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Chapter 1: This Is How They Are, How They've Always Been

Remember when, we never needed each other
The best of friends like
Sister and Brother
We understood, we'd never be,

"Haley! That's cheating!" Nathan laughed, as he pushed Haley to the side, trying to cover her eyes as they both played his Play Station Two in his bedroom. They were laughing hysterically, pushing each other around.

"It's not cheating! It's just a matter of technique!" haley defended herself, trying to calm her laughter. They had been best friend's since they were little and Nathan moved in with his uncle Keith (who he called Dad, since he;'s been there since he could remember.); His Aunt Karen ( who he also called mom.) And his older brother Lucas ( who was actually his brother) after his parents died.

"Technique huh?" He raised his eyebrows at her, giving her his classic smirk.

"Yes!" She nodded, still slightly laughing. " Technique."

"Okay, can you find some technique in this?" Nathan laughed as he jumped on he, pinning her down to tickle her ribs. Haley's helpless laughter filled the room as she tried to push Nathan off of her.

"There is no technique!" She laughed. "MY GAME!" She squirmed, still laughing. "THAT-IS-CHEATING!" She laughed. When they were in the weirdest position, the door burst open, and Lucas stopped in his tracks to look at him, and laughed.

"Okay, wow. I always wondered what you guys did in here all day long, but, this? Wow, not really what I expected." Lucas laughed.

"Very funny!" Nathan said sarcastically, almost disappointed that Lucas interrupted them. "What do you want?" He asked, as he positioned himself back in front of the tv. Haley starred at her painted toenails, embarrassed.

"Just getting my book." Lucas laughed as he reached on Nathan's dresser and held up the John Steinbach book to prove to them.

"That's a great book!" Haley exclaimed, surprised that Lucas read it. She never seen him much. He was one of the most popular people at school, so he was never around. Nathan could have been popular, but he seemed to never let that sort of thing go to his head. It was one thing that she loved about him.

"You've read it?" Lucas asked surprised.

"Of course! I've read all his books. But Im mostly an Ayn Rand girl, actually." She said, realizing her rambling and becoming embarrassed again.

"Ayn Rand, is amazing. My favorite is The-"

"Living?" Haley finished for him. Nathan watched the exchange of glances between them and became annoyed.

"Yea... exactly." Lucas said. He watched Haley as she quietly tucked a hair behind her ear and looked back to her feet. "Well, there's this party, so... Im going to go." Lucas said before darting out of the room.

Haley glanced over to Nathan who was rolling his eyes. "What?" Nathan just grinned at her. "WHAT?" She whined.

"That was cute..." He laughed.

"What was?"

"You... trying not to drool over my brother." He laughed.

"I was not!" Haley squealed.

"Yes you were!" Nathan laughed. Haley didn't respond, instead she picked up her controller and won the game.

"Now THAT was cute!" Haley smirked.

"What?" Nathan said, not realizing that he had been beat.

"How I just beat your cocky ass and you were too jealous to see." She smiled.

"You what?" Nathan asked as haley stood and grabbed her jacket. "Hey! I wasn't jealous!" He called as she disappeared out the door.

Nathan walked through the kitchen door that night, tired from trying to study, and feeling weird. But things got weirder as he saw his brother leaned over the kitchen counter reading, this of course, wasn't weird, but the things he said was. "Hey!" Lucas said happily as he saw his brother progress towards him. "Haley here?" He asked hopefully.

"Um, No... Im gong to go pick her up now, we're going for pizza ... why?" he asked suspiciously.

"She's just, pretty cool, that's all." Lucas said casually. But Nathan just stared at him, still a little weary of his real intentions. "She's not bad looking either." Lucas laughed.

"She's gorgeous, I know, and she's really cool." Nathan said, as he turned towards the fridge, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "What's your point?"

"Um... I have no point... I was just saying." Lucas said, confused at Nathan's reaction. "You like her?" He continued.

"She's my best friend, of course I like her." Nathan said, not understanding Lucas's point again, but shrugging, trying to figure out what he was getting at.

Lucas rolled his eyes. " I know you like her, you guys are basically joined at the hip. But what I mean is, do you like her?" Lucas asked, wanting to know all about what he considered Nathan and Haley's secret relationship.

"No..." Nathan kinked his eyebrow at him. Lucas just nodded. " Why, do you?" Nathan asked, almost getting angry.

"No..." Lucas said, the same way that Nathan did.

The two guys just looked at each other, not sure what to say. "Okay! Im going to go."

"To get Haley." Lucas seemed to confirm for him, as if he were trying to process it himself.

"Right." Nathan smiled.

"Right." Lucas smiled back. The moment just got really awkward, and they just stood there for awhile. Nathan turned hesitantly and dashed out the door. Confused about what had just happened.

"You're awful quiet." Haley said to Nathan as they silently sat, after eating their pizza.

"Yea..." Nathan said calmly, but shyly. Just as he did, all of Lucas's friends, Lucas included walked through the door of the pizza place. "Oh God." Nathan moaned.

"What?" haley asked confused.

"Never mind..." Nathan said, shifting upright as Lucas walked over to their table.

"Hey little brother." Lucas laughed.

"Hey... what are you doing here?" Nathan asked nervously, eyeing a tall blond in the corner, who began to slowly approach them.

"Just getting pizza." Lucas smiled. "Hey Haley." haley smiled at him shyly, and dropped her head as Peyton stood next to Nathan.

"Hey Nathan." Peyton smiled, like some kind of school girl with a stupid crush.

Nathan smiled back at her, admiring her beauty, but Haley knew, most of all, admiring her popularity. "Hey... Peyton..." He said, trying to stay cool. Haley and Lucas watched the awkward exchange, and Haley almost got mad, just as Nathan did with her and Lucas.

"We're having a party tonight. You should come." Peyton smiled. Placing her hands on her hips trying to look as desirable as possible. She looked over at Haley who looked really uncomfortable. "Sorry, invitation only." She smirked.

Haley waited for Nathan to defend her, like he always did, but this time he didn't. "Well, I just invited her!" Lucas smiled at Peyton, making her grin fade.

"That's okay, Im going to go. Nathan just um..." She started. But watched Peyton as she looked at her like she had no right to speak to Nathan. "Call me tomorrow or... whatever." Haley said, as she rushed out the door.

"Haley..." Both Lucas and Nathan shouted as she disappeared out the door. Then the quickly both turned to look at each other, nervously.

"Why do you hang out with her, she's... ah... you know." Peyton screwed up her nose at Nathan.

"She's my best friend!" Nathan shouted. Before getting up and disappearing outside the door, after Haley.

"Why were you like that to her?" Lucas asked angrily.

"Lucas, look at her! She's... definitely not one of us!" Peyton said, as if it made sense or something.

"I don't blame her! I wouldn't hang out with us either if we treated her like you just did!" Lucas shouted.

"Right..." peyton said sarcastically, before turning and walking back to her table again.

"Hey, wait up!" Nathan shouted, as he ran up to Haley's side. "Did you honestly think I was going to leave you for them?" He said sweetly, as he put his arm around her and pulled her into him.

"Um, Kinda, yea." Haley said quietly. Smiling, happy that she was wrong.

"Well, you're wrong." He smiled as they kept walking.

Haley just smiled up at him, relieved.

"Is that a new outfit?" Nathan asked, pulling back to look at her.

"Ah! I can't believe you noticed! You never notice those things." haley said with shock, but happiness.

"Yes I do!" Nathan defended himself.

"No! You don't!" She laughed.

Nathan laughed too, but got a little quiet as he spoke. "Yes I do, I just don't tell you as often as I should." He smiled down at her. Haley looked up at him, noticing his arm still around her. It was the longest time he had done that for. She smiled at him, adoringly, noticing every little outline of his strong cheek bone, just like she did every single time she saw him. "It looks gorgeous." Nathan smirked. Haley looked at him, a little suspicious.

"Oh, Mr. Scott, Im sensing that you want something." She laughed.

"No, Just wanted to let my best friend know that she's amazing." He smiled at her, almost whispering.

Haley blushed. " You're not too bad yourself either." She smiled.

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