"Kel, you had best get in there next, I guess." Alanna said to Kel, because she was standing just outside the door. "But I'll warn you that it's very odd. But you're a pretty steady girl, you should be able to handle it."

"Thanks, Alanna, I'll do my best!" Kel said, and walked into the room confidently. After all, not much truly bothered the children of ambassadors; they'd seen everything before.

Kel: Ok, what do you all want?

Slutty Kel: That depends. What do you want?

Kel: What's that supposed to mean?

Slutty Kel: Only that you're the biggest wench in all of Tortall! You're with everybody!

Kel: What? I am not!

Slutty Kel: Well, no, probably not, but you're the only one without a firm partner in place, so writers let their imaginations run wild, putting you with everybody!

Fluffy Kel: She's right about that, at least.

Kel: What do you mean?

Fluffy Kel: Well, even if they don't make you a total wench, you are the one who gets the most fluff!

Kel: Fluff?

Fluffy Kel: You're romances that have no substance, just a load of fluff! Honestly, I think you could swim in all of your fluff. And it gets pretty interesting too, what with you being torn two ways. Usually it's with Dom, at least if it's going to be really fluffy! But sometimes it's Neal too.

Kel: Dom?

Fluffy Kel: Yes, Dom.

Kel: And Neal?

Fluffy Kel: Yes, and Neal.

Kel: That's…that's…that's…

Lump Kel: You're showing emotion. Do not show emotion. Be a calm mountain lake.

Kel: What?

Lump Kel: I am the Kel that is consistently a lump. It's not a fun job, but somebody has to do it.

Kel: You're taking the emotionless thing a little far…

Rejected Kel: I have lots of emotions to express, but I bottle them up inside me, leading to lots of ANGST!

Kel: What?

Rejected Kel: I was rejected by Lord Wyldon, and I went back to the Yamani Islands and became a warrior, joined the Shang, or became a womanly woman.

Kel: But that's ridiculous!

Rejected Kel: Yes, it is, but that's the life I live.

Kel: I'm very sorry for you.

Embarrassed Kel: Be sorry for me too! My friends are always constantly embarrassing me!

Kel: Why do they do that?

Embarrassed Kel: Well, usually they try to set me up with Dom, or sometimes Neal.

Kel: They try to set you up?

Embarrassed Kel: Yes, and they do the strangest things in the process…

Kel: I don't think I want to know.

Slutty Kel: You're probably right there, love.

Kel: Thanks for that.

Embarrassed Kel: Really, they're not all that bad. Ok, there was that one time that Alanna cut off all my pants and made them into shorts. And that other time that Raoul made us walk around Corus apologizing to everybody we had offended when we were drunk...

Kel: That's great.

Embarassed Kel: It was, actually.

Kel: I was sort of being sarcastic.

Embarassed Kel: Oh.

Kel: Well, anyway, I think I've seen you all. I'll be leaving now.

And with that, Kel walked out of the room.

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