Sequel to 'Sway'

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It's a beautiful lie;
It's a perfect denial.

Such a beautiful lie to believe in…

A month had passed since she had seen them.

Alive and well.
Scared and angry.
Confused and Heartbroken.

Draco didn't talk to her much, partly because she made sure to stay away. The manor was big enough so that she could easily not see him if she tried hard enough – and most of the time she did.

It was her choice to be his.
It was her choice to be here.

It was her choice to leave him.

But that didn't help how empty she felt.

She read the issue of the Daily Prophet with their picture on it over and over. They looked scared, Ginny's eyes were puffy from crying and even with the moving pictures, they stayed motionless as the cameras went off and the reporters asked their questions.

Hermione clutched the paper in her hands as she sat in her room reading the article for the nineteenth time.

The Boy Who Lived Twice

By: Colin Creevy

Just like Hermione did before, Harry Potter and Ron and Ginny Weasley showed up, perfectly in tact, at the ministry Friday night. Unable to speak the ministry quickly took them into the highest security possible and kept them safe from the public eye until statements were ready to be released.

The rest was about her and Draco.

About Harry's teary testimonial.
About the anger that Ron and Ginny had.
About how she was hated.

How did the tables turn?

As she sat in her room, Draco ran around down stairs trying to get everything right for their first party since Harry, Ron, and Ginny were found. It was going to be lavish. Like the ones he threw before Hermione ever existed fully in his world. Now she'd be apart of it, she'd understand the glamour of the dark side and who they were.

Every now and then a spark of light would leave from a wand and another decoration would be added. It was a blinding array of silvers and gold's, but it was also sinister in some ways. There were statues of goblins; the goblets had a silver snake etched into the stem.

Draco continued to make his rounds before finally ascending the stairs and heading down the hallway to his right towards her room.

But before he could knock, the door opened and he saw her there standing in the dress that he had gotten for her months and months ago. A scarlet color, not to revealing, sleeveless, and elegant. Something like his mother would've worn, but in a different shade. Draco looked her up and down before crossing his arms over his chest and raising a curious eyebrow.

"No make up? Hairs not done?"

She didn't like his tone, but she had learned to live with it, "We still have an hour before the party." And to shoot him down as well she stepped closer and ran a finger down the collar of his shirt, "I see you're not ready either."

Right now her condescending tone did not faze him. The fact that she was speaking at all elated him beyond anything, and quite frankly she could've said anything and he would've continued to feel the ecstasy he was in.

"I was hoping you'd help me."

Hermione smirked, "Remember, I've still to do make up and hair."

She turned and closed the door behind her leaving Draco watching after her.

It wasn't the answer he wanted, and surely wasn't the one he had expected from her.

Hermione gradually had become one of them. It showed in the way she talked, the way she held herself, the way she dressed, the way she thought – there were even rumors of her having the aura of Narcissa Malfoy.

But Draco didn't think it had gone that far.

Deep down inside she was still the vulnerable Gryffindor that woke up in one of his rooms, scared, angry, wanting revenge. But now, revenge was far from her mind. She was just trying to get through each day.

She sat down at her vanity. Opened the dark red lipstick that sat there, perfectly new, visibly expensive just from the outer cover. She gently put it on, making sure to keep it clean, and when she was done she closed the cap, and placed it back on the table before looking at herself in the mirror. Grabbing a gold encrusted beret from inside the drawer beside her she gathered a part of her hair on the side and put it up, still letting her curly tresses fall down her shoulders.

She knew this wasn't what he wanted, but that made her do it.

She did not want to look polished. She wanted to look like herself.

So as she descended the stairs, late, into the already well off party she caught more than a few glances. Giving polite nods as she walked past everyone, she made sure to find him. When she spotted his hair through the crowd she moved a little faster before grabbing onto his hand.

Blaise turned to find her beside him, and his breath caught in his throat.


She smiled before looking around her and when she made sure Draco wasn't around she tugged on his hand to lead him outside and just like the other house there was a garden that you could get lost in.

Hermione had every intention of getting lost at that very moment.

He followed her nervous about Draco's reaction, but also intrigued at what she was up to. After all, it had been months since they had last seen each other, and truthfully he missed her.

When she stopped, Blaise pulled her into a warm embrace, only to be pushed away unexpectedly, "I can't, Blaise. Not anymore."

"Hermione I missed you, that's all."

"I know," She looked towards the manor, "But right now," She caught herself, "From now on, we are no more. Just friends, that's it."

"Where did all of this come from?" He asked before starting to walk back towards the manor out of the gardens.

Hermione followed, continuing their conversation, "I realized things while I was away."

"What, exactly?"

"That I love him."

A smirk etched itself onto his features as he turned around, "Really? Well all I can say to that, Hermione, is that I told you so."

"Don't do this to me, Blaise. You have no idea what I've been through."

"Actually I do," he stepped towards her menacingly, "We all do. But we don't feel sorry for you because m'dear you brought this upon yourself. You begged, and you cried, and you broke and Draco wanted to piece you back together. So there it is. You wanted it, you got it."

"Shut up."

"No," he went even closer, "Welcome to the dark side, Hermione. This is it. As much as they don't like you, they respect you now." He motioned towards the house, "They are looking for you guidance now."

Hermione moved away from his frame and continued to walk throughout the maze towards the entrance.

Blaise continued to follow, "Hermione give up!"

She stopped, "Give up?"
Without turning her back she threw her hands in the air, "Give … up?"

He knew that he had struck a nerve within her, but he continued his fight, "Yes. Give up. Join us."

"The sad thing is," Hermione shrugged, "I have."

Without anymore words they both made their way to the manor where Draco was waiting on the terrace eyeing both of them suspiciously. Before he could say anything rude, Hermione grabbed his hand and brought him back inside while Blaise watched after her. Without notice Draco took the lead and moved them into a nearby niche away from the rest of the party.

She could tell that he was thinking from the looking on his face. Leaning forward she brushed her lips upon his in a short kiss before pulling away, "You have no need to worry, Draco."

Still stunned by her actions he nodded, "I trust you."

Before she could motion to walk away, he grabbed her by the arm and brought her towards him, "You look stunning tonight."

She smiled a thank you before leaving him alone and joining the party once more.

His guest mingled with her. She slowly had become one of them, but the scarlet dress reminded them of the person she had been.

"So are you planning on children?" Theodore Nott asked, after a sip of champagne.

Hermione raised an eyebrow at this question and took a sip of her own drink before answer, "I'm not even married yet."

The idea of marriage to Draco hadn't even crossed her mind.

But it had his, "We will be soon, darling." He added, stepping towards the circle that she was in and encircled his arm around her waist, "Nothing big… very quiet."

A smirk crossed his lips, "Obviously."

The group laughed; all except her.

Her wit got the best of her as they continued to laugh at Draco's remark, "Actually – to be quite honest, marriage seems silly now." Draco's head snapped to face her, "I mean, after all, you and I are past marriage. Why marry when we know what we are, right? We don't need a title – and what would it matter anyway?"

Even she didn't know where these thoughts were coming from.

But Draco continued to stare at those scarlet-stained lips of hers expecting something else… almost waiting for her to contradict herself or to start laughing. Nothing. They were pursed together. His eyes averted up to hers to find them looking right back at him.

"Right, Draco, darling?"

"You embarrassed me, Granger! In front of everyone! After our big triumph, after things start looking well for our kind you go and ruin it!" He yelled right into her face as she braced herself against her bedroom door.

"I didn't ruin anything! You're being overdramatic and you know it."

Not paying attention he grasped a handful of her hair and brought her close to him, "Overdramatic? Overdramatic, Hermione? Tell me something … why is it that you still have to outdo me? Why is it that I still have to be wrong?"

The answer was much to complicated. Hermione looked down at his feet to notice that there was a scuff on one of his shoes. It was insignificant but she noticed. Looking back up at him, she shrugged, "I don't know."

Draco let go of her hair and turned his back, "You don't know," He sneered, "The self-proclaimed bookworm doesn't know? How god-damn ironic is that?"

His words were harsh, as intended.

Hermione slumped down into a sitting position, not wanting to cry but just wanting to breath.

"Draco, just leave."

So he did.

Hermione watched as he stormed down the hallways to his room. Rather, their room, but as of now Hermione wanted no part in the 'their'. She thought about the choice she made every day, but she knew that even if she had chosen Harry she would've been in Azkaban the minute the world saw her.

It was a lose-lose and she knew it all to well.


She turned around to find Harry standing in his tuxedo, resembling the dress robes he wore to the yule ball in their fourth year. Not hiding a smile she approached him and fixed his collar, before cupping his face in her hands.

"You look dashing, Harry."

The wedding was months away, yet Hermione insisted on everything being in tact. It was all organized and most people wondered how she kept up with her job and the matters of her own wedding. Many insisted on a wedding planner, but Hermione didn't want it.

This was her day.

There was a ring at the door of the shop and when she turned around her stomach did a flip flop.

"I've come to pick up my dress robes," he motioned to a suit hanging beside the counter, and the assistant handed it to Draco.

"That will be 2 galleons and five sickles," The man muttered, still in awe at the man's stature. It was a fancy shop, only for the wealthy, but still the fine suit he was wearing, the way his hair perfectly matched his feature; everything about the man was striking.

As he reached into his cloak pocket he saw her out of the corner of his eye, "Bloody hell, now I've got to find a new place to get my suits at. And I thought this was a store for those of us well off in the world."

Hermione could feel Harry get tense behind her. She turned to him, shaking her head, "Don't."

Turning back to Draco with her arms crossed over her chest she glared, "Malfoy, we've been out of school for awhile now and you still insist on those petty school-boy remarks. Grow up."

His nostrils flared "Granger, some day I will grow up, but you will never stop being a mudblood."

It still hurt to be called mudblood by him.

Not because it was an insult,
But he only used it when he was angry with her.
And she knew how angry he was.

She hadn't spoken to him in almost a year, wanting to call off everything and be faithful to Harry. Draco despised it, and had tried everything to be strong, but every now and then he found himself at her office door with a meaningless message or meeting where he just had to see or talk to her.

Hermione had always seen right past it.

Seeing the look in her eye, Draco felt a pang of guilt somewhere inside of him. Before it could show in his face he grabbed his suit and turned towards the door.

Once he was out, Hermione turned to Harry, smiling slightly, "Remind me, why didn't we invite him to the wedding?"

They both laughed at the statement, but Hermione felt her heart grow heavy.

But she loved Harry. Very much. No matter what anyone thought, she knew deep down she adored everything about him.

She was lucky.
Very lucky.
And still it felt as if she was loosing.

He's Back

By: Colin Creevy

The first raid in four years brought havoc in Diagon Alley yesterday. Approximately twenty deatheaters held a raid to scare innocent bystanders. Fifteen are injured, and three are missing. Romilda Vane, ministry worker, was last seen in Diagon Alley with her boyfriend, Marcus Belby. Susan Bones is also known to be missing. It is thought that this is linked with the recent news that Harry Potter and Ronald and Ginerva Weasley were found alive……

Hermione continued to read the story, outraged.

She stormed down the stairs and into the dining room throwing the paper down in front of Draco, "Why! Draco, why!"

Hardly bothering at her frantic tone, Draco lazily inclined her head to look at her, "What else do you expect from me, Hermione?"

"Were you there?" desperation almost swallowed the words, "Were you one of the twenty there? Were those twenty men the ones I drank champagne with last night? Did I laugh at their dumb jokes – were those the men there! Damnit, Draco answer me!"

He shrugged, "Yes to every question, Granger. You're a smart woman, but you already know that."

Irritated at his behavior she crossed the room, pacing the length of the room, "How could you! Why continue with this?"


She stopped in her tracks and turned to him, "Simple?"

"Very simple," He stood and made his way over to her small frame. Taking a piece of her hair into his hands he sighed, "It's war now. They are now out to find us, and my darling, we won't be found."

She stood beneath his gaze, almost dumbfounded.

A triumphant smirk crossed his lips, "Remember how I didn't allow you in the dungeons at the old manor? I think its time that changed –"

His eyes gazed at her current ensemble of her nightwear and made a 'tsk' noise, "Get dressed and come down in an hour."


"No?" He questioned, "You were always curious. But now you're not, right? No longer do you want to know."

She was afraid because she knew what, rather who was waiting in the dungeons.

"You are now one of us, and you will know everything."

Hermione couldn't talk. He gave her a kiss on the forehead before exiting the room and heading down to the dungeons where the deatheaters were waiting.

And like he had asked of her,
She arrived an hour later.

A/N: So I go from not writing in almost a year to having the sequel out. Ironic. :Anyways, this one is going to be topsy-turvy, so I hope you're all ready. You Can already see the rifts between them! And what will go on between Blaise and Hermione…? I hope you enjoyed!