Note: The title is not supposed to make sense. I was just on a sugar rush, so there we go!

Summary: Jenna moved into Mineral Town after quitting her job. How will she survive without her daily dosage of caffeine?

Disclaimer: I don't own Starbucks, Lipton and Tetley, Godiva, Dunkin' Donuts, or any other brands of coffee and tea. Oh, and I don't own Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town. And I don't own Nestle Tollhouse and Nesquick. (Evil laugh) Now I can use all the things I mentioned above in the story!

Note: 'Division Sickle' separates the scenes. Look out for that phrase!

On the bottom of every chapter, there will be a short description of the characters for anyone who needs it.


Chapter One: Who reads the newspaper anymore?

Jenna stepped into her apartment, and looked on the verge of jumping up and down. She walked to her kitchen table, and proceeded drinking her iced latte from a straw. Life was good, but maybe she needed a change? Jenna looked around at her apartment. Iced lattes always helped her think; once she calmed down after the exciting feeling she got after just getting one.

It's the same thing, day after day…, thought Jenna. She sipped the iced latte, and then realized that there was a newspaper on the table. That's weird…I don't remember getting the newspaper! Jenna picked it up, and found an answer to her caffeine-influenced thoughts.

First, Jenna went straight back to Starbucks, where she worked purely for the discounts, and quit her job. That done, she went back home and called the number mentioned in the ad for farming.

------------------------------------------Division Sickle-------------------------------------------

"HAHAHAHAHA," Thomas the Mayor laughed hard, and wiped a tear from his eye. "You see, the ad lied."

"It…wait, what?" Jenna couldn't believe her ears.

"It's not a wonderful and easy farming experience. After the owner died, the place had to look after itself," explained Thomas. "I can't tell you how many people came here, looked at the farm, and then just left."

"No way! I just quit my job!" exclaimed Jenna.

"Too bad…" said Thomas, who wore a sympathetic expression. "You can take over this farm if you like, now that you're here. It'd take a lot of work, but you can always ask me or the townspeople for advice."

"Is there a coffee shop here?" asked Jenna, a last hold to her sanity.

"I'm afraid not…" answered Thomas.

"…A tea shop?" asked Jenna desperately.

"No, but you can always make your own tea," said Thomas.

"N…no iced tea?" asked Jenna.

"Well, you can put your tea in the freezer if it helps," said Thomas, watching Jenna's shocked expression.

"Y-you're kidding! I can't make my own tea!" Jenna shuddered.

Thomas coughed. "That house is yours. It's not much, but it's something to live in for now. I'll…come around later if you are feeling better."

Jenna turned on her heel and stalked into the house. She slammed the door, and sat on the bed, mulling her change in fortune. Tea was not her favorite, and she'd have to use it as a substitute for her caffeine obsession…it was time to shop at the general store. Although that would have to wait till tomorrow, since she was feeling unnaturally tired.

Before Jenna slept, she wrote an entry in her diary that mainly had rants against the mayor for not having a coffee shop in his town.