Hey mina-san! This is my first ever time writing a crossover and a pairing that isn't simply Inu X Kag! It's gonna be one hell of a ride and I'm sure it'll be my best yet!

Not the Only One


Know the lingo!:

Neko: cat

Youkai: demon

Hanyou: half demon

Gomen nasai: Forgive me


Kagome awoke with a start, hair clinging to her sweat shining face. As her hazel blinking eyes peered through her raven locks, she tried to understand why her heart was hammering so quickly.

Then she heard the noise.

Kagome turned slowly onto her side, so not to rouse Shippo from his slumber. Sango was cuddled up with Kirara, the neko youkai purring softly under her chin. Miroku lay on his back, his hand splayed on his chest. Kaede snored quietly on her back.


Kagome's thoughts were interrupted by the noise again, the ghostly trill that made her shiver. Fear and unease slipped in Kagome's stomach like ice cubes, freezing her whole body.

Inuyasha was leaning against the frame of the hut door, his white hair low around his face. Kagome could see the white puppy ears on his mane twitching in reaction the sound piercing the night. She couldn't see his eyes, but knew they would be focused on the same thing she was. Outside, two shimmering soul snatchers skimmed the air, making their call.

Calling Inuyasha…

The hanyou looked over suddenly at Kagome, who instantly shut her eyes; glad her hair was still stuck to her face. She remained utterly still, hoping the hanyou hadn't seen her. After a minute of silence, Kagome risked a peek, and saw Inuyasha was still watching her. His expression didn't change however- he looked like he was fighting a battle with himself, his emotions written plainly across his face.

I can see him…but he can't see me…

The hanyou sighed, looking again to the soul snatchers.

Why is she calling to him at this time of night?

Another drip of fear slipped onto Kagome's tongue, cold and metallic like blood. Along with that was the bitter taste of jealously- It's like she's trying to lure him away…like I'm the possessive girlfriend and he has to sneak out to see her!

Kagome frowned under her hair. He's the possessive one, not me!

She felt her heart miss a beat as Inuyasha once again looked her way. His lips parted, and he spoke the words she wasn't supposed to hear:

"Gomen nasai, Kagome…"

Kagome bit down on her lip, trapping the gasp, swallowing it with her overwhelming heartbreak.

She watched; tears and hair mingled on her eyelashes, as Inuyasha stepped out the hut, the soul snatchers calling gleefully above.

She watched, as Inuyasha took off into the night, taking with him another piece of her heart.

When he finally returned, in the early hours of the morning, she was still awake. She couldn't look at him, but knew he hadn't brought her piece of heart back.

He had given it to another.

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