From Jackie Tyler, a letter never sent to her travelling daughter.

My dear, dear Rose. You've never really left me, have you? Gone so far but still, you remain, staying dear to my heart.

Pete, your father, he always knew. He knew that you were something special and that one day you would become a superstar. Hear that Rose? A superstar.

And that's what you are. My little treasure is up with the stars. Saving the World the whole time. Saving the Universe even!

But I do wish – oh I do wish that just once in a while you would come back to me, little old me left to fend for myself. While you're up there, I'm down here, stuck waiting for something to happen. Not even Mickey's here now. And he never will be, will he? It's just me. And you Rose. Rose you stay safe and you stay near. 'Cause I'm never gonna let you go and no matter what that Doctor says, I'm protecting you two with my life. You are my only child, my precious darling daughter and without you I have nothing. Nothing to hope for, nothing to dream. But you keep going. Keep travelling and exploring. And always know that I love you till the ends of the Universe.

Love Mum xxx

Just something that I jotted down when I was bored at 9.30!