As usual, I don't own YGO, but I do own Kayla. And other things. But let's just pretend I own YGO, ok? It makes me feel important and such.


Summary: Yami adopted Kayla, thanks to Ryou. (Full story under NaiveGoth's account with Role Playing) This is a collection of one-shots based on that story, showing how Kayla changed his, and everyone else's, life.


"Oh, for the love of Pete!" a voice cried, as a small crash sounded through the GameShop. Kayla looked guilty as Yami stepped into the room with a stern look.

"It was an accident!" she protested, before he said a word. A box had fallen to the floor, the table it had previously sat atop of lay on it's side next to said box. Everything in the box had relocated to the floor. With an exasperated sigh, former pharaoh shook his head and started to pick everything up. As he put the table back where it should have been, Kayla sheepishly started putting things back into the box. "I didn't mean it..." she mumbled.

He didn't answer, rolling his eyes. Once the box had been placed into its rightful place he turned to the girl. With a nervous smile, she stared back. He gave her a stern look for all of ten seconds before he smiled back.

"Crap. I can't stay mad at you," he commented, before picking up his adopted daughter. "I love you too much, you brat." Her smile looked relieved as she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug.

"Does this mean I can have ice cream for lunch?" she asked hopefully.

"Not a chance, hun."

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