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There was a loud shriek in the hallway. "DAISUKE!"

Daisuke immediately sat up in his bed. Oh, no. Don't tell me she's….

The door burst open and Daisuke saw that Kosuke, his father, was trying to restrain his wife.

"Emiko, calm down honey!"

Easily brushing her husband aside, she ran to her son and scooped him in her arms.

"My poor baby!" She crushed him in an embrace, nearly choking the life out of her son.

"Mom, I'm alright," Daisuke said, turning red as his hair when he saw the nurses peeking in and giggling.

"No you're not! You just had…oh dear lord," Emiko sobbed.

"Mom! It's nothing. Really!" Daisuke said hastily.

"But you," her lip trembled as she whispered, "you have terminal lung cancer."

Silence. The nurses scooched out hurriedly.

"I'm not going to die mom," Daisuke said softly.

Emiko's eyes glistened. She hugged him repeatedly, kissing his forehead.

"You can't believe how worried I am about you." She grasped his hands tightly. Kosuke coughed but Daisuke could easily see that his father was also tearing up.

"Mom, Dad, don't worry. I won't die." He smiled though his heart wasn't in it.

The door burst open again and everyone turned to stare at the doorway. There was a flash of purple and Daisuke was glomped by his older brother.

"Dark! Get off!"

"Dai! You are going to be all right, right!?" The purple haired boy yelled.

"I'm not going to be until you get off!" Daisuke choked, turning to a nice shade of blue.

"Oh…," Dark said, releasing him. However, Daisuke's relief was short lived. He was once again buried by another entity, but this time underneath a hell lot of yellow.

"Hi, Daisuke," Krad said, smiling. He had pinned Daisuke down and was straddling his waist.

Dark was not amused. He marched over to Krad and smacked his head. "You're my boyfriend! Stop playing around!"

"Just trying to give him some action since he never got any," Krad smirked.

Daisuke blushed. "What are you talking about! Get out you two!" He picked up a pillow and threw it at Krad who caught it easily.

Dark scowled. "I promise I'll make him behave." He grabbed the blonde's ponytail, giving it a sharp tug.

"Ow! That hurts!" Krad snarled.

"Then you stop playing around!"

"Fine! Jeesh!"

Daisuke started to sweat. These two are really weird, he thought. But he couldn't help smiling. He was really happy that everyone had come to visit him.


After everyone had gone home, Daisuke looked out his bedroom window. The brilliant moonbeam had painted the rim of the window in a soft glow. Examining the source, he saw that it was a brilliant circle and unusually large. The moon looks so big and beautiful, he thought. He pulled his attention down to the beautiful lights of the town and the inhabitants interacting below. He rested his chin on his interlaced fingers on the window sill and closed his eyes, feeling the cold night air.

There was a small knock on the door. Startled, he turned. "Who is it?" He called out.

"You have a visitor," the nurse said.

"This late?"

"He says it's important."


"Shall I…?"

"It's okay. Let him in."

He walked back to his bed and snuggled into the blanket as the door opened. It was Satoshi!

"Hi, Daisuke," he said nervously.

"Hi," Daisuke greeted, smiling at the unexpected visitor.

The blue-haired boy looked around. "No one else is here right?"

Daisuke shook his head. "Only me-"as soon as those words left his mouth, Satoshi glided over and hugged him tightly.

"You are going to be better right?" Satoshi whispered.

Daisuke was stunned speechless. Why am I getting hugged so much? And why is Satoshi hugging me? I thought he hated me. His voice finally came back. "S…Satoshi! What…?"

"You were the only friend I ever had. If you die then who's going to be there for me anymore?"

"I was…your…friend?"

"I know I've been nothing but mean all the time but-"

"No! I meant that you didn't have any friends?"

Satoshi gazed at him sadly. "You were the only one who bothered sticking with me even though I was so cold to you. You were the only one who bothered to stay and the only one who attempted to break the wall I put up in front of myself. That's what I needed most. I really needed you." Satoshi stopped himself. Not now, Satoshi told himself. I'll scare him. Got to take things slow. I can't tell him that I love him yet. "And yes, I really didn't have any other friends."

"Well, I'm not going to die!" Daisuke said irritably. He was tired of everyone talking about him dying.

It took every bit of self-control that Satoshi had to prevent himself from hugging Daisuke again. "Daisuke, will you continue to be my friend?" Satoshi asked.

Daisuke merely blinked. "Sorry, I dozed off for a minute. What did you say?"

"Will you be my friend?"

Daisuke paused. What kind of question is that? "Of course!"

Satoshi grinned. "Great. Anyways, the real reason for me coming here was because I have something for you," he said, digging into his bag. He pulled out several pieces of paper.

"Blank paper?" Daisuke asked, uncertainly.

"Watch this." Satoshi folded the paper several times. When he completely folded the paper, it turned out to be something that resembled a bird.

"Remember this?" Satoshi asked, holding it out to Daisuke.

Daisuke remembered. Their teacher had taught them how to fold a crane. Daisuke touched the wing of the paper bird and tilted his head. "Yes, I remember."

"Do you also remember what else the teacher taught us?"

Daisuke racked his memory but could find nothing. "No." He was puzzled.

Satoshi felt his heart melt as he saw Daisuke's make very adorable faces. Goddamit. Why is he so cute? "If you fold a thousand cranes, you will live to be an old man."

"I don't want to be an old man," Daisuke pouted. "Then, I'll be like my grandpa. Old and senile."

Satoshi laughed. "That's not what I meant! Well, yeah, if you want to live a long time, you have to grow old!"

Daisuke smile. He was surprised and relieved. Satoshi had suddenly gone from the cold, heartless, isolated boy to the happy, caring friend. It was comforting to have made a new friend who had faith in him.

"Here, this is the one I made. Now only 999 more to go!" Satoshi said.

Daisuke groaned, "I have to make that many?"

"Hey, I don't believe in this stuff but it's good to hope isn't it? Besides, it will keep you occupied while you're stuck here. Here, I'll show you how to make one."

After much wasted effort, Daisuke finally completed his bird though it came out crummy. Daisuke looked despairingly at it. "How am I supposed to make all those birds if I can't even make a good one? And I'm so slow, too."

Satoshi smiled. "It's okay. If you keep practicing how to make them, you'll eventually make them better. Not only will you make them better but you will start making them faster. And I'll help you every day!"

Daisuke's eyes widened. "You'll really do that?"

"Of course. I would love to hang out with my best friend every day!"

Daisuke jumped for joy…or tried to and ended up falling out of his bed. They stared for a moment at his predicament, and then laughed.


Satoshi visited Daisuke frequently. Mostly at night to avoid the other visitors but occasionally during the daytime to eat lunch. Their friendship grew and grew and Daisuke felt himself getting better and better.

"Eat this," Daisuke said, pointing at yakitori.

Satoshi glowered.

"I'm not a baby!" he said, crossing his arms. In the end, Daisuke had to jump on Satoshi and force feed him.

"Aargh!" Satoshi choked on a rice ball.

"Eat this too," Daisuke said, reaching for another piece of food.

Satoshi flew out of the room with Daisuke at his heels. They were stopped by a nurse in the hallway and Daisuke was escorted forcibly back into his room by the other nurses with Satoshi following behind him, grinning from ear to ear.

Days of Satoshi's visit went variably like this. And Satoshi's love grew more and more for the oblivious Daisuke.


On one gloomy afternoon, as the rain poured down, Satoshi entered the room with a huge bag. "Hiya Daisuke! How are you doing?" Satoshi asked. He propped his bag against the wall.

Daisuke beamed. "I'm fine Satoshi! I managed to make 608!"

Satoshi looked bemused. "608 what?"

"608 cranes!"

"Wow," Satoshi's eyes widened. "In just two weeks? That's a new record."

"Well, I do have the whole day to myself. I have a lot of time on my hands."

"True. I see that they look a lot better than the first one you made," Satoshi teased, eyeing the cranes at the bottom of the jar. Daisuke decided to stuff all his cranes into a huge jar for safekeeping and wrote the number on a post-it to remind himself what number he was on. Satoshi's crane sat at its place of honor on Daisuke's bedside table.

Daisuke blushed. "Oh, be quiet," he scoffed.

"Can you get out yet?"

Daisuke's expression darkened. "They say that I'm not ready to go out of the hospital yet."

Daisuke looked so sad that Satoshi felt his heart dropping. He hugged his friend. "Don't worry, everything will be alright," Satoshi whispered.

The two friends remained hugging each other. Out of the blue, Daisuke pushed away, squealing.

"Satoshi!" Daisuke yelped.

"What?" Satoshi asked innocently.

"You pinched me!"

"Where?" Satoshi asked, looking amused.

"On my butt!"


"You know how!" Daisuke said angrily.

Satoshi suddenly leaned closer, smirking mischievously. Their faces were inches apart. Daisuke held his breath. A blush crept over his face.

"Why?" Satoshi whispered, drowning Daisuke with his blue orbs. Daisuke was entranced.

"Because…," Daisuke leaned closer.

"DAISUKE!" A voice erupted from the hallway.

The spell was broken and Daisuke pulled away, embarrassed. His cheeks felt as if they were burning. Satoshi jumped several yards away, resuming his cold demeanor as he leaned against the wall.


"Shut up Dark! I think he heard us already!"


"Be quiet!"

Dark came barging through the door. After him came an incensed blonde.

"Daisuke, how are ya!?"

"Keep your voice down!" Daisuke pleaded. He was going to die from embarrassment if this didn't stop.

"~~~~?" Dark whispered.

"Now, I can't hear anything that you're saying," Daisuke said, sighing.

Dark made a face. Krad brushed past his boyfriend and dived right onto Daisuke. "Daisuke, how are you?" He was crushing Daisuke under his weight.

"I'm…feeling…better…now would you…please…get off?" Daisuke said, attempting to push Krad.

"I'm gonna smack you if you don't stop," Dark growled.

Krad hissed in reply and resumed standing. He crossed his arms. "Does it matter if I like Daisuke or not?" His eyes narrowed.

"Yes! You're my boyfriend!" He glomped the blonde and they both ended up on the floor, wrestling.

"Dark! Krad! Stop! We have someone here!" Daisuke said hastily, seeing Satoshi's horrified expression.

"Eh?" Dark raised his head. He was currently trying to take off Krad's shirt. Krad took this opportunity to throw him off.

"Ow! You're too strong!" Dark said.

"Serves you right," Krad muttered, righting his shirt.

"Who's he," Dark asked, inclining his head toward Satoshi.

"This is Satoshi. Satoshi, this is Dark, my brother and his boyfriend Krad," Daisuke said, relieved that the two had stopped with their foreplay.

Dark examined Satoshi carefully, looking him up and down. "Don't you dare lay a finger on my Krad."

Satoshi simply made a scornful sound through his teeth. "As if I would."

Krad marched over to Dark and smacked him on the head.

"Ow! What was that for!?"

"Stupid! Why would he touch his own brother? You're disgusting you know that?"

This piece of news was unexpected to the Niwas. "You're both brothers?" They said, their jaws dropping.

Dark seemed to be trying to compare Krad and Satoshi. "You can't blame me for not realizing it. You two don't even look related." He leapt at Krad and yanked at Krad's hair. Krad gave a kick that landed them both on the floor again. Daisuke rubbed his face with his palm. Why does he keep doing this? He's so much like a child!


Dark ignored Daisuke as he tried to pry Krad's pants off while Krad was trying to do the opposite.

"Sex is all you think about isn't it!" Krad said exasperated.

"Well, yeah! You're too sexy for your own good!"

Daisuke turned and looked at Satoshi. Can you believe this? he said with his eyes.

Satoshi's left eye was twitching.

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