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Preface – Meet the Halliwells

Piper, Phoebe and Paige Halliwell were no ordinary witches, but the legendary Charmed Ones. The power of the three sisters was greater than any witch before them and everybody who had experienced magic knew it.

For those who knew them however, their lives seemed fairly ordinary, but more then often strange sounds could be heard coming from inside the red Halliwell manor. Their neighbours grew accustomed to these though and it was accepted as part of their daily San Franciscan life.

The Charmed sisters kept their secret closely guarded away from the mortal world for over five years; with many narrow escapes, for their life was indeed, far from ordinary. After all how could it be, when you're Charmed.

Leo Wyatt was an angel. The Charmed Ones guardian, protector and guide. In the magical world he was known as a Whitelighter. He wasn't the only one. Whitelighters were the spirits of people who had died but had done good in their life and were given the power to heal, orb themselves and others anywhere in the world, morph into another's image and sense people's whereabouts by superior beings called Elders.

Whitelighters were pacifists, they didn't believe in fighting. They were wise, kind and sensitive beings and Leo was no exception. He had been killed in the Second World War whilst risking his life as a medic to save injured solders. His sacrifice was rewarded and he was honoured to help young witches find and control their supernatural powers. It was never an easy job, and when he was chosen to help the Charmed Ones, his ability as a Whitelighter was tested to its limit. Leo was patient and fantastic at his job. So much so that the reluctant sisters recognised their destiny and to trust him.

Although the Elders forbade it, Leo and the eldest sister Piper fell in love with each other and were finally allowed to marry much to the delight of Phoebe and Paige who were desperate to find their own 'Mr Rights' in order to make a feeble attempt at a normal life.

Just over a year after their wedding, Piper and Leo were blessed with a son. They knew he was special before he was even born. Piper insisted that although she was pregnant that she still went about her normal duty with her sisters of fighting demons and saving the world. As the overprotective father-to-be, Leo wasn't happy with this but Piper was as stubborn as ever and they soon realised that the baby was using magic from inside her womb in order to protect her, and demons that attacked discovered to their horror that she was practically invincible.

On the 16th February 2003 Wyatt Matthew Halliwell was born. The prophesised first male child in the Halliwell family for four hundred years. The most powerful being on the planet.

His birth changed the whole family's view on life. Piper hated it even more when demons attacked and just wanted to live a normal life with her new family. Leo began to slowly drift away from the Elder's guidance and started to even disobey them, claiming that his duty as a father came first. But still the demons continued to come, because they always would.

As Wyatt grew, the control and strength of his powers became more and more distinguished by his doting family. Before his second birthday he had healed his parents and aunts on numerous occasions, conjured up a dragon from a TV set and become the proud owner of Excalibur, the legendary sword that once belonged to King Arthur. It was clear that the world of magic could expect great things from him in years to come. But it was at that stage in his life that history became unclear about the Charmed Ones. Only bare facts remained, all details were lost. Many historians and experts on the sisters puzzled over the mystery for years afterwards. What had happened to them and why?

Piper became pregnant again. That was a fact nobody could argue with.

The Titans, who were better known in Ancient Greece were released and slaughtered almost all the Elders in the heavens. The Charmed Ones finally stopped them on their quest to destroy the world, but a year later had to allow Leo to become a new Elder in order to restore balance and stability to the wounded magical society.

It was as if Leo had been the glue that kept the whole Charmed Ones thing together. Once he left the girls became confused, lost and helpless. Piper wanted her husband back; she didn't want her children to grow up without a father. But he went anyway. It was his duty.

Then Wyatt turned evil. How? Nobody knows, but he did. Not at first of course, how could a one and a half year old turn evil? But something gave him the potential to and slowly he turned. Slowly, but surely.

Soon afterwards Piper gave birth to her second child. Another son whom she named Christopher after Leo's father.

There are few records after this but somewhere over the next fourteen years both her sisters were killed in demon attacks and only Piper and her sons remained living in the Halliwell manor. But the demons kept on coming.

This was the Halliwell's destiny, and no one could change it. Leo had to become an Elder, Wyatt had to turn evil, Phoebe and Paige had to die, Piper had to fight demons for the rest of her life, and Chris? Chris had to live with the consequences.