Yep, that's right guys! The LemonyShepard is back with one more King of the Koopas story! (Can anyone say obsessed?) This one is like the Episode 1 of them all, going way back to before the beginning (as the name of this chapter says). Back before the Koopa Segregation Law, King Wart, or even Mushroom Kingdom! Back in a time when Kamilia is a young student attending the infamous Bycaster University for Sorcery. Hope you enjoy it one last time.

She could hear cries throughout the building. Screams of anger and hatred. People wanted their revenge. They wanted her dead.

She ran down a corridor, too dark to see what was on the other side. She pulled out her wand and cast a lightening spell on the hallway, only to discover a dead end. She had nowhere to run.

She grasped the broomstick that hung on a leather strap over her small shoulder. She needed to fly away, far away from this dreadful place. She needed to make up for the wicked deeds she had done and for cursing her own kind.

She heard a door burst open, the cries suddenly louder. Torches and wooden clubs were in the hands of the students, enraged. They were being lead by the one man she thought she could trust. The one man who was always there for her. The one man who now wanted the witch dead.

"There she is my students!" he cried, pointing a finger. "Now…kill her!"

Fear filled young Kamilia's heart as she jumped as high as she could and swung a leg over her broomstick, flying high over the heads of the witch hunters of Bycaster. She had been abandoned and had no where else to turn.

Kamilia was being killed for being the only one who did the right thing.

King of the Koopas: Something Wicked

Kammy's Story

She awoke in a cold sweat, breathing heavy. Her long, platinum blonde hair was blowing in the cold wind that was bursting through her open window. She rubbed her dazzling violet eyes as she forced herself out of her warm bed to shut it.

Before she did so, she looked out the window. How unusual it was that the Western Winds were hitting Rougeport so early in the year. Usually, the legendary winds from the east struck the western region in early October, so, being June, it was easy to see why Kamilia was so concerned.

'No, not concerned,' she corrected herself. 'Just interested.'

When her books and papers began flying all over the room, the young Koopa decided to shut the window. Still she watched as a few Ravens struggled to fly east as the winds hit them head on. One even got hit with an extraordinary gust and hit a nearby building. Kamilia got a good laugh out of that.

She returned to bed, fearing for bags under her beautiful eyes. She needed to look her best for the next day. She and her roomie, Shoshina, were going to Bycaster University. Bycaster! She could hardly contain her excitement that night, but knew that she needed to keep up with her beauty rest.

As she laid her head down on her pillow, she began to think about the nightmare that woke her up in the first place. This wasn't the first time she had it. The dreams began a few days before her letter of acceptance for Bycaster came in the mail.

She couldn't forget it: thousands of flying creatures that she couldn't recognize soaring this way and that, screeching at the very top of their lungs, deafening the young Koopa. A sudden burst of fire and a loud crash, followed by the appearance of a terrible being, a creature so evil that it could've only been the Devil.

She had told her parents about her dreams and they, thinking it was a sign from Hell, performed an exorcism on their child. Upon doing so, they came to the realization that their child wasn't possessed, but simply highly talented in the magic arts. Upon learning that, they were overjoyed when she was accepted into Bycaster, whose alumni included such famous sorcerers as Tutankoopa and Koreye the Bold.

Kamilia looked over to the bed opposite of her, the warm sheets encasing her best friend, Shoshina, sleeping soundly, thoughts of Bycaster and the magnificent things she would learn there. Kamilia smiled and shut her eyes, her long eyelashes shimmering in the moonlight. Shoshi was always studying, even if school was out for the summer. Kamilia, on the other hand, was all about presence. As long as she looked great and people looked at her with jealousy, she didn't need knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge (or the pointlessness of it, rather) she decided that she was thinking far too much for two in the morning. She shut her mind down for the night as to get a great start that next morning.

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