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A Journey's End… For Now

Chapter Twelve


The day of Lea's death was a tragic one. It upset many people – she was very popular and well-known. Everyone who knew her was teleported to The Australian Academy for Fregher's and Freghe's for the funeral.

It upset Kirstyn more than the rest of her family and friends from Amity Park, because Lea was her teacher. She had died from a heart attack, which was caused by too much stress. Nobody knew that she was stressed because she had decided to keep it to herself. She never wanted anyone sharing her own problems.

Kirstyn was sad for a month after. She didn't leave her room unless it was to go to school, eat or use the toilet. She stopped hunting ghosts for a time. Everyone around her was worried about her. They hadn't been affected as much because they hardly knew the woman.

Fiona was upset too – Lea had taught her the basics and had believed in her. She had basically handed the life of Kirstyn and her family to Fiona. She sometimes pushed Fiona too hard, but it was worth it in the end.

"Kirstyn, we need to talk." Danny called out from the other side of Kirstyn's door.

"Go away." Kirstyn moaned.

Danny ignored what she said and opened the door. Kirstyn sat on her bed, leaning against the wall. The blinds were shut and the light had been turned off. Danny took a seat next to her on her unmade bed.

"Kirstyn, I know she was important to you, but you need to live your life, and not be cooped up in this room." Danny said.

"I miss her. I could've helped her…" Kirstyn whispered.

"No, don't blame yourself Kirstyn; no-one could've helped her. I can't imagine how you're feeling, but I know that she wouldn't want you to be doing this. And wouldn't she be wandering the ghost zone, a full Fregher with some ghost powers?" Danny asked.

"I guess you're right. I could visit her if I want, couldn't I?" Kirstyn asked.

"Of course." Danny told her.

"Thanks," Kirstyn hugged Danny. "I promise to leave this room and stop sulking as much."

"Are you sure your mum won't mind us living here?" Roxy asked Sam.

"She won't mind – I told her the other day that two of my friends' mums weren't alive today, and they had no where to stay. She said we could try it and, if it works out, you could stay as long as you like." Sam ensured her.

"Thank you so much, you didn't have to do this but you did." Fungus said politely.

"Well, your mother died, so it's the least I could do. I like you and I don't want you to get hurt." Sam said.

"And my family moved back to Yerd." Roxy said.

"Anyway, here are your new rooms." Sam showed Roxy and Fiona two large rooms that were near hers.

"Wow," gasped Fungus. "It's huge!"

"You could've just given me a small room and I'd be happy. You really didn't have to give us huge bedrooms."

"I WANTED to!" Sam insisted.


Kirstyn, Sam, Roxy, Valerie, Danny, Tucker, Fiona and Jazz were all walking home from school a few days later when they were met by Fungus. This was normal because Fungus didn't go to school yet – she had to be enrolled and Sam's mother was going to do that sometime soon.

Kirstyn and Fiona sensed two Freghe's. Before they could start to think who it was, Ryan and Gregg appeared in front of them. Kirstyn squealed with joy and ran up to Ryan, giving him a big hug. Sam didn't squeal with joy, but she ran up and hugged Gregg.

"What are you doing here?" Kirstyn asked when she pulled away from Ryan. "I thought you had a student to teach."

"We couldn't stay away from you two any longer." Ryan said. "We're here for a week."

Kirstyn threw her arms around him and they locked lips. Everything was okay for now, and that's how they liked it.

The End

See? I told you it would be a short last chapter! It always is! Anywho, I hope you guys liked it because it took a while, and for my slow updating, I am truly sorry, and that's why I posted these chapters quicker than the others. Well, look out for the sequel soon; it is called Dress-up Disaster. And heres the summary:

Roxy is hosting a dress-up party at her house, because the family is staying on earth for a few days. So Roxy invites all of her new friends, and Jamie and Nikki decide not to. They also decide to cast a spell, a spell that goes terribly awry! And, Vlad is there, at the house, watching them. Only Jamie and Nikki know that he is there, and Vlad decided to dress up as a king. So, when this spell goes awry, it turns the guests at the party into what they dressed up as…. And that means that Vlad is… king….


"My family's moving away from Amity Park and all of this ghost weirdness…"

"I'm having a dress-up party!"

"… They shall be what they are!"

"I'm the king of the world!"

"We need help and I'm going to get it…"

"I can't do this…"

"I surrender, I will join you…"

"Sure, we'll help."

"A new sidekick?"

"This world is mine, and I order you to step out of my way."

"You joined him?"

"I am not giving up now!"

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