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New Beginnings

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Sarutobi sighed. It had only been a day since the mighty Kyuubi had been destroyed as the Konohanian population believed, but in reality, it had just been sealed into a boy who had just had his umbilical cord cut, the Yondaime's very own son, but also taking the life of the Yondaime as he did it, and causing Sarutobi to be called back into the paperwork-heavy job. He had enjoyed retirement and had only accepted to be back in the job as Konoha had just received a strong blow and couldn't look weak.

But now, he had to tell the Konohanian population what had really happened. He had written out a speech for it, as he didn't want to be stuck for something to say, but was having trouble, but in any way, the Yondaime had wanted his son to be thought of as a Hero in the village for taking the burden.

"They won't think of him as a Hero, he'll just be thought of as the Kyuubi itself," said a voice from the corner of the room, and the Hokage spun around, not having noticed the presence of anyone, making him think that he was just getting tired, but upon seeing who it was, he realised how they had gotten in without his noticing.

Said person was a man who looked in his twenties, with chestnut-brown hair that fell in bangs around his face and reached his shoulder at the back. His eyes were obsidian, and didn't have a single scratch on him, despite his highly-dangerous job. He wore loose-fitting black trousers half-covering a pair of black boots with steel parts, and his top half was only covered by a three-quarter length red trench-coat made of demon skin; a very rare and valuable material that was also very protective and fire-proof, on top of a piece of dull metal chest-plate armour, and not a weapon in sight, though in reality, he was armed enough for four men.

"How long have you been there for?"

"About six hours, long enough to know what's going on. But believe me, they won't see Naruto as a Hero, I know what it's like to have a Demon inside you, and look how my childhood fucked itself up."

"So why are you back?"

"To stop you making a mistake you will regret to your grave, Jiiji."

"They would really hate him for harbouring the Kyuubi?"

"Too many lies have been lost; no family didn't sustain losses, and everyone lost the Yondaime; for them to not hate the Kyuubi, and they will believe that in killing the Kyuubi, hence Naruto, will ease their suffering. You know what my own childhood was like… would really let him go through the same thing?" Sarutobi shook his head sadly. "Exactly. Don't tell them, just say that the Kyuubi really has died from the Yondaime using a suicidal Jutsu… a life for a life sort of Jutsu, and nobody knows of Naruto's birth, as Arashi had a secret marriage and a secret life; not many know his real name."

"Yes, Arashi always said that h wanted to keep his private life exactly that: private. But then what do I do?"

"I don't know, I've never had to look after a child."

"Could you learn very quickly?"

The man placed a hand on his hip and raised an eyebrow. "Are you implying that I am going to take the little gaki?"

"Who better? You know what to do so that his own childhood isn't like your own, you know the burdens of being a Jinchuuriki, and you can train him. Please, Kesshiro, I don't want to place him in an orphanage, and I don't know who else to ask."

"Jiraiya?" suggested the man. "Actually, scratch that; that would instantly go downhill as soon as the kid is old enough to read and finds one of Jiraiya's 'novels'."


"Sarutobi, I cannot look after a child. It is a full-time job and you know what my job is like and I don't want to have the kid around if anything happens, nor do I want to have to be distracted by worrying about him. I will gladly train him and be around a lot, but I cannot be his primary guardian. Are you sure that there is nobody else?"

"Well, there is Tsunade, but I'm a bit afraid of being hit through a wall for asking."

"And we don't want the kid an alcoholic gambling-junky, but she's the best bet, and I promise to look out for him and train him properly."

"Fine, I'll call Tsunade here."

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Tsunade was having a really bad day. She had lost most of her money in a pinball parlour, followed up by being chased by people wanting her to pay back some IOUs, whom she had to knock through several walls to have time to escape, Shizune had gotten food poisoning, which was untreatable, and finally, The newly reinstated Hokage had summoned her back to Konoha for some reason or the other, and she couldn't exactly refuse, especially so soon after the tragic but heroic death of the Yondaime.

She sighed, and made her way towards the Village of Konohagakure no Sato, carrying a sick Shizune slung over her shoulder, grumbling about annoying old senseis.

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"Tsunade, please, calm down," said the Sandaime hastily, knowing what happened when somebody got Tsunade angry, hell, she had once broken every bone in somebody's right arm just for waking her up, and had refused to heal it out of annoyance.

"Why should I look after a kid! What about Jiraiya… no, scratch that thought… but why can't anyone else do it!"

"Because of who he is." At her questioning look, he continued. "Arashi didn't kill the Kyuubi; its power was just too great, so instead, he sealed it inside a newly born baby, who also happens to be his own son. Naruto is that baby, which is why I can only let somebody I trust look after him, and you are the best for the job."

"But still…" replied Tsunade, trying to think up an extremely good reason why not to. "I haven't always got the time to look after a kid; I'm being hunted by debt collectors whenever they find out where I am. I won't always be able to look after him in any case, and I can't just leave him alone."

"True, but Kesshiro has agreed to check up on the boy from time to time and train him, seeing as who the boy is housing."

"'Kesshiro' as in 'The one and only Kesshiro'?"

"If there is one and only one, then how much choice do you get?" asked Kesshiro from behind her.

"So why can't you take him?" she asked him, and instantly remembered what he did for a living. "Ok, fair enough…" she grumbled. "But I still don't think…"

She stopped talking when Sarutobi handed her a little bundle, showing an unruly mop of violently blonde hair on top of a small head belonging to a sleeping baby, who had faint whisker-like marks on his cheeks, and her heart melted as she held the small bundle, and she was struggling to keep an angry façade, which was being destroyed just by looking at the sleeping child in her arm, and she sighed.

"Fine, I'll do it," she grumbled, though the effect was being ruined by the smile on her face. "What's his name?"

"Naruto, and the surname that should be used by him is Uzumaki, as Kazame will attract far too much unwanted attention. He shouldn't stay in the village, as secrets don't often stay secrets around here, so take him on your journeys, and please try not to make your own lifestyle imprint on him too much."

She scowled at him, and would have hit him for that comment were her arms not full.

"I'll drop in time to time, though don't expect me to baby-sit him whilst you go off blowing all of your money on some stupid bet," added Kesshiro, and she nodded, then tried to kick him without jostling the baby, meaning that she missed, and Kesshiro's reflexes were far superior to her speed, so she definitely missed, and Kesshiro, being the mature and responsible adult that he is, replied by blowing a raspberry at her.

Sarutobi rolled his eyes and chuckled at Kesshiro's antics whilst Tsunade was trying her best to sock him and failing, and finally cleared his throat, stopping what they were doing. "Arashi asked me to make sure that Naruto got these at the time marked on them," he said, and placed a number of scrolls on his desk, which Tsunade placed carefully into a bag while Kesshiro held Naruto.

She was also given a number of other items, including the key to a trust fund set up for Naruto by the Yondaime, though she would need Kesshiro's signature on a piece of paper before she could take out any money from it, to save it from being gambled in another of Tsunade's failed bets.

"Well, I guess that I had better get going then," said Tsunade, and the two men in the room nodded, and she nodded back at them. She took all of the bags, and left the room.

"Don't let him become a gambling alcoholic," said Sarutobi to Kesshiro seriously, who smiled and nodded.

"I thought that we had already covered that point?"

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Tsunade sighed for about the tenth time, wondering why she had ever agreed to it, but then she remembered again when she looked at the adorable face of the child who was now awake, and being cooed at by Shizune, who loved her new little Brother, and hadn't freaked out when she had heard who Naruto was, knowing that Naruto wasn't the demon itself, though Tsunade had to remind her who Kesshiro was.

They travelled away from Konoha, starting a new life with an added person.

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