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An Unfortunate Arrangement!

Twenty year old Sakura walked through the gates of Suna, she looked around it wasn't as bad as she had thought, it was actually ok lots of shops everywhere the only thing was the temperature which wasn't as hot as expected.

Her bags just seemed to get heavier, 'now where's that tower?' she asked herself as she spotted a tall building, Sakura sighed and made her way through the crowd.

Sakura caught a few guys staring at her and some wooted and some whistled, Sakura rolled her eyes, 'men' she sighed.

It was no surprise to her she had become more beautiful over the years, she still kept her pink hair to her shoulders, her body had defiantly developed, and she still had her magnificent emerald orbs.

She wore a Chinese red top with her clan symbol on it, with also a tan short skirt and under that her black biker shorts and her metal shin plates.

"Hey babe" some guy said standing in front of Sakura, Sakura's eye twitched, 'he did not just say that'

"How bout you come and chill with me at my place" he winked, Sakura looked at him in disgust, she punched him in the face sending him to the wall, "not on your life pal" Sakura yelled.

She continued her walk to the Kazekage's tower without any more 'disruptions', Sakura walked to the front desk where a woman wearing a short kinky dress sat.

The woman looked up, "May I help you?" she asked rudely, fighting back a retort "yes I'm here from Kohona to meet with the Kazekage and the council about a matter"

She stood up, "follow me" she hissed, 'talk about rude' Sakura thought, 'How dare that hoe!' Inner Sakura screamed.

'I know, just forget about it well need to be calm for the meeting,' Inner Sakura glared, 'Fine'

They finally reached a door, "they are in there waiting for you," she rolled her eye's; Sakura formed a fist, 'stay calm. Stay calm' she told herself.

Sakura walked in, and sat in a chair she saw was empty, it was on the opposite end of where a rather large chair was, 'probably the Kazekage's chair,' she thought.

His chair was empty, "I'm sorry the Kazekage will be here momentarily" a man said, they were surprisingly kind, "so tell us about you" another asked.

"Well my name in Haruno, Sakura and I am the top medic Nin in the Kohona Anbu, I was under the Hokage as her apprentice and I love children and also teaching," Sakura stated.

"Tsunade-sama also told me before I got this well ordeal, that I should take her place as Hokage and I was but then I had to come here, so I am to be Hokage but Naruto will also be part-time Hokage" she said resting her head on her hands.

"Really? That is very interesting, you do know why you are here?" another man said, Sakura sighed "yes I'm here to marry a Suna high official to strengthen the bond"

"Not just a high official, the Kazekage himself" an older one said, 'great I get to marry an old geezer' she thought.

"Does Kazekage-sama know who he is marring?" Sakura asked, they looked at her, "no he just said to send a powerful female ninja and he didn't really care who, he is not…not that emotional" they answered.

Sakura nodded, "So Sakura-san, when are you to become Hokage?" they questioned, "after the wedding, I will handle most the work from here, and Naruto will handle the things that are need for person, like assigning missions and such"

They nodded, a messenger came in, "sorry my elders the Kazekage has just arrived and will be here any second" he finished and left.

Sakura held her breathe, the door opened and the Kazekage walked in, Sakura went wide eyed.

"You've got to be kidding me," Sakura said out loud, she put her hands over her mouth, 'crap I said that out loud,' she panicked, 'you are soooo dead' Inner Sakura laughed.

Gaara looked at the unnoticed woman in his chamber; "no fucking way" he said mouth wide open.

Sakura stood up, "You're the Kazekage!" she yelled pointing at him in surprise, "Why'd they send a weak girl like you!" he yelled back at her.

"I am not weak! I am the new Hokage!" she screamed slamming her fist on the table splitting it in half.

He glared at her, "I refuse to marry a weakling like her" Gaara crossed his arms, "I refuse to marry an asshole like him" she turned her back to him.

"You have too," a man said, Sakura and Gaara glared at him, "how dare you tell me what I can and cannot do!" they both screamed.

"But you two…signed the papers already and it states in them that not even the Hokage or Kazekage may change this or stop it," a younger man replied.

Sakura and Gaara glared at each other, "fine" the pouted and walked out of the room, all the council members looked at each other, "I think they like each other," one joked.


Sakura followed Gaara down the halls as he carried her bags with his sand a frown etched on his face.

Sakura had her arms crossed, 'well there is one plus,' Inner Sakura chimed in, 'and what's that?' she questioned.

'He is the hottest man I have ever seen' Inner Sakura yelled with hearts in her eyes, Sakura thought for a second then she walked up beside him and stared at his features.

He wore his red Kage outfit, his dark circles brought out his pale green eyes, his blood red hair brushing against his face, and his scar, it made him look even more perfect, 'wow he is hot' Sakura thought.

"What are you staring at" he demanded breaking her from her thoughts, she blushed a little, "gomen" she said quietly falling back behind him.

He stopped and turned to her, she was looking at the ground and ran into him, "gomen, gomen" she said quickly.

"What's wrong?" he asked anger no longer in his, she looked up at him, "nothing is wrong" she said calmly, he looked at her, "hn" he said turning around.

She sweat dropped, 'where have it herd that before' she inwardly laughed as she remembered her friend Sasuke, she didn't like him anymore but they were good friends.

How she missed all her friends, then she saw the woman at the front desk, Sakura glared at her, the woman get up as she saw Gaara.

Sakura's glare intensified, even if she didn't like Gaara he was still hers, whether she liked it or not and she wasn't going to have a hoe all up over her to-be husband.

Gaara saw Sakura's glare and inwardly laughed, 'this might not be so bad' he then noticed how perfect her body was, 'What a hottie!' Shukaku shouted.

'Man you don't get girls like her often' Shukaku smirked, 'she has defiantly improved' Gaara nodded in agreement.

"Hi Kazekage-kun" the woman chirped, Gaara flinched hearing her high voice, "how was your day Kazekage-kun?" she asked sensually showing as much cleavage as possible.

Sakura glared at her even more, she then looked at the corner of her eye to see Gaara as he rolled his eyes at her attempt.

"I was wondering Kazekage-kun if sometime we could," she began, "don't waste your breathe" he interrupted her, he than smirked "besides," he grabbed by the waist and pulling her towards him.

The woman's eyes widened as did Sakura's "this is my wife to-be" he smirked; Sakura caught on and placed her head on Gaara's shoulder.

"That's right Gaara-kun" she fake giggled, then she blushed realizing where his hand was, she turned completely red.

They walked out of the building and Gaara let go of her walking ahead his usual emotionless face on, Sakura was still red they were so close and it felt so good.

'No I can't be falling for him' she told herself, 'it's not good to lie to yourself,' Inner Sakura said lazily.

They walked for a while until Sakura saw a ginormous house, "wow is that your house!" Sakura asked amazed.

Gaara nodded as the came up to the double mahogany doors and he opened it as the proceeded inside.

Sakura saw the inside it was beautiful, she had stars in her eyes and everything, "it's so beautiful" she said looking at everything.

He laughed "glad you like it" Sakura looked at him, 'he's being nice' she gave him a weird look, "what?" he asked a little annoyed.

"Why are you being nice?" she asked walking up to him, "look if were going to make this work we're going to have to be nice to each other" he said heading towards the stairs.

She smiled, 'this might not be as bad as I thought' Sakura said following him up the stairs.