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Under A Moonlit Sky

Chapter one

An explosion was heard far off in the distance as the people of the village of Konoha were running in an attempt to escape being killed. There were lower leveled ninjas running throughout the city directing the villagers to safety, and making sure that everyone had evacuated from their houses. Not far from the village, in a forested area, was a battle between the ninjas of Konoha and the sound ninjas. Ninjas were scattered everywhere, many of them, trying to defend Konoha from the intruders. Kunais were thrown in every direction, jutsus were performed everywhere throughout the forest, and dead ninjas were strewn across the ground. Back in the village, another explosion was heard and fire erupted into the sky.

Back in the forest, the battle was still carrying on. In a dark, secluded area surrounded by trees and boulders, near a river were three fifteen-year-old ninjas.

"I can't believe this is happening!" A girl wearing a pink Chinese style shirt with black pants said. She had buns on the side of her head and she crouched down closing her eyes, her body shaking as another explosion was heard.

"I can't believe this either." Said a boy with big eyes with dark black pupils, bushy eyebrows, and a bowl-shaped haircut. (A/N: sorry I didn't know how to describe him, but you know whom I'm talking about right?) He was wearing a green jumpsuit with orange leggings. He was looking at the village as red-orange flames erupted from buildings and screams were heard from the village and from the ninjas who were fighting in the forest.

"Lee! Tenten!" A boy wearing a white jacket and black shorts said. (A/N: ? didn't know how to describe him either.) He had black hair tied in what seemed like a loose ponytail and he had pearly white eyes.

"Neji!" Tenten said with a sigh of relief as Neji emerged from some nearby bushes. Rock Lee also sighed with relief.

"How did everything go?" Rock Lee asked.

"There are sound ninjas everywhere. There's no way that we'd last if we were to stay together in a group. We'll have to split up. That way, there's a better chance that we can take beat them." Neji replied.

"What about the others?" Tenten asks.

"They're holding up pretty well. However, some of them are getting pretty tired." Turning to Tenten, Neji continues, "We better leave now. But how are you doing?"

Tenten looked at the cloth around her leg. During the fight, she had let her guard down and ended up getting her leg injured. With the help of Rock Lee and Neji, the three of them were able to get away and make it to the secluded area in a way to treat Tenten's wound. Neji went back to the battlefield to help fight leaving Rock Lee and Tenten behind. "I'm fine. Lee helped me. I'll be fine. Let's go."

Rock Lee and Neji nodded their heads as they, and Tenten, got up. Before leaving, Neji threw a kunai on the ground, Neji said, "Meet back here in thirty minutes." With another nod from the other two, they were off.

30 minutes later

Thirty minutes into the battle, and Neji and Rock Lee were able to make it back to their meeting place.

"Where's Tenten?" Neji asks.

Rock Lee looked around and saw no hint of her. Looking back at Neji he says, "Maybe she's just late."

"But she's never late." Neji replies back.

"We should look for her. She could be in trouble!" Rock Lee exclaims in a worried tone.

Neji nods and with that, they split up and were off to find Tenten.

With a thump, Neji lands on a tree branch. 'I'm coming Tenten, 'til then don't get yourself killed!' Neji thought as he jumped from tree branch to tree branch. Then he reached a clearing and saw a lone ninja fighting off a bunch of sound ninjas. Taking a closer look, Neji realized that it was Tenten. He jumped off of the tree branch and started to run towards her.

In the forest, many of the sound ninjas were defeated, but the ninja they really wanted was Orochimaru. He had long black hair, snake-like eyes, and a long tongue, just like a snakes'. Many of the ninjas had fought with him and many of them perished, while some were able to escape.

"Where's Orochimaru?" Many middle class ninjas were asking. Some shook their heads, while others were baffled that they had lost sight of him.

"We need to find him immediately!" Said Tsunade, the fourth Hokage of Konoha. She had long blonde hair that was tied in a pigtail, and wore a gray ninja top, with black pants. Everyone who was near enough and heard what she said immediately went off to look for Orochimaru.

Back in the clearing, Neji was surrounded by the sound ninjas. Taking out his kunai, he immediately started attacking them. While fighting, he looked over to see if Tenten was alright. She seemed to be holding up all right, but she seemed to be struggling with her movements because of her injured leg. After finally beating most of the ninjas, Neji was exhausted. But there were many more ninjas still there. All of a sudden, the sound ninjas stopped fighting and just stood there. Neji, although there was still a wide gap separating him and Tenten, he kept his eyes on her and at the ninjas that were standing extremely still. Then all of a sudden, they took off and dived back into the shadows of the trees.

The smoke in the sky started to clear up revealing a nothing but a full moon in the sky. Tenten took a big sigh of relief.

'Ugh. I thought I was going to die. It's odd…they just retreated…' Tenten thought. She looked over her shoulder and saw Neji standing there. "Neji!" Tenten says smiling and waving at him.

Neji looks at Tenten with a relief that she was okay, except that her leg looked like it was in a lot of pain as trickles of blood ran down her leg. He smiled at her and began walking to her when he suddenly saw a shadow swiftly coming out of the bushes and appear behind Tenten. Neji's smile quickly disappears and he starts running towards Tenten as fast as he can. In an instant, before Tenten could do anything, a long sword was pierced right through her. Neji stood there in shock and felt like he couldn't move his body. When Tenten's body hit the floor, only then did he come back to reality and by then he was surrounded by ninjas. Standing over Tenten's body was none other than Orochimaru, holding his sword, which was gleaming with Tenten's blood sliding off the blade.

Glaring at Orochimaru, all Neji wanted to do was to kill the one who had killed Tenten. Using his Byakugan, he ran to Orochimaru with a yell taking out a bunch of kunais at hurling them at his target. However, many of the ninjas that surrounded Neji came towards him hurling kunais as well.

"Guess I'll just have to take you guys out first!" Neji yelled.

Slashing through many of the ninjas, Neji saw an opening in the circle of ninjas that had now surrounded him. Through the opening, he saw Orochimaru and was about to attack, but Orochimaru disappeared into the forest, along with the other sound ninjas.

Neji let out a cry of anger, throwing his kunai on the floor. Then he ran to Tenten picking her up. She was still alive, but her breathing was shaky. Neji crouched on the ground and let Tenten rest her head on his chest. He held her hand as her breathing seemed to shorten every second.

"Tenten! Come on, don't die on me now. Just hold on. I'll get you back to the village, and Tsunade will help you." Neji yelled.

Tenten looked up at the moon in the sky. It was a full moon and the only thing in the sky. No stars. No clouds. Then looking Neji, she smiled at him, but the life in her eyes were expressionless. "…Neji…"

Neji felt his body shaking and his eyes burning as Tenten slowly began to slip into her eternal sleep. He had been holding her hand, but when she said his name, her hand suddenly fell limp and she stopped breathing.


Knowing that she had gone, he held her lifeless body close to him. Then he slowly he got up, and carried Tenten's body on his back as he made his way back to the village.

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