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Numair was working late at night. He was very tired, and that was the only excuse he could think of for why he had made such an error. He was simply trying to scry the future, a thing he had been doing successfully since he was a child of thirteen, and yet this time he stumbled into something called "fanfiction world," and all these people he knew were coming out of his cauldron! Well, he knew them, but he didn't. Under close inspection, they appeared like the people that he knew, but they didn't act like them. And so many were coming out, too.

"Alanna!" He yelled, "You had better get in here, quick! You're coming out of my cauldron!"

"You're absolutely mad Numair, I can't possibly be coming-" Alanna stopped short when she arrived, for indeed, she was coming out of his cauldron, along with Daine, George, Jon, and many, many other people.

"I'll go and get the others. They'll probably want to see this too. And maybe together, we can figure out how to get rid of them faster." Alanna said to Numair, and, with a nod, she was off.

Numair realized that he was coming out of the cauldron, and decided he had best talk to himself…

Numair: Hello, all you Numairs…This is very odd

Fluffy Numair: You could say that again. I was having a nice little time when you pulled me away.

Numair: What? What were you doing?

Fluffy Numair: I was enjoying my time with Daine. What else do I ever do?

Studious Numair: Well, though being with Daine is nice, you also have to study! Learn! Keep up your reputation as a black robe of Carthak.

Modern Numair: What are you all talking about? I'm not a magician, I'm a scientist! I can't do magic! And where are we? This is called Tortall, you say? Must be somewhere in Europe…

Absentminded Numair: I think time would be better spent daydreaming…often about Daine, it's true, but about other things too.

Fatherly Numair: Now really, as much as I love Daine, you're really supposed to be more protective of her, and act more like a father or teacher!

Numair: What? All you all think about is Daine?

Fluffy Numair: Well, what else do you think about?

Numair: Well…I do study, and read, and talk to other people. I'm not as single minded as all of you seem to be!

Teenage Numair: Who's Daine? Usually if I have to think about somebody romantically, it's a strange OC I've never met or heard of. But most of my time is spent running around from the emperor of Carthak.

Numair: Woah, it's a little me! This is really creepy…how do I get rid of you all?

All Numairs: None of us know! You might have to wait until everybody else gets talked to.

Numair: Great. I hope Alanna hurries back.

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