Alright. -waves slightly- I just wanna say I'm back. Looks like no one but my chat buddies noticed my three week absence while I was gone, but yeah. I was away and I'm glad to say I'm okay now. I'm not going into the details, I just want to say that I'm touched they cared enough about me to really worry so much. And I'm sorry for worrying you guys like that. I'm better now, and it won't happen again NG, Emmy, Sqee, Chan, Marlena, and 7. I swear. We've got help now, so I'll be alright. I love you guys, honest to god. Alright. Now, down to business. While I was away where I was, I had some time to write this chapter of "When She Smiles." Hope you all enjoy it. As usual, the same old disclaimers apply. Kayla is mine, all others are not unless otherwise noted. Enjoy.


Ryou frowned thoughtfully as Kayla stared up at him. Yami's confusion doubled as the small girl shook her head.

"It's gotta be good, Ry-Chan. My Show N' Tell has to be special," she whined. Yami blinked.

"Show and tell?"

"Kayla has show and tell tomorrow," Ryou explained patiently.

"Sensei said to bring our something special," she added.

"Well, what are you bringing?"

"She doesn't know yet. She wants something really special."

"Yeah! 'Specially special!" she agreed.

"Especially special? Hm..." Yami tried to think. "Will Mr. Kiba do?" he asked, thinking of the stuffed Blue Eyes she'd (mis)named after his rival Seto. He still swore it was alive...

"No! I broughted him last time!" she cried indignantly.

"Oh.. Then why not one of your pictures? That you drew of us?" Her eyes suddenly lit up.

"I know!" she cried. Throwing her arms around him, she kissed his cheek. "thank you!" she called, running off. Ryou smiled at his bewildered partner.

"Did I say something?" he asked. Ryou laughed.

"I believe so."


As the three headed to the bus the next morning, none of them noticed the sprinkling rain that fell on their heads. Yami complained playfully that Kayla, who was very excited, would not tell them her secret Show and Tell. Finally the two gave up trying to convince her to tell them, and ushered her to the bus.

"You promise to come and see my Show N' Tell?" she asked again. "Sensei said you could."

"Yes, yes. We will," Ryou assured her, kissing her cheek and pushing her onto the bus. Hugging Yami, she waved, then joined her friends.


"Any ideas?" Yami asked his lover, as the two moved down the hall to the classroom door. Ryou shrugged.


"I wanna know," Yami whined, opening the door. The teacher's welcoming smile was barely returned before both men were dragged by Kayla to the front of the classroom, bewildered. The class was silent as the girl cleared her throat.

"For my Show N' Tell, I brought my Yami-Sama and Ry-Chan. They're My Something Special."


That's that.