Not the Only One


Dear Kagome,

I'm very excited to have you on the team. Though I'm a bit worried about your request, are you sure this is wise?

Yours Faithfully,


Demi-God of the Rekai


Next time we have a mission, please refrain from bringing your lover with you. The Makai is not a place for dates.



I am very displeased that you and Kagome went behind my back. Even Hiei didn't know she was now part of the team- the risk you both took was extremely unprofessional.


My dearest Kurama,

I'm on spirit world business so don't wait up. I've left your dinner in the fridge- you just need to reheat it. I won't wake you up when I get in so please sleep comfortably~

Lots of love,

Your Kagome xox


It seems you are now favouring Kagome above me and Hiei for missions. While I can't deny her spiritual powers far exceed mine when exterminating youkai, I am not happy with her entering battle by herself. Please inform me of these missions from now on.


Dear Kurama,

I'm afraid Kagome's abilities means she gets the job done faster and cleaner, leaving no evidence behind. Of course you can accompany her if you wish, but please don't get in the way by trying to protect her, etc.

Yours Faithfully,


Demi-God of the Rekai


Give me something to kill.


Yo Kurama!

Congrats, just heard the good news from Keiko. Knocking up Kagome, that's sure one way to make sure that she can't do any more missions. Here's hoping it's twins, eh?



I'm coming over today for lunch, I've got some news.

Kagome x

You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Minamino Shuuichi and Higurashi Kagome

on the 5th of November, 2012

The wedding will be held at the Higurashi Shrine,

traditional attire encouraged.


How did you know it would be twins? Is this some power we don't know about?

Kagome x

Dear Kagome,

I'm so happy and proud to call you my daughter-in-law. Thank you for making me the happiest grandmother in the world!

P.s I'm glad the twins inherited your hair and Shuuichi's eyes. Goodness knows how much time I used to spent combing the tangles out of that boy's head!

Grandmother Minamino


Miroku and I are so happy to hear the birth went well- I wish we could have helped you like you helped us! Inuyasha agreed to leave this package in the well house for us- he won't say, but I'm sure he's happy for you! It's just some of the baby clothes little Kagome has grown out of! Hopefully the twins are giving you some rest! I've packed some herbs from Kaede. Shippo drew you some pictures, he misses you lots!



Dear wife,

Kuroune and Kanami have been fed and bathed. I've made up more milk, it's in the fridge. Hope the little terrors give you some time to rest! I'll be home as quickly as my final exam is finished.

Love you lots,

Your adoring husband,

Kurama xxx

Well that's it over! Hope you all enjoyed the ride!

Here's a preview of my next IY X YYH crossover, Chained to You. This will be a purely Kagome x Yoko fic.

"Yoko-sama, we trawled the Makai looking for what you sought, but we had little luck. Our will to please you was such that..."

"Enough. Show me." Yoko interrupted, his golden eyes gleaming. His sense of smell was marred due to the wards, and his ears twitched. A small kernel of hope began to bud in his stomach. Could these bandits really have found what he had been looking for after all these centuries?

"As you wish, my Lord..." the bandit replied, his fingers shaking as he lifted up the sack. He began to remove the wards and ties from the neck, then with a huff of effort, he emptied the contents of the bag onto the floor.

Yoko's eyes narrowed as he took in the sight.

"What...what is the meaning of this?"

The three bandits blinked at him, their fear apparent.

Yoko leaned forward, his claws sinking into his throne. The smell of blood assaulted his nose. But it was not ordinary blood. The smell that reached Yoko was not foul, and it certainly was not fair.

The human lay face down on the stone floor, limp like a doll. She had a wound to the back of her head, which had congealed, but the fall from the sack had prompted fresh blood to spill. It was the first time Yoko had ever smelt human blood like this; he couldn't compare it to anything he had ever encountered before.

Yoko watched the strange red liquid seep into the cracks of the stone floor before throwing a look of disgust to his men.

"Explain. Now."

The bandits faltered at his reaction. His eyes were narrow slits, and his whole posture was stiff. Anger rolled off his body in waves, making the bandits dumb.

"Speak!" Yoko demanded, banging his fist against his throne. "Why in hell's name did you believe a polluted, ningen whelp could bring me power?"

The bandits exchanged fleeting glances, before one piped up.

"My Lord, it is not just any ningen. It is very powerful!"

Yoko blinked, taking in this information. The blood was making him feel nauseous, and the fine hairs on his arms and the back of his neck were crackling with tension.

"Yoko-sama...she is a miko!"

There was silence, as the kitsune's eyes scanned the seemingly dead body in front of him. A mass of black hair, coated with blood. A white, fitted jacket, with large buttons, the material staining pink. A short denim skirt revealed long legs, adorned with cuts and gashes. Boots made of some sort of patchwork. Yoko was unaware of these modern day materials and items of clothing, knowing only that they were not Makai based.

"A miko? Surely you are not stupid enough to try and trick me? Miko have been extinct since the barrier!"

Yoko had rose to his feet, his rage clear in his calculating eyes.

"Master, please do not be hasty! This ningen is a miko...she can offer you the power you seek! Let me show you!"

The bandit crept forward, careful not to step in any of the blood speckling the floor. Taking a deep breath, the youkai tapped the miko's back with his armoured boot.

There was a crackle, a spark of light, and the youkai was repelled with a yell, and thrown a few feet across the room. The ningen glowed purple, yet remained face down on the floor. Yoko could feel himself perspiring at the force of the power, and he wiped his thumb across his forehead.

"Do you see, master?" asked the fallen bandit, who was now singed and smelling of burn.

"We have found you the power that can defeat all of your enemies!" exclaimed the other bandits, sounding excited as the kitsune remained silent, staring at the very still ningen on the floor.

His face was lowered, his silver fringe covering his eyes from view. The bandits rejoiced together, thankful that they had managed the impossible. Their celebrating was interrupted by the kitsune's harsh tone.

"I knew you were simpletons, but never could I have thought such idiocy existed..."

The bandits paused, shocked, at this statement.

Yoko raised his head, and his eye were the shade of lightening.

"That you would bring a miko, capable of utter purification, into the Royal Palace of the Silver unforgivable!"

The kitsune acted quicker than the bandits could have anticipated. He drew a rose from his hair, and in one fluid motion, cracked it into a whip, and severed the bandits' heads from their bodies.

Yoko inhaled deeply, the scent of the miko's blood now unmistakable. He had never encountered a miko- only heard the terrible tales- but now he understood. The scent of her blood was not as disgusting as other ningen he had seen; this was because she was pure. But the smell of miko blood was terrifying to a youkai, and Yoko clenched his fists as he walked down the three steps from his throne. It was pure, bright, sparkling- and deadly.