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"Cmon Daisuke! Let's play soccer!"

"It's alright Takeshi, I just remembered that I had to do something," Daisuke lied quickly. He closed his crimson eyes and smiled at his friend looking as if he had upside down crescent moons on his face.

"Alright Daisuke! See ya later!" Takeshi waved goodbye.

Daisuke nodded his head, trying to ignore the pain in his chest or more specifically his lungs. Truth was there was nothing that needed his attention. He had stopped because he had felt suddenly lightheaded and had the urgent need to barf. Of course he didn't want to make his friend worry about him so he had lied. He was very grateful that this time, Takeshi had not seen through his lie. He was normally not good at lying and people often saw through his mendacity.

He retreated to the cool, air conditioned classroom and closed the door quietly behind him. He halted. Inside, there was already another person inside the art classroom. Daisuke watched captivated as the person's cobalt eyes scrutinized the canvas, his brush pausing just above the fresh paint. Sighing, he wiped his blue hair away from his face, leaving a red streak on his cheek. He didn't sense Daisuke's presence yet.

Daisuke circled around slowly, staring in wonder at the intricate painting. To his surprise, it was a picture of him. But why would it be he who was on that picture? He didn't recall the teacher assigning anything that had to do with painting a classmate. He scratched his head.

Could it…?

The blue-haired boy must have heard him moving because he turned around sharply, his eyes wide. He stood up and covered the painting hastily with his body.

"Who…w…what are you doing here?" Satoshi stuttered, still trying his best to conceal the whole painting from Daisuke's eyes.

Unfortunately, in his effort to hide the painting, he knocked the table and the paint brushes fell, some bouncing and rolling several yards away across the room. Red paint began to drip onto the tiled floor from the tilted can that was still rolling near the edge of the table. Daisuke leaned down and began to pick up the scattered objects, calmly. Satoshi watched, fascinated by his movements.

"I would like to ask you the same." Daisuke up-righted the can and set it flat on the table, the way it was supposed to stand.

Satoshi started. He reached for the napkins nearby and wet some in the sink, squeezing the water out. He helped the other in his mission to clean the amorphous blob of paint. There was only empty silence as they cleaned but unusually comfortable. Satoshi continued to watch the red-head from the corner of his eye as he began to wipe the remaining paint off the floor. Daisuke's presence seemed to fill the room with warmth. He felt so much at peace. When everything was done, Satoshi began to stuff his belongings into his bag.

"Thanks," Satoshi whispered, blushing.

"You're welcome," Daisuke smiled. His hands dug in his pocket and pulled out a clean white folded handkerchief. He unfurled the cloth and leaned forward and wiped off the paint on Satoshi's cheek. The blue-haired boy flinched, looking slightly embarrassed. He allowed Daisuke to clean his face for a few seconds but as he came to his senses, he slapped Daisuke's hand away.

"I can clean myself thank you very much," Satoshi said coolly, resuming his heartless manner even though he was slightly red.

He stood up and covered the dried painting with a drape and safely stowed it into his bag. Daisuke was about to say something else but the shrill sound of the bell interrupted him. He heard people's voices outside the door in the hallways.

"Let's go to our next class then?" he said quietly, a little hurt.

Satoshi nodded and followed him to their next class. As Satoshi walked behind the red-head, he muttered under his breath and apology, biting his lip to keep himself from crying.

They stopped in front of the classroom door. Daisuke opened it and gestured for Satoshi to go in. Satoshi nodded, mumbling out a thank you and entered. Daisuke followed behind and then turned to the left in the aisle. They each sat down in their proper seats just as their classmates filed in.

"Daisuke where were you!" Takeshi jumped over several desks, catching his friend in a headlock.

"Takeshi…I…can't…breathe," Daisuke choked out flailing his arms.

"Ooops…sorry. Anyways, it was a great game! I mean like Funabashi scored like five goals in a row! Sorry you missed it old pal," Takeshi said as he released his friend.

"I'm not that old." Daisuke pretended to be annoyed but he was grinning.

As Daisuke rubbed his throat, blue eyes observed him behind a book. Satoshi watched as Daisuke began to laugh at Takeshi's foolish antics and frowned when Takeshi accidentally tripped over a desk, knocking into him. They boy's expression was forever changing. It was never the same face. He could be smiling one second and upset the next, contrasting with Satoshi's. He always tried to keep his face as a mask of cool and calm. For some reason, Satoshi was attracted to the boy.

How I wish he was mine, Satoshi sighed inwardly.


"Satoshi's so mean," Kairo said crying.

"What's the matter?" Risa massaged Kairo's shoulders comfortingly.

It was lunchtime and Daisuke, Risa and Riku were sitting together when Kairo dumped her food onto their table and suddenly bursted into tears.

"He…he…," Kairo hiccupped, "I asked him if he wanted to go out with me and he said…he said…that he wouldn't go out with me in a million years! But who was he looking at if he wasn't looking at me?"

"What do you mean?" Risa asked, hugging Kairo.

"He always looked like he was looking at me during class. Why would he say he didn't like me?"

"Maybe he was looking at someone else," Daisuke said, hesitantly, unsure if he was saying the right thing.

At this, Kairo bursted into hysterical sobs.

"Who…who could he be looking at? He can't have been looking at you since…you're a guy. You're the…the only one who sits…next to me."

"Well whoever he was looking at, just forget about him," Risa said, patting her friend's back soothingly.

"Yeah, Satoshi's just a jerk. He always acts like somebody stuck something up his…,"

"OK! Just what would he be looking at?" Daisuke interrupted Riku before she could say another word.

"I don't know. Whatever it is, he must be really interested in it."


"…We're going to run a few laps around the fences and then we're going to start the relay!" Mr. Hasoka bellowed out loud to the class as they stood under the sun, the breeze gently swirling around them.

"Choose a partner to run with! That partner will also be your partner for the relay! Team up with two more people and we'll start!"

"Huh?" Several people shouted. The instructions did not make sense. Mr Hasoka never really made any sense.

Several boys cleaned their ears with their pinkies and asked Mr. Hasoka if he could repeat what he had just said.

Mr. Hasoka's nerve was threatening to pop.

"Just run!" He hollered. With that, the students ran.

Daisuke spotted Satoshi in the front, jogging slowly, looking slightly bored. He ran alongside him, trying to catch up, but his friend was pretty far away. Running as fast as he could with a strength he thought he never had, he began to slowly catch up.

"Hey Satoshi!" Daisuke panted.

Satoshi stared at him, and then ran faster. It seemed as if Satoshi was trying to ditch him which surprised Daisuke.

Why was he running so fast? He ran and finally managed to catch up to the blue-haired boy.

"Why are you following me?" Satoshi asked coolly. He was barely sweating. Daisuke, on the other hand, was extremely tired.

"Do…do you…want…to…be…my…partner?" Daisuke bit out, gasping for breath, still running alongside.

Satoshi blinked for a moment and shrugged, finally slowing down his pace so Daisuke could get some air.

"Sure," he said. What Daisuke did not know was that his heart was jumping at the idea that they were going to partner up to together, that Daisuke had actually asked him to partner up with him.

They finally finished running and stopped in front of the track (it was a round track so no matter how many times you run around, you always end up back where you started). They were two minutes ahead of the others. Daisuke gripped his knees, panting and wheezing.

"You…run…so…fast," Daisuke huffed smiling at the same time.

Satoshi shrugged again acting as casual as he could but his heart was beating unusually fast as the others finally approached the starting point.

"Are you going to run first? I think you should since you're slower," Satoshi stated thoughtfully. Afterwards, he wished he hadn't said it like that.

Daisuke only nodded, unable to speak. He was slightly hurt at the rude comment but smiled again, silently agreeing with the fact that he was slower than him.

At least I'm second fastest in this class…

"So are you going to go?" Satoshi asked.

Daisuke nodded again and unexpectedly felt his dizziness return abruptly. He felt like he was in a dream as he floated his way through to the line, trying to walk straight as he could without appearing to be hurt.

"Take up your positions!" Mr. Hasoka shouted, his hands cupped around his mouth to project his voice.

As people got in a row and took up their positions, Daisuke saw Satoshi at a distance as people passed in front of him. They both gave each other a sharp nod.

"Ready!" Mr. Hisoka shouted.

Coversations ceased.

"Get set!"

The red-head could feel the tension in the air. He held his breath.


Then they were off! Daisuke passed the first person then the second. One by one, he passed everyone. He felt exhilarated, his blood boiling. He was flying!

Out of the blue, a feeling of someone hitting his chest with a bat overcame him. He yelped and tripped, rolling over several times before stopping completely.

He vaguely heard frightened voices and the sound of pattering feet coming closer to him. He could barely see shadows encircle him like several vultures. Others hung in the back unsure of what do.

"Daisuke, are you ok?"


"Are you alright?"

"Daisuke." He could hear a soft voice above the clamor of the others.

Daisuke's eyes fluttered open and saw those azure eyes which held alarm and fear. He tried his best to smile even through the numbing pain.

"S…Sato…," Daisuke started to say but fainted before he could finish.


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