hehe, this came to mind a few minutes ago... it struck me that the TARDIS is alive, as the Doctor says... so i decided to expand on that idea! this MIGHT have a few more chapters, but not until I get Hitchhiker's done...


Rattle rattle rattle. CLUNK!

With a deafening and quite unmistakable noise, a tall blue box suddenly appeared out of nowhere. No one had noticed its being there or the noise – so far. Here it looked totally out of place for this was the 17th century. Phones hadn't even been thought about yet.

The Doctor stumbled out of the cabin with his new companion, a female named Rose Tyler. She was a sweet girl and didn't try to mess around with the controls of the TARDIS… much.

As the two gallivanted off, the TARDIS was left to think to itself. It enjoyed these moments. As it was alive and much deserved a day off. She and the Doctor had been traveling together since the Time Wars – over 900 years. With those 900 years, many companions had come and gone – some had gone more thankfully than others. With this, the TARDIS had seen almost ever inch of space and time.

She grumbled. There was a large rock sitting under the top left corner of the police box. The TARDIS looked around carefully then gathered all her energies to blast the rock out from under her.

BOOM! There went the rock… and the TARDIS too.

With a shout of surprise, the police box went tipping over into the crevasse she had just created. The Doctor was not going to be happy about this.

Inside the seemingly small box, she cleaned herself up and righted things, grumbling about her misfortune the entire time.

"Why does this always happen to me? I try to get comfortable, but nooo… some damn rock has to blow me into my own freaking hole!" The Doctor had occasionally noticed her strong language through the telepathy link they shared. He had been shocked to say the least. The expression on his face had actually been priceless at the time.

They had been at… the TARDIS checked her logs, ah, ThetaCron 6 in the year 89,007. After the Doctor had left, she had been blown out an airlock of the space station she'd landed in, slammed into a passing asteroid and delivered back to the planet's surface all in time for tea. At the time, the Doctor had had no companions, but he was still thoroughly shocked when he came across his TARDIS in the middle of nowhere, about 30,000 miles from where she was supposed to be.

Oh, how she had bitched ALL night.

She smiled at the memory. Rose Tyler didn't realize how alive the TARDIS really was. Yeah, maybe the Doctor had explained that she was "alive" in the most basic sense and had a "heart," but Rose didn't realize that the TARDIS frequently gave her Time Lord a splitting headache. That was probably the reason he took off with Rose so often.

At any rate, they still loved each other after 900 years. If the Doctor was much later than he said he'd be, she got very nervous and had to keep herself from finding him. When she got lost, she knew the Doctor was extremely worried about her. The TARDIS sighed.

If that wasn't love, what is?

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