Cash or Credit

Cash or Credit?

Mimi was eight months pregnant with twins. She was working at her store, STAR FASHIONS, in the mall even though she wasn't supposed to. She didn't want to be away from work. Lily (Lilymon) became her assistant manager.

"You sure have a lot of stuff here, Mimi," Lily observed, picking up clothes that fell from hangers.

"Just about everything," Mimi admitted.

A lady ran in, her voice full of shock, "Help! I can't find my daughter!"

"Have you checked the pet store?" Mimi asked.

"They closed just an hour ago, Mimi," Lily corrected.

"How did you know?" Mimi gasped, "you never went there!"

"I don't know, I just do," Lily shrugged.

"Can you help me?" the lady demanded, "I'm so worried!"

"Wait," Lily said, "I know where she is! She's in the parking lot!" Lily stormed out of the store, into the halls of the mall and out of the doors. The lady was right behind her.

"Hey, wait for me!" Mimi shouted, hurrying along, "I'm carrying twins here!"

Lily was right, there was a girl wandering around the parking lot. She was carrying a plastic bag.

"Cassie! What are you doing out here?" her mother demanded, "you're supposed stay with me!"

"I just wanted to put this bag away, but I forgot where you parked," she said softly. "Sorry, mommy."

"Thank you," the lady said to Lily, "you must have some kind of maternal instinct."

"Must have," she mumbled.

"Lily," Mimi panted, walking across the parking lot, "whew! How did you know she was out here?"

"I just saw a little girl in my mind's eye walking around the parking lot. I knew this was her. Don't ask me how it worked, I just do." Lily explained.

"Weird! It's like you've got ESP or you're physic!"

"Oh no Mimi, someone's robbing your store!"