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It was a starry night and a cool night breeze played over Rin as she stepped out from her carriage. Breathing in the fresh scent flowers, she began walking towards a grand building with a couple of footmen in tow.

At that moment, Rin felt more like a princess than she could ever be. Dressed in a simple midnight black kimono, she blended in, yet stood out at the same time, thanks to the delicate designs of simple red cherry blossoms and various embroideries of other flowers adorning it. The kimono was a perfect fit, thanks to the tailor, and clung to all the right places in Rin's body. A gold and silver mask, also decorated with delicate patterns completed the assemble. (AN: I think I forgot to mention it was a masquerade! Gomen!) Although with minimal jewelry and her hair in just a simple bun, Rin looked stunning, with an air of pure innocence and happiness around her.

"Thank you" Rin said to the doorman who opened the gigantic pair of doors for her, welcoming her into the grand ballroom. Rin gasped. The room was positively stunning. It was decorated in gold, and couples were dancing all around the room, flitting about like butterflies in their ball gowns. It looked…magical.

"Lady Kagome! You're here!" A voice snapped Rin out of her marvel. "This way please!"

Rin turned around and saw Sasuke, who was leading the way to one of the small tables that dotted the sides of the hall. Upon reaching it, Sasuke bowed and left. Unsurely, Rin took a seat.

"Good evening Kagome-hime" a woman dressed in a pink and black ball gown, with a pink and silver mask complementing her dress, stood up, silver and bowed to Rin, who returned it with a smile and a bow of her own. "I'm Sango Tanaki, lady-in waiting. Pleased to meet you." She said with a friendly smile in return.

"Pleased to meet you!"

By this time, a man who seemed about their age approached their table. Sango, "noticing" his arrival, slapped him. Well, she knew of his arrival by his wandering hand, which moved steadily to her backside once he was in a close enough range.

"Sango-chan! What did you do that for!" the man cried in protests. However, noticing the slight sound of giggling coming from Rin, he immediately turned around and grabbed her hand. "Oh beautiful hime! I was attracted to your presence from the other side of the room! Please–" Slap!

"Miroku Kaname! How could you! She's engaged to Sesshomaru-sama!" an estranged Sango screamed at her companion.

"What? Opps!" was the reaction from him, with a truly scared expression. "I…er…you didn't just hear me ask you to-"

"Miroku, shut up!" was his response from the lady-in-waiting as Rin was too busy laughing at their antics.

"It's okay," Rin laughed. "That was…interesting."

Seeing Miroku's horrified expression, Sango joined in the laughter too.

Suddenly, a loud chime struck an a voice was heard. "Dear guests, please proceed to the main hall for dinner. Ushers will show you the way." At this announcement, people began filing out of the room through another set of doors.

"Well, see you, Kagome-hime!" Sango called out, before dragging a still horrified Miroku behind her.

"Ja!" Rin replied

As Rin was about to follow the crowd into the next room, however, Sasuke, who seemed to have appeared from nowhere, grabbed Rin's arm and gently directed to another side door. "Lady Kagome, please follow me to make your entrace!"

As Rin went through the door, she was met with a grand staircase that seemed to lead out of the smaller room she was in.

"Lady Kagome, please make your entrance when the guardsmen announce your name please!" Sasuke replied, before scurrying off again.

Hearing this though, Rin caught her breath. This was it. This will be her official court entrance. If someone would recognize me, it was going to be now or never. Absent mindedly forgetting that she had a mask on.

However, Rin cautiously began climbing up the staircase, and waited at the landing, still worrying about someone recognizing her.

"Presenting Lady Kagome, heir to the Northern lands, fiancée of Prince Sesshomaru!" a voice bellowed, as a pair of grand doors opened. On Rin's right, there was an escort who offered his hand, which Rin took gratefully. It was now or never.

Carefully stepping on the first step, Rin was "starting" to relax a bit. After all, no one had screamed "Hey! You're not Lady Kagome!" the minute the door opened. Gliding down the stairs with as much grace as she could muster, Rin even began smiling. That was until…

The world started going in slow motion, the minute Rin missed a step and heels caught the back of her kimono instead. As she began falling, a single thought rushed into her mind. The immortal line, "Oh no!"

---------That seemed to be a good place to stop of neh? Haha. I'm not that evil though!----------

Thankfully though, her escort caught her in the arm just in time, giving her a small smile, which Rin returned gratefully.

The minute Rin reached the bottom of the stairs, she let out a breath that she didn't even realize she was holding. One part of the ceremony down with no major mishaps…

Marginally more relaxed now; Rin began smiling more naturally, especially when she saw her new friends, Sango and Miroku in the crowds. Sango gave her a thumbs up.

However, the minute Rin approached the long table located at the front of the hall, she began freezing up again.

It was time to meet the family.


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