Inspiration drove me to write this. Short little thing that really doesn't have a point…It's good for a small snigger…and it's not Shonen-ai of any kind either. Don't like them in this section…ah well. This does have reference to 3x9!


Title: Sleeping Beauty
Rating: T
Summary: He was almost looked to peaceful to wake from his slumber…

Jet was bored.

Bored, bored, bored, bored…

Being stuck on watch wasn't exactly his idea of spending a Saturday. He wouldn't even be on watch if he hadn't lost to Henrich in that stupid game of poker. But no; he thought he had the perfect hand. Two queens and two kings, but the German bluffed better. Feigning a loosing hand through small grimaces when the cards were dealt and hesitating when discarding.

"Bastard," He hissed out loud.

He sighed and started picking at the grass again. It was the only thing to do besides needling Joe about…


"Hey, 009?" he called out sitting up from against the tree.

His partner was nowhere in sight. For a brief moment, Jet's heart skipped a beat. Joe never went missing from watch. Ever. Had he been taken? Had he been taken down in silence? What if—

Shifting in the branches above him notified him of the presence that had been there for sometime.

"Or you could be asleep," he said seeing the familiar yellow scarf appearing from on of the branches above him. He stood up, using the tree as a sturdy hold and stretched after completing his first task. Looking up into the tree once more, he took a step back to try and see his comrade better. Surely enough, the sleeping cyborg was up there, and looking quite comfortable.

Jet sighed and scratched the back of his head. Shouldn't he be on watch too? He thought.

"Hey, 009!" he called out to him.

The brunette didn't move.

"JOE!" he tried again, but the man up in the tree only shifted slightly. "You can't be that much of a heavy sleeper…" he mumbled while trying to figure out what to do.

But while he was thinking, the flutter of wings went unheard as a dove came and rested on the brunette's leg that was left on the branch. It turned around, cooed and another fluttered over, this time landing on the cyborg's foot. Jet looked up at the sight finally coming up with a plan and a clever retort for when 009 woke, only to have it vanish at the peaceful sight.

He was almost looked to peaceful to wake from his slumber…

Almost, but not peaceful enough.

Walking around to the other side of the tree, Jet looked up once more before doing what he thought of.

He kicked the tree, sending Joe out of it with a small scream and the doves fluttering off in a different direction.

After a dull 'thud', Jet took it as his queue. "I never knew you were such a heavy sleeper!" Jet commented while coming back around to the other side of the tree with a smirk. Joe on the other hand didn't look too pleased. He sent the redhead a warning glare which was instantly diffused with a goofy grin which confused him.

"Ah, guess so…how long was I out?" he asked.

"Hell if I know. You just went missing sleeping beauty. You're too quiet for your own good," 002 said matter-of-factly.

"Well, doesn't matter." Joe leaned back, using his hands as steady leavers.

"Geeze…I never seen you nap during these days unless you're sick or injured," he said taking a seat next to his friend. It was true. Back when Black Ghost was a threat, they'd all slept a lot. Mainly due to the fact that fighting really did take its toll on all of them. Those who slept out on the sofas however were made victim to 003's make-up kit. It was then a wicked thought played across his mind. With a smirk he asked, "Does she really keep you up that late?" he asked.

Joe faced his friend with a confused expression before saying, "Huh?"

"Fran. Does she keep you up that late?" He asked, his smirk growing into an evil grin.

It took awhile and Jet nearly thought his comrade really was as thick as a brick wall. But when the naïve cyborg finally got it, it was followed by his face going beet red, fluent cussing in both Japanese and English (on both their parts) and a playful murder attempt.

Well, done.

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-Crystal Remnant