Giving In

Seventeen year old Ciara was making her way through the forest in the dark she didn't mind though she loved the dark it was where she was headed that frightened her she was headed to Castle Frankenstein where Dracula and his children were vanquished by Van Helsing and Ana Valerious. It was a foolish dare and she new it but her brother and his friends had been calling her chicken and she never backed down from a challenge unless it was truly suicidal or she had tried absolutely everything to complete it so there she was standing at the side entrance to castle Frankenstein to spend the night, she had enough food with her for a week in case she got snowed in and she had a small hand lamp filled recently with oil and a box of extra matches she wore a simple brown skirt and cream shirt with a dark blue shawl over top, her food in a small knapsack carried on her back the lamp in her pale hand. "Hello" she called into the dark castle. She entered the main foyer and deciding that it was as good a place as any to stay she set her things down when she turned around she was met by three sets of beautiful icy blue eyes she jumped slightly tripping over a rock and falling to the floor a few strands of her long wavy chocolate brown hair escaping her braid. "Are you alright" asked the one with curly blond hair while the other two looked concerned "yes I am fine what is your name child" I asked her "I am Ariana, and these are my sisters Marina,' she said pointing to the red head on her left 'and Nora" she finished pointing to the raven haired sister on her right the two sisters waved and giggled cutely "My name is Ciara" I told them. "Will you play hide and find with us Ciara" asked Nora "sure" I said and giggled slightly at the cute girls "I'll be it" said Marina before the two children seemingly disappeared into thin air I chuckled at their exuberance and silently made my way down the hall and into an empty dining room with a huge broken window when I saw it a huge grey werewolf made of pure muscle it hadn't yet seen me so I crept slowly back down the hall never taking my eyes off of the door expecting the werewolf to come bounding after me and tear me and the children to pieces I broke into a run and quickly arrived in the foyer where I was met with three pairs of blue eyes "children I need you to run, run and don't look back there is a werewolf in the dining hall and it would kill you as soon as look at you, I will distract it and find you follow the river towards the village" I kissed each one gently on the forehead and ushered them out the door their small colourful dresses bright against the pale snow. I then barricaded the door and turned around only to find that the werewolf had spotted me I ran as fast as I could up the narrow flight of stairs to my left just evading the snapping jaws of the beast I reached the top and closed the door in the wolf's face running down a dimly lit hall and up another flight of stairs I could hear the wolf-man right behind me and I ducked into a small room off the side of the hall closing the door and covering it with a dresser I looked around the giant window showed that it was to far to jump and there were no other ways out of the room she heard the wolf-man clawing at the heavy door and I acted quickly I gathered up the sheets from the bed and the curtain and broke the window with an unlit torch I then threw the mattress pillows and comforter out the window as well as the towels in the ensuite and the extra blankets and pillows the wolf had nearly clawed through the door she could see parts of it's matted fur and so she jumped out the window the sheets she carried catching the wind and slowing her descent marginally she aimed for the small pile of soft things she had made on the ground and closed her eyes tightly waiting for impact.