Love and Live Arc

Sanji x Nami

Nami POV

This the sequel to 'To Have Loved and Lost'

Note: I make references to things from the other story in this one

So to fully understand this story please read the other story first.

Sanji and Nami are taking their relationship to the next level

Fluff, sap

Only this first part is MA the rest is K

Note: Nami has conversations within herself…

Anything with no quotes around it are Nami's thoughts Nami's Mind

Things with > and in quotes is Nami's Heart

Things with – and in quotes is Nami's Body

---- means flashback

Stroy one: The Art and Science of Making Love

I'm warm and comfortable.

My body is relaxed.

I pull my warm soft covers tighter and snuggle deeper into my pillow.

My pillow snuggles back.

"Hmm?" a sleepy moan.

I shift and open my drowsy eyes.

I see that my pillow isn't a pillow but a nicely toned and sculpted chest.

I run my fingers over the chest and smile.

I feel a kiss on the top of my head. "Morning."

"Morning." I snuggle up more to the handsome young man I now share my bed with.

I was getting use to this.

Waking up morning after morning nestled in the arms of man I love more than any other.

"This has to be a dream.

There no way I could possibly be this happy and content."

Sanji chuckles and squeezes me tight.

I let myself sink into his warmth and give a sigh of contentment.

Suddenly I jump when I feel a sharp pinch on my butt.


Sanji laughs "Well you definitely not dreaming."

"You!" I laugh and punch Sanji half heartedly in the arm. "You just wanted and excuse to grab my ass!"

Sanji wraps his arms completely around me and holds me tightly close to him.

"Nami my love. I'm lying in bed naked with you…do you really think I need an excuse to grab your ass?" and with that his hands shift down seizing my bare cheeks to further his point.

I giggle. "You--" But what I was about to say cuts off and turns into a gasp as Sanji's hand shifts again to my front and begins stroking me between my legs.

"No fair." I moan.

Sanji giggles maliciously.

I shift to lie on my back and open myself to his skilled knowing fingers.

He rubs and strokes me, slow at first, then gradually faster.

Sanji knows how to touch me by now.

He knows my most sensitive intimate spots and he knows exactly how to rub and caress them in a way that makes me writhe and squirm in pleasure and ecstasy.

He finds one of those spots.

That little nub.

That tiny bundle of nerves that, if stroked just right, plunges me to the depths of pleasure and bliss.

And oh, does he know how to stroke it.

Let's just say he's justas good a lover as he is a cook.

It surprised me the first time he did it.

He knew exactly where to go and after a bit of feeling around he had me squirming and moaning and half way to the edge of ecstasy.

I was amazed.

I wanted to know how he learned how to do that.

Someone must have showed him.

There's no way a guy figures that out on his own.

But he won't tell me.

He just grins that 'wouldn't you like to know?' grin.

I think he was taught and I'm sure it was by an older women…

But he won't tell me who.

I don't know what I would do if I did know though.

I'm torn between thanking her and scolding her for giving away the secret.

But leaning towards thanking her…

Sanji starts in on a sweet spot.

He strokes it and I cry out.

Ooh…yes, defiantly thinking her.

I'm drowning in bliss about loose my mind.

He brings me to the edge and is about to push me over but stops abruptly.

I moan as his fingers leave me.

My heart is pounding and I'm breathing fast.

I feel warm and relaxed.

I feel his lips against mine and open to his kiss.

Soft lips hot mouth.

His tongue caresses mine as his hands start caressing other areas.

I give myself over to him.

My body is his.

His to do what he so desired.

I decided this.

I decided this after our first time being completely intimate.

When we officially became a couple I had no problem giving him my heart.

That was easy.

I was ready to take the next step.

He moved into my room.

I was happy and existed about the idea.

And I loved having him so close.

I loved how he'd touch me.

Since that day, that moment, he stood holding me after crossing the line, I wanted him.

I wanted to know what he would have done if I would have said "ok" when he asked to let him love me.

But something held me back.

Every time we started to get passionate, once we started to pass a certain point, I would freeze up.

I wouldn't be able to go any further.

My heart and mind had finally come to an agreement, but my body now had the issue.

After the third time of trying to go all the way but stopping halfway, Sanji caught on something wasn't right.

At first he maybe thought I was teasing or testing him, but this time I had shown all signs of fully following through.

But it happened again my body started to protest.

I tried to push it.

But in trying to force it I ended up freaking out.

I sat there half naked hugging my pillow.


"We don't have to do this Nami. If you're not ready I understand…"

"No. no no no no…

I do.

I do want to do this.

You have no idea how badly I want you right now…I… it's just…I just…"

Part of mind was racing to figure out how to explain this to him while the other part of my mind and my heart were in heated debate with my body.

Why the hell is this so hard?

We want this!

>"Yes we want this…

- "I know but…"

Sanji is different.

>"Yes, different. He'd never hurt us. He loves us."

Yes he loves us.

-" I know…but, I still don't want to. I don't like sex."

But it'll be good this time. You've felt how he touches you. It's nice isn't?

It feels good right? I'm telling you it's going to be fine.

- "I've fallen for that before and it's never ended up fine! I'm not going to let you trick me again.

>"But I'm telling you I have a really good feeling about this one. I know you don't trust the head; she's the one that always getting us into trouble by not listening to me…but now it's all good. You trust me right? I'm telling you he's ok."

- "I…I don't know. I'm scared…

While I'm sitting here arguing with my body, Sanji with his brilliant skills of deduction figures things out on his own.

"You had a bad first time didn't you?" he smiles softly understanding.

-" H-how'd he know?"

Because he's that good.

-"No guy is that good."

>"This guy is… I'm telling you."

-"Well… so what? So he figured it out… that doesn't mean anything.

"Painful?" he asks

I nod my head.

"And he was rough with you."

I nod again.

"What did he say when you told him it hurt?"

I squeeze my pillow tighter.

How could he know all that?
"H-he told me to bear with it… that's it's better to just get through the first time and once I got use to it, it would feel better…

But it never felt better.

Even after we did it a few times and it stopped hurting it still felt uncomfortable.

Also I tried it again with a few other guys…it started out ok, but it was the same result.

It would start out feeling good but then it'd get really uncomfortable and start to hurt."

Sanji nods thoughtfully taking in what I told him.

"I'm sorry Sanji…sex just has never felt good for me."

I feel like I'm going to cry.

This sucks!

I want him so bad.

I love him and want him, I need him.

Why can't I do this?

Why is this so difficult for me?

What's wrong with me?

Sanji smiles and kisses me tenderly on the forehead.

"I understand."

He comes behind me and puts his arms around me.

"I know Nami. I know you have a sensitive body.



"Your body is super sensitive.

It's how you can predict the weather.

Changes in hot and cold, sudden drops in pressure, the direction the wind blows, you can feel it in your skin."

What he said made sense; I could predict the weather better than anyone. I never knew how, I could just feel it.

"When people get aroused and are stimulated sexually, their bodies become more sensitive to touch in certain places." Sanji's hand goes between my legs and he begins to stroke one of those sensitive places.

I gasp and I tense, but his fingers feel good and soothing and I relax.

"But for you my dear Nami, who has an extremely sensitive body to begin with…" Sanji's fingers move faster and harder.

The sensation stops feeling so good and starts becoming uncomfortable.

I squirm and make a sound of discomfort.

Sanji stops and pulls his hand away.

-"See! That's exactly what I'm talking about!"

Well he stopped didn't he? They don't usually stop.

>"I think he's trying to make a point…"

Sanji continues "When there's too much stimulation the feeling can go from feeling good to not really fast.

The sensation is too intense.

You're all ready sensitive.

So it doesn't take much to stimulate you.

And so it's easy to over stimulate you.

That's the main issue right there.

The first guy was just an ass…but the others may not have been aware of just how sensitive you are.


"I think so…"

- "Hu?"

>"You're too sensitive so you get pissed off really easily. You just need a guy that pushes your buttons the right way."

Ya, it's like that.

- "So you think this guy can rub me the right way.


nod nod


So I let go and let myself trust him.

I opened myself up to Sanji and he let me experience pleasure in a way I never felt possible.

When it was all said and done, I made my decision.

I was his.

Heart, mind and body.

It all belonging to him.

After that first time, I lay there, out of breath, heart pounding, feeling tingly all over, I told him.

"It's yours."


"It's yours…my body…it's yours."


"I trust you Sanji.


I trust you'd never hurt me intentionally.

You'd never do anything to degrade me or humiliate me.

All and all you wouldn't do anything to me that I wouldn't want you doing to me.

You know me better than I know myself.

You know what I like and what I don't like.

And anything else you don't know, you'll figure out… so…I trust you."


"So, my body is yours.

Yours to do whatever you want with.

Anytime, anywhere."

"W-what exactly do you mean by that?"

I look over at him and give him a mischievous grin. "You figure it out…"

And ooh did he figure it out.

Right now he had just finished caressing my nipples and breast with that hot mouth of his and was working his way down planting hot wet kisses on my stomach.

He spreads me wide and runs his tongue over that bundle of nerves he'd been stroking a few minutes ago.

It was still sensitive from when he brought me to the edge before, and it had become more sensitive since then from the rest of the stimulation.

A deep throated moan escapes as I tangle my fingers in his hair.

I'm almost pushed to the edge again.

Sanji stops and lets me come back down to earth.

This was his system with me.

With lots of foreplay my body gets use to being touched and stimulated.

He takes his time and gets me relaxed and I become completely open.

I asked him once if it was frustrating for him to do all this work before we even really get started.

His response: "I'm a chef, I'm use to prep work.

And any good chef will tell you that good prep work saves you much time and trouble later on."

By now I was ready.


I want more.

I want him and he knows it.

I feel his throbbing head at my entrance.

"Yes." I breathe. "Take me."

He pushes inside of me slowly and steadily.

Sanji's so big.

I fit tight around him and he fills me completely.

I gasp as he sheathes himself deep inside me.

He waits a moment before he starts moving more deliberately.

A moan escapes from the depths of my throat as my head and back arch.

Sanji finds a slow rhythm with deep, long steady strokes.

I gasp and moan with his pulse.

The pulse quickens and the sensation becomes more intense.

But not too intense.

He knows my limit.

He knows how hard to push without stumbling from pleasure into pain.

My body writhes under him with great ecstasy and joy.

The feeling is absolutely blissful; the sensation of being so full with his hot throbbing warmth.

Sanji finds my lips and pulls me in for a deep penetrating kiss.

I open wide to him and pull him in deeper.

While we try to eat each other mouth first I wrap my legs around Sanji.

This opens me up much more allowing him to plunge himself even deeper inside of me.

It brings on an entirely new set of sensations.

Sensations that dance even more on the borders of pain and pleasure.

But I feel different.

I feel I can go that much farther.

It's amazing.

I can hardly stand it.

But it feels good.

I push myself farther against my threshold and it's not uncomfortable.

One arm is draped over his shoulder, hand clinging to his back, the other clinched in his hair.

Because of this new angle Sanji goes a bit deeper and harder than he ever has.

A scream rages out from within the cavernous depths of my throat.

Sanji pauses for a moment.

"No!" I gasp "Don't stop. It's fine."

"Nami are you sure?"

"Yes! It feels good." I moan between breathes "Keep going. I want more. I'll tell you if it's too much."

Sanji keeps going.

"Yes!" I cry out "Sanji! Oh God yes! More! MORE!"

This is the first time we've ever pushed past my threshold.

The stimulation was intense and on the edge of unpleasant but stayed pleasant.

It hurt a bit too but it was a good pain that actually felt amazing.

I couldn't believe it.

I scream for him to do me harder. Faster.

He complies. It makes my scream louder with every hard drilling thrust.

The feeling is intense.

I can hardly stand it.

My heart is racing, pounding against my rib cage as if it's trying to escape.

My blood is boiling. I feel feverish. I'm burning.

I feel like I'm going insane.

My mind feels as if it's about to shatter.

I can't take it any longer.

I let go before my mind and body tears itself apart.

I cum.

I cry out as a raging shockwave rips through me.

An instant after me Sanji does too.

His hot piercing load explodes inside of me causing the already intense sensation to become unbearably more so.

The hand that was clenched in Sanji hair is now suddenly clenching the bed beside me. His skin gives way to my nails.

I let out a long loud piercing raging scream.

The intense fiery wave washes over me.

My mind goes blank.

I come back to my senses.

I didn't pass out completely.

My head is still spinning.

My body feels heavy but good.

My pussy aches and is throbbing, but feels good too.

My whole body feels this way.

It ached but in a good way
Ilike the way your body feels after a good workout.

My heart his still pounding, but not as intensely.

I'm still wrapped around Sanji with him inside of me.

We don't move. Neither of us has the strength.

After a while Sanji stirs.

Slowly, I unwrap my still heavy limbs from around him.

I let out a moaning gasp as he withdraws himself.

His hot cum spills out of me.

Sanji looks worried. "Nami. Are you ok?"

I'm too weak to say anything. I just close my eyes, smile and moan softly with joyful contentment.

Sanji sighs with relief and rest his head on my chest.

I rest my hand on his head running my fingers through his soft hair.

"That was amazing."

"Hmm." Sigh in agreement.

After a bit of rest we shift to a spooning position; Sanji behind me, cradling me against him.

"What time is it?" he asks.


"Then there's still time before Luffy starts bugging me to make breakfast."

I giggle. "So we can lay here and be lazy for a little bit."

Sanji cuddles me close and holds me tight.

"Nami?" After a moment of silence.


"That stuff Chopper gives you…it really keeps you from getting pregnant?"

"Unhm, as long as I take it once a week.

It's been over two months.

If it didn't work we would have known by now."

"So if you stopped taking it you could get pregnant then…"

"That's how it works."

I feel Sanji nod and give a thoughtful grunt.

"Nami?" After another moment

"Yes love?"

"Have you ever thought about kids before?

You know, if you ever wanted any or not?"


"And what did you think? When you thought about it before?"

"Whether or not to have kids?" I knew where this was going and decided to go with it.

I feel Sanji nod again.

"All the times I thought about it...

I said absolutely not!

They're too much work and tie you down.

No way I'm ever having kids."

"Not ever?"

"Not ever."

"I see." Sanji couldn't hide the disappointment in his voice from me.

I think about playing around with him more but I decide to be nice today.

He's earned something nice from me.

"But that was before I met you."


I giggle and turn over to face him.

"Sanji, you have no idea how much you've changed everything.

Bellmare-san was right.

You can plan to live your life a certain way and be steadfast with that, but then something comes along and all your carefully laid track comes undone.

When I was planning my life I was only planning for me being on my own.

Even when I joined Luffy I had my own agenda…'Okay, I'll travel around with these guys for a while…it'll be fun…' but as for long term plans for the future…I was still only planning for myself.

I never expected to meet a great guy that would change my whole out look on life.

Now my plans are different because they include you.

When I thought about having kids I was just thinking about myself…there was no way I'd want to take care of a kid on my own…then I thought 'well if I had a kid there'd be a guy involved somehow…' and at the time there was no guy I could image that I would want to have that kind of attachment to…

Until I met you.

It's just one of those things where 'If I met the right person…'.

Now that I think about it again, if I had a kid with you, I'd be ok.

I wouldn't be on my own."

I cuddle up closer to Sanji.

"I know you want a family someday Sanji.

And I know you'd be good at it.

If it was with you, I'd be perfectly fine having one or two kids."


I stop his words with a loving and tender kiss.

I pull away and rub my cheek against his.

I whisper into his ear "I want your baby Sanji."

I feel him smile and he holds me tight. "I…I don't know what to say." He breathes

"You don't need to say anything love." I kiss him next his ear

I love this man.

Oh God how I love this man.