Chapter 1: Dawning of a New Day

Kakashi woke up with a start. He tossed his book off his head and ran over to his clock. He was late, as usual. Why rush? He ate a quick breakfast and hurried to Naruto's favorite ramen shop. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were there having some breakfast. Kakashi could hear Naruto's yelling from a mile away. As he approached he could see Sakura strangling Naruto while Sasuke looked like he'd rather be in hell than here. Kakashi waved his hand and said, "Good morning." Immediately Sakura let go of Naruto and the two shouted, "YOU'RE LATE!" Kakashi scratched his head while thinking of an excuse.

"Well, a black cat crossed my path, so I had to go the long way," he said.

"LIAR!" they shouted in return.

Sasuke turned and asked, "Why did you ask us to come here, Kakashi-sensei?" The other two sat down and waited for Kakashi's response.

"The Hokage wishes to see us. She said it's an important mission."

Naruto frowned. "What does that old hag Tsunade need us for! It's our vacation!" he whined.

"Naruto! Don't speak that way about the Hokage!" Sakura bellowed with rage. Sasuke sighed. Kakashi smiled at this dysfunctional yet fully capable team of his. He motioned them to follow and they started out toward the Hokage's.

Nightshroud: Ya! First chapter up! What's the important mission? And how will it affect the team?