Summary: It is the end of his sixth year and Harry Potter is forced to go back to his relatives. But, the Dursley's never showed up. Why? Where are they? That's not the worst yet, however. A certain person claims guardianship… (No slash)

Chapter 01:

An Accident?

"Goodbye Harry," Ron said to him. "You're sure your family is coming? Mum sure wants to give you a ride if they don't show up."

"It's okay, I'm sure they'll be here soon," Harry said, saying goodbye to his friend. He watched the Weasley family leaving and smiled. He wondered how his parents would be… He would never know, being the person who he is. Everyone around him would probably die sooner or later. It already happened with his parents, Cedric, Sirius, and now Dumbledore.

They've said so many times that it isn't his fault, yet he kept feeling that it was. He had never really got over their deaths.

It would be wonderful to have a family of your own. Surrounded with the people you love and who love you… meaning, anyone but the Dursley's. Come to think of it: Where were they? His Uncle Vernon was never this late to pick him up, and he knew the date, Harry was sure of that. Maybe they were planning to leave him there. It would be a thing that his relatives would do, considering their intense hatred for the boy. Maybe they were sick of him and just… left him behind…

Still Harry remained where he was. First for five minutes, then for half an hour, then for seventy-five minutes…

"Hey, you!" someone yelled.

Harry turned around to see an old man, who had just been sweeping the flour.

"Yeah, you. Sorry kid, you've got to go. We're closin'."

He didn't know how long he had been standing there, but one thing he was sure of: his relatives weren't coming to pick him up. "Closing?" Harry asked, feeling a wave of panic float over him. He was in London! How the hell would he get back in Surrey if no one were going to pick him up?!

"Yeah, it's late kid, everyone has gone home and I'm goin' too. If you don't want to be locked in, you've got to get outside."

"Oh…" Harry responded, knowing nothing else to say.

"Where's yer family?" the man asked, seeing the person in front of him frowning as if he didn't knew what to do.

"Oh, they- they didn't show u-up, sir…"

"Didn't showed up? Why would they leave a boy of fifteen—"


"—Sixteen behind! Where do you live?"

"Surrey, sir. In Privet Drive."

"Well, that's an end away. Can't let ya walk around in the middle of the night, can I? It's not safe outside; mark my words. Want a ride kid?"

"Err… yeah…" Harry didn't trust people easy, especially after that Alastor Moody situation. However, if this person was a criminal, he was still a Muggle criminal and he was a wizard. Besides, he knew of no other options. "I would like to."

"Hmm… let me warn ya, kid. The world isn't full of happy and nice persons…" Harry almost laughed at this. If he wouldn't know! "The next time someone wants ta give you a ride, refuse. You're lucky I'm no such person, but next time, go to the police, okay? They'll help ya."

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Then let's go."

The car that the man had wasn't much and if this person would have to meet his Uncle Vernon, he wouldn't have liked him at all, besides from the fact that he helped his nephew return to his home. It was a long journey to Surrey and it was already getting dark.

"What's yer name, kid?" the man asked while they drove.

"Harry," Harry answered.

"Any last name?"

"Err…" What if this man was a Squib or a Death Eater? No, no Death Eater, because then he would have been attacked already.

"That's okay, Harry, you don't have to tell. My name is Evert. I know, it's a weird name now, but in my time, Evert was a very common name… Ah, look we're almost there."

"Where do you live, sir?" Harry asked.

"Please, do not 'sir' me. Just Evert will do. You wouldn't know how much I hated it to speak that way to my parents and teachers… But I live in London, Harry."

"London!? And you drove all way to Surrey!? You could have been home a long time now!"

"I know," Evert smiled. "But I rather help a boy who can't get back home. I wouldn't be able to sleep if I wouldn't have helped you."

"Oh… do you have any kids, Evert?" Harry asked, changing the subject.

"I had a daughter… but she- she…" The man's eyes watered. Uh-oh, this wasn't a good subject to have a conversation with. Evert took a deep breath. "My little girl… she was… we went to a market and we- we lost her… Some- some guy convinced her that he'd help her, but—he raped and killed her, Harry… She was only ten years old… he was never caught. That's why I warn ya, Harry. Never step in someone's car…"

"I'm sorry…" Harry whispered. "I know how it's like to loose a person. You never really get over it…"

Evert whipped his tears away. "What do you mean, Harry? Who do you have lost?"

The black-haired boy sighed. "My parents were murdered when I was one… and my godfather died not that long ago…"

"Oh… I'm so sorry kid," Evert said. "With who do you live now?"

"My aunt and uncle," Harry answered.

For a moment, silence took over. "Why were they murdered? Did they catch the person?"

Harry smiled weak. It was strange, but he had the feeling that he can trust this person with all his secrets… It was weird to tell things to a complete stranger and still feel relieved. "No, he wasn't caught. They were- they were murdered because…"

The car stopped and Harry saw that they were in Privet Drive. He was actually quite relieved that he swallowed that little piece of information.

"Why were they murdered, Harry?"

"Thanks for the ride, Evert," Harry said.

"Yer sure you don't want to talk about it?"

"I'm sure."

"Alright then… let's get yer trunk."

They unloaded the car together and Evert had even offered to help carrying his trunk to his relatives' house. Harry thanked him, but Evert had already made his own decision. Harry, who suspected that he did this in the feeling of guilt towards his daughter, remained silence.

When he walked towards Privet Drive number four, he felt that something was wrong. He stopped.

"What is it, Harry?" Evert asked.

Harry looked at the house of his relatives. At first eye, it looked fine and normal, but then he saw something—a green light.

"No!" he hissed under his breath and dropped his things. He sprinted to the house, leaving a stunned Evert.

The door was already open. Inside he heard a high scream that surely was from his Aunt Petunia.

He ran upstairs without thinking twice and he flinched at the image he saw. A big, fat body lied on the ground, which surely was his Uncle Vernon. Dudley was unconscious; Harry saw him breath. His Aunt Petunia was curled in a corner, whimpering. Standing over here was none other than Lord Voldemort himself.

"Ahh, Harry…" he said when he spotted him. "I already wondered what took you so long."

"Harry? What's wrong?" the voice of Evert sounded downstairs.

"Stay there!" Harry hissed at Evert while he kept eye contact with Voldemort.

"More friends?" Voldemort asked, grinning.

"You stay away from him!! From my family! Haven't you killed enough people yet!! It's ME you want, so go ahead; kill me! But leave them alone!!" Harry yelled, screaming all the anger towards the man out of him. Strangely enough, Voldemort did not get angry. Instead, he smiled at him. No, really, he actually smiled at him.

"But Harry… who says I want to kill you?" he whispered.

Harry was struck. He gaped at his sworn enemy. Had he heard this right? "Since when are you not trying to kill me!?"

"Since last week. You remember Severus?"

Harry clinched his teeth. Of course he still remembered that slimy git! He killed Dumbledore!

"I'd say yes," Voldemort continued. "He stole your Headmaster's Pensieve. He should know that you should never, ever put important stuff in something where everyone can read it. Yes, Harry. I know the prophecy…"

A feeling of horror struck him. "Then you've only got more reason to kill me."

Voldemort shook his head. "No, just more reason not to."

"I don't understand you…" Harry said carefully.

At that moment, Voldemort pointed his wand to Petunia and one green light later, her body went limp and lifeless.

"NO!!" Harry yelled, but he knew it was too late. She was dead. He got on his knees and held her hand for a pulse. She didn't have one. She was really dead. He'd never thought he would, but he could really feel tears filling his eyes. He then felt a hand resting on his head.

"What… do… you… want?" Harry asked slowly and harshly.

"You'll see." And with a loud CRACK, Voldemort was gone.

At that moment someone came running up the stairs. He heard the person gasp at what he saw. Harry knew it was Evert.