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A/N: During the last episodes of this season

I can't believe we have been stranded on the island for about some time now. I was worried for a while about the

whole thing with me. I first of all didn't like spending time with him. But since we've done a lot together on this

island besides us getting mad when we didn't get to be leader. I guess that is why we are always together and

spending time with each other. Guess what I was dancing over with Abby and then I finished up with dancing with

her and I decided to dance with Daley she is so sweet. I went up and held my hand out to her. Taylor said "you

may". I grabbed onto Daley and we walked over and I started dancing with her. Then her head leaned on my

forehead. We got to doing that wow she is so sweet. I wish I could just tell her how I feel. She is such a wonderful

girl. I'm going to ask her after this whole dance. The song ended and I was telling her I needed to talk to her. She

agreed to talk to me. So, we went over and just talked with each other and not have everyone around. Daley is so

sweet I can't tell her I like her just yet. The next thing that made me want to tell her how I care is when she told me

"I was the bravest thing what I did." We looked at each and then Taylor interrupted us when we looking at each

other. So, who knows what I have in store to talk with Daley how I felt. So that is all for now.