Kitsune here. I had no idea of what I was doing while writing this. After, I immediately thought of the NoFace/Sen/Chihiro relationship. That's the first sort of relationship that has nothing to do with NoFace and my character. Is that a good thing?

I don't own it, whatever IT is.


Surrender. Surrender to the darkness. The dark that dwells in the depths of your soul. Surrender to despair. Surrender to lust. Surrender to your hate. Surrender to hopelessness. Surrender to depression.

Surrender to me.

Surrender to greed. That which I am. I take, and take. I refuse to give. Unless I gain something from it.

I'll offer you gold, I'll offer you food. I'll offer you anything. Just be mine.

Be mine.

Why won't you take the gold? The food? You run away, and leave me here. Why do you run? Where are you going?

You say you have friends. Who are they?

I have no friends. Only pets. Those who have surrendered to their greed. Those who take from me.

Is that where you are going? To your friends? Why do you work so hard for them? If there something there that you want?

But what about what I want. It's important, too. To me.

Come, take the gold from my hand. Join me. Be my friend.

Or maybe . . . maybe I could follow you, learn your secrets. You have no selfishness? Have you no greed? Or lust? Or depression? Is there nothing I can do to gain you to my side?

You are pure. You are light.

Yet, I am darkness. I am evil, a monster lurking in the shadowlands, waiting to strike.

Come to me. Be mine.

I've come so far, and for what? Nothing? I don't think so. I will win you, no matter what.

You will surrender to me.