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Devoid of a companion, the Doctor went to London.

Not to look for a companion specifically, but to look for some icky plastic things called Autons. They killed people… well duh, what didn't these days? No, but there was a mastermind behind the Autons who was going to use a large dish to give life to all plastic around the world. It was a truly scary idea… all plastic things coming alive?

The TARDIS shuddered at that, but the Doctor was having an immense amount of fun trying to find these things. He was avidly using his sonic screwdriver to search for the Autons.

So here she was, the TARDIS, sitting on the side of an alley with nothing to do except translate some 21st century slang. Fun.

At last report, the Doctor had blown up an entire building just to strike a blow at the Autons and, along the way, he had saved and intrigued a young girl named Rose Tyler. Maybe a new companion? At the time he had reported in, the TARDIS had railed at him for causing such a commotion. He was supposed to be covertly looking for the Autons, not blowing up London.

At any rate, the Doctor had told the TARDIS that this Rose was a pretty smart cookie… either that or he was blind. He told her that she had found the 'dish' that the Autons planned to use to broadcast their signal. Also the Doctor had said Rose was pretty brave because her boyfriend Rickey… or was it Mickey… had been turned into an Auton and she didn't even wince.

Being an expert on these kinds of things, it seemed to the TARDIS that the Doctor was rather taken with Rose Tyler. There was a very strong possibility that Rose was going to become the new companion and a good one at that.

The TARDIS simply hoped that she was open-minded to new ideas and that she didn't try to argue everything as real or not real. Argh, those kinds of people really ticked the TARDIS off. In her time she had known some Time Lords like that. Slimy creeps they were too.

Anyway, speaking of slimy… the Head Auton thing was pretty disgusting in itself. At least, that's what it looked like from the memories the Doctor stored in the TARDIS. It helped him remember all the events in his 923 year old life. Every so often the Doctor would do a memory dump into the Heart of the TARDIS so he could get more memories. This was how the TARDIS shared the Doctor's absolutely mad adventures. She yelled at him sometimes… well, maybe more than sometimes.

What do you think you were doing? Proclaiming about the Shadow Proclamation to a life form that doesn't give shit about that?

'What else would you like me to do?'

Oh I don't know… you could have dumped the poison and run for your life!

'And leave Rose behind?'

There had been a pause. The TARDIS was thinking for a second. She knew that Rose meant a lot to her Doctor, but how much?

Is she to become the new companion?

'I think so… I hope so!' the Doctor had stated with a large goofy grin on his face. Finally, he was happy again.

Hell, now you get to deal the domestic problems that come along, like Mum and Mickey. Sucks to be you.

'Oh shut up.'

Feeling extremely triumphant that she had won, the TARDIS beamed. It took off to another part of London to go find Rose… and hopefully avoid Mickey the Idiot.

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