach me," Kirst wondered aloud, naming her Fregher teacher. "She was really nice about it and never punished me harshly when I did something wrong. I really want to talk to her or visit her, to see how she is doing."

There was a flash and Kirst felt her body being pulled from her spot in front of her bed. She saw a blinding light and closed her eyes, wanting to keep her eye sight. When she knew the light had disappeared, she opened her eyes.

She looked around the room she was now in. It was a pale yellow colour and had potted plants in each corner. Two gold coloured sofas were positioned against a wall and a bookcase on the other. In the middle was a wide screen TV. Kirst looked at one of the sofa and saw a girl sitting on it, staring at her.

"Li'Kirst-Fregher? Is that… is that you?" the girl asked.

"Lea… Lea Foghorn!" squealed Kirst as she threw her arms around the girl.

Lea patted the spot next to her on the sofa and Kirst sat down. She turned to look at Lea and asked, "How did I get here?"

"Didn't you teleport?" Lea asked.

"No, I don't know HOW to teleport." Kirst pointed out.

"Are you sure?" Lea asked.

"Yes, I'm positive!" Kirst told her.

"Are you really sure?" Lea asked.

"YES!" Kirst screamed.

Lea stood up and pulled a book from her bookshelf. She turned a few pages and put her finger on a few words. She picked up a pair of glasses and slid them on her small nose. She looked at Kirst and then the book. When she had finished reading something, she smiled, pulled the glasses off and put the book back on the shelf.

"Congratulations," Lea said as she joined Kirst again. "You have learnt how to teleport!"

"Really? Are you serious?" Kirst gasped.

Lea nodded her head. "I am very proud of you, it took me 20 years to learn how to teleport and you go and do it by accident!"

Kirst blushed. "Thank you. So, what's been up?"

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