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Summery: What if Larin had fond out about the kiss between Muriel and Russell.


"It's in the water, Russ" whispered Dave

"Oh shit" cried Russell as he ran towards his two children and his wife "Don't go in there, honey" he said picking up Rose

"Why?" she moaned

"Erm…. Because there is supposed to be pollution in there" replied Russell to his young daughter

"Oh" answered Jesse as he took Rose from his dad and walked back to the house along with Dave. It was only Russell and Larkin left. She turned away and was about to join her brother when Russell grabbed her hand gently and pulled her back to him.

"That includes you Larkin" he said looking her in the eye.

"Oh I didn't realise you remembered me, or cared." She replied coldly turning away. Ever since she had heard about the kiss between Muriel and Russell she had been cold

"Larkin, this can't carry on like this" pleaded Russell

"Then I guess this can't carry on" she replied once again coldly


"Then I guess this can't carry on" a younger Muriel said to a younger Russell

"Why, we have Jesse and Rose to think about" a teary younger Russell replied

"There's nothing left between us, it's over," she said, answering his question with the answer he was expecting "I'm in love with Tom, I want a divorce"


Tears welled up in Russell's eyes. That day his heart was broken for the third time in his life, the first when his parents never arrived in the USA, the second, when murder of his best friend. Now it was about to be broken for a forth time. He remembered after Muriel he thought he could never love again. But then he met Larkin she taught him to love again, he knew if he lost her nobody would ever capture his heart again. He loved more then he ever loved Muriel or anybody else for that matter other than his family that is.

"Larkin, wait please don't go" Russell cried "I love you! "At that she turned and looked at him in the eyes

"Do you?" she asked. When she saw the tears in his eyes, the eyes of the guy she loved and her cold front began to slip. Alls he wanted to do was take him in her arms but how could she when she had found out he had kissed his ex wife. At that her thoughts were cut short when Russell replied to her question

"Yes I love you more than I ever loved Muriel and I will never love anyone as much as I love you. I love you, I love our baby you're carrying. I LOVE YOU and I'm sorry for what happened I'm sorry" Russell said falling to his knees crying into his hands. At that sight Larkin's heart melted. She down on her knees and took him in her arms

"I love you too, I could never live without you, I love you" she whispered into his ear as she felt his arms wrap around her body and pull her to his body. So close she could feel his heart beat against her body. His body heat warmed her heart and her body which had began to shake in the cold wind. Noticing this Russell said "Come on lets go inside, you're getting cold". Wiping his eyes with one hand, while his other arm stayed around her. They then got up and began to walk back to the house. Russell had his arm around Larkin, pulling her close to keep her warm. His love of his life was back in his arm. Before they re-entered the house he stopped causing her to also stop and face him. At that he leaned down and captured her lips in his for one last passionate kiss

"I love you" he said before they walked back into the house, back to his children and her brother.