A bright future ahead

Sanji and I make love well into the night.
When we finally come back down to earth it's already into the wee hours of the morning.
We stand out on our balcony and watch the sun rise over the sea.

"What a beautiful sunrise." I comment

"Ya." Sanji holds me tighter and pressed a kiss on the side of my head.

We both sigh contently.

"Sleep now?"


We sleep and laze about in bed all day content to simply remain comfy and warm in each others arms.
We didn't have to be anywhere and no one expected us to do anything.
It was nice to be lazy for once.

Around 5ish we drag ourselves out of bed dress ourselves and go down to the dining room for dinner.
The chefs are happy to see us.
The head chef himself takes our order.

"Ah, just get us the house specialty and some of that wine we had last night." Sanji smiles

The house specialty was thinly sliced chicken breasts sautéed in a sauce made with chicken broth, white wine and lemon juice.
It came with pasta in a garlic herb sauce.
It was all very good.
After dinner Sanji and I relax in the hotels special couples' hot spring out door bath.

It's a beautiful night.
The crescent moon is out big and bright and the stars where out and glittered like diamonds.
On the Grand Line you could see so many stars and they shine so bright.
The Grand Line isa magnificent and wonderful place.

Some times.

Sanji and I stay one more day before checking out.
It was about time we headed back and started again on our grand adventures.

Sanji and I are in the lobby waiting to check out.
As we stand there, Sanji holding me close with one hand around my waist me leaning on his chest, I casually look around admiring just how nice and beautiful the place is.
So classy and swank.
The room was perfect with it's view.
The hot spring bath and spa was just so relaxing.
The whole thing couldn't have been more perfect.
Sanji really did a good job picking out the place…

Right then something suddenly dawns on me and I suddenly have a cold sinking feeling.

Idiot! How could I have gone all this time without thinking about it?

"Um, Sanji…sweetie."

"Yes Nami my swan of beauty and perfection?"

"Well I'm just looking around and noticing how nice this place is…it has to be one of the best hotels on this island."

"But of course my sweet. Nothing but first class for you."

"Um ya… also our room was nice too. Did it happen to be the Honeymoon Suit?"

"Yup." Sanji beams

"That's usually one of the nicest rooms a hotel has to offer."

"Usually. They have an Imperial Suit too that's actually like its own apartment."

"Heh. Ya that's all well and good but um…"

"Something the matter sweetness? Was there something you didn't like?"

"No, no it's not that, everything was lovely, just perfect… it's just well, I guess I've just been swept up in the romance of it all, I did even think about this, which it is so not like me…but Sanji…"
I pull on Sanji's tie to bring him down to my level
"How are we gonna pay for this? The hotel, the wedding fees… a ceremony in an enchanted elf tended garden with a sacred rite can't be cheap. Most of my money went towards the clothes and your ring…"

Sanji smiles "Don't worry Nami I got it covered."

Sanji goes to stand up strait again put I keep a death grip on his tie.


"Next." Calls the front desk attendant.

Rather reluctantly I let Sanji's tie slip out of my hand to let him stand up and walk forward.
Sanji and I step up to the front desk.

"Ah the newly weds" Smiles the attendant "Was everything to your liking?"

"Yes everything was perfect." Smiles Sanji

The attendant presents us with the bill.My eyes go wide and I clutch Sanji's arm when I see all the zeros.
But then Sanji pulls an envelop out of his inner breast pocket and lays down a bunch of number large bills.
My jaw drops and nearly hits the floor.

"Thank you very much sir" The attendant handing Sanji his change "Congratulations to you both and on behalf of our humble establishment I wish you two much happiness."

"Thank you." Sanji smiles

I'm absolutely stunned, I can't even speak.
I just stay glued to Sanji's arm as he walks me out of the hotel.
We're half way to town before I get my bearings and turn on Sanji.
I take a fist full of Sanji's jacket and wrench him down to my level.

"Where'd you get the money Sanji? What did you do?
You didn't turn in Zoro for his bounty did you? I know you guys don't get along but still…"

Sanji laughs out loud "Haha, Nami don't be silly."


Sanji smiles and looks at me with calm tender eyes.
He always stayed calm when I was hysterical.
Sanji is such a strong anchoring force.

"I got it from my parents." He says simply

"Hu?" I wanted to say, 'But your mothers dead and you haven't seen hide nor hair of your father in over ten years!' but didn't.

Sanji gently unclenches my fist, stands up and smoothes out his jacket. "When the restaurant opened on Monte Island Mom and Dad set up a fund for me."

"A fund?" I blink

We start walking again.

"Yup. Every other month a percentage of the restaurants profits went into an account for me. The only thing was I could only get access to it once I got married. Also once I access it, it stops accumulating funds. It's all managed by my grandfather, my mom's dad. So when we got our marriage license I faxed it to him and the funds where made available to me. I can go to any bank to withdrawal from… so also at that time I went and paid the wedding fees and everything.
Sanji laughs "It's kinda like a dowry now that I think of it. The money was to pay for wedding expenses and what's left over I could use towards you know, starting my family and everything…Ooh I need to stop back over and the bank too."

I was still pretty amazed.
My mind was racing
Sanji had money and I never new it.
Well he could only get it if he got married…but still…wow.
Now I'm really glad I married Sanji…but wait, I fell in love with Sanji before and I never thought about money or anything like that.
There are more important things than money… treasure isn't only cash and gold and silver.
I know that now.
Luffy taught me that, the way he treasures that old straw hat.
And Sanji showed me that you don't need money to be happy; he always said 'loving you makes my happy every day Nami; as long as I have you I'll always be happy…'

"Ah here we are." Sanji steers me into the bank.

A man at one of the desks sees Sanji and greets him enthusiastically.

"Welcome back sir." The guy smiles and offers us chairs at his desk
"That final form from your grandfather's office just came through a few minutes ago."

He hands Sanji small packet of papers. It had those little sticky tabs that pointed out where to sign and initial.

"Great." Sanji starts flipping through the pages jotting down his signatures on the various pages "And the copies I asked for?"

"The last pages are coming through now sir." The man beams

Wow. This guy was being really nice and courteous towards Sanji. Bank types usually aren't that courteous.Well unless you where loaded…
How much is in that account?
He said a percentage of the restaurant's profits… how much of a percentage?


"Hu?" I'm drawn out of my thoughts

"You have to sign this too." Sanji's holding out a pen to me.

"Hu? What for?"

He smiles "Well you're my wife now. Half of everything I have is yours. This makes it all official and everything. You need to sign it so it can go in my records."

"Ah…oh…ya." I laugh "Of course."

Sanji smiles and hands me the pen.

Half of everything is mine…Heehee, wow, I had know idea Sanji had money… I really lucked out…
I stop the pen short of the paper.
Wait a minute.
What had I just been thinking about?
Treasure was more than just money and things that are shiny, money wasn't everything, you didn't need it to be happy…

"No." I say

"Hu? What's wrong Nami?"

"I don't want it." I tell Sanji "I don't want your money Sanji. I don't need it."

"But it's yours Nami. You're entitled to it. It's for me to start my family and you're my family now. You have every right to it and to decide what we do with it."

I set the pen down and smile at Sanji. "It's just not important to me."

Sanji raised and eye brow "Money's not important to you?"

"No, not so much…"

Sanji glares at me. "Who are you? What have you done to my precious Nami swan."

I laugh "Oh Sanji. I… I just… I'm happy and content and it's just something, that being with you… my outlook on life has changed. I have different priorities now. I don't want this…I don't need it... as long as I have you I'm happy." I lean over and kiss Sanji on the cheek.
I set the pen down stand up and am about to walk away by Sanji grabs my wrist.

"Ok Saint Nami, you made your point, now come sit your pretty little butt back down here."

I sit back down.

Sanji holds up the pen. "Sign it."


Sanji smiles sweetly at me his eyes loving and understanding. "Nami that's all is really sweet of you to say. I'm happy for you; you've really grown a lot since I first met you. We've both grown." Sanji gives a sigh.

"I understand how you feel, but…" Sanji pause and starts again "Remember when I asked you about kids and you said you'd never want any…but then after we got together you changed you're mind. That you weren't planning just for yourself anymore… This is the same thing Nami. This isn't about just you or me, it's about us now, our future. From now on, we get to share just about everything…"

I smile "No fair using logic and wisdom." I mock pout.

Sanji smiles and laughs "Also to get right down to things this is more for business purposes."


He laughs "Well I'm not a complete novice when it comes to finances and numbers and stuff. My mom ran the business side of the restaurant and I was always in her office, I helped her out..."
He laughs "I remember, she'd be swamped with papers and forms on her desk and be like 'Jeez where is that such and such form for that one thing?' and I'd be able to fish it out for her and be like 'here it is.' ... I learned a ... then when Zeff opened Barrate it was me who sorted out the business side of things until we could get a person to do it for us…

However, in spite of all that, I'm a chef Nami first and for most. I learned from my parents, my grandfather, and my other experiences that when you run and artisan business like a restaurant or even something like an artist selling things in a gallery, the artisan needs to be free to work and create to do their best work possible, and to do that, they need a partner to run things behind the scenes."

Sanji takes my hand. "I need you to be that person Nami. Your good at it Nami. You are and forever will be my partner in crime. We'll make a good team, you and me."

This makes me laugh and blush a bit.

Sanji pick up the pen and holds it up to me with a soft gentle smile.

I snatch the pen with mock annoyance "Fine, if you're gonna beg."

Sanji laughs

I smile mischievously as I sign "You should have asked for a prenup Sanji, I could just end up clean you out."

"My Grandfather made that suggestion and I turned him down. I could really care less Nami if you robbed me blind and left me homeless on the street."

"That's what worries me Sanji, any other girl would take advantage of you."

Sanji raises an eye brow

"Well, um… you know, more so than I have… you're just so…" I gesture feeling for the word


"Gullible. I said it before Sanji and I'll say it again, you're real a chump."

He laughs "Ya I know, but I'm you're chump sweetie." He kisses me on the head

The banker takes the signed documents and looks them over. "Ok, everything seems in order. Here's this and I'll go and get the rest and put everything together for you sir." He slides something across the table and gets up to go to the back.

"What's this? I ask

"It's a bank statement for that account.
Wanna see how much is left?"

"No that's ok." I smile and look away

"Kay." Sanji folds it and puts it in his breast pocket

About a minute goes by. "Ok gimmie."

Sanji smiles and hands over the statement.

So just how much money are we talking about here…
I look unfold the paper and look it over.
Oh…to begin with there was only… and after the wedding fees hotel there's… ooh… ah, hmm…

"Well…" I try not to sound disappointed

Sanji sees through it
"So it was only one percent of the profits…and after mom died and dad left business kind of tanked…it only started making a come back the last few years…"

There wasn't that much after the wedding experiences, but it wasn't like it was hardly anything left…we couldn't live off it for long but there was a good decent amount left.

I smile at Sanji "It's not bad." I say optimistically "It's enough for a down payment on a nice little place of our own someday. In the mean time we can put in a high interest account."

Sanji smiles "Ya." He pulls me close to him and puts his arm around me.

"I love you Nami."

"I love you too Sanji."

The banker comes back with a folder and hands it to Sanji. "Here you go sir, the documents you asked for."

"Thanks." Sanji slides the folder over to me.

"What's this?"

"Copies of documents listing my assets."

"Your assets?"

He smiles "Uh hu."

I open the folder and skim through the documents.
"You have 10 percent of the restaurant on Monte Island!"

"Keep reading."

I skim over the rest."…In which the party of the second party blah blah blah…to be raised to 15 precent effective when the individual in question comes of age… what age is that?"


"So as of last year?"

"Yup. There's more."

I keep reading. "The individual is also entitled to clam to 50 percent should he decide to clam reasonability of the establishment. Wow, half of the restaurant… but that's only if you go back and clam it…"

"Which I fully plan on doing."

"But what about your own place? The restaurant you wanna set up smack in the middle of All Blue…"

"I can still do that…I go and take my share of the Restaurant Celest and then open my place as an extension… so I'd have half of the Monte Island restaurant…"

"On top of 100 percent of your own…" Wow that's not a bad deal.

"Yup. Its all part of my grand master plan." He smiles and starts telling me about the lay out of is master plan.

"Wow. That is some grand master plan." Sanji was right he wasn't a novice when it came to business, and what with he was planning he would need someone to help him work it all out. "You really were paying attention helping out your mom."

"Heh, it's in my genes. My dad's side of the family is all chefs and bakers; my mom's side is all business types."

I go back to look through the other documents "No way!" I laugh


"You actually get Barrate when Zeff is gone? It's official?"

"Ya but I wouldn't hold my breath. You heard the old geezer, he's gonna live for another hundred years."

I laugh. "Ya." I flip through the rest and there's quite a bit more. "Sanji…what's all this? Stocks, bonds, mutual funds… company shares…what the? Sanji…what's all this? And what's this big number here mean?"

"Oh, that's all part of my inheritance."


"Ever heard of Hawken International, the big financial firm?"

"Ya it's like the second largest in the world…"

"How bout Hawken Savings & Loan?"


"Hawken Family Bank?"

My eyes look around. I didn't pay much attention before but I notice we're in one right now. "Ya…"

"Grandfather is Natanal J. Hawken the oldest son of his three brothers who run the whole thing, my Mother's Father. Mom was an only child and adored by her family and with me being the only grandchild…"

Well that's explains why this banker guy was bending over backwards for Sanji. His grandfather was the head of a huge multinational financial conglomerate. I look back at the documents. "You have all these assets through him?"

"Oh no. Not all of that. No way. That statement covers everything under Granddad and his brothers." He leans over and flips a few pages. "This is me." He points out. "See this is all I have direct control over now… and this is what will come under my control when he dies…" he laughs "It's not like I'm gonna take over, no fucking way. One of my cousins is going to do that. He'll get ten times more than what I'll get… and rightly so being the heir."

"Ya but still Sanji, it's an multi billion beili operation here, whatever small percentage you get will still be a pretty a significant chunk…"

"Ture, but that won't be for a while… Granddad is still kinda young plus he takes care of his health really well, he'll live for a hundred years like Zeff…"

"Sanji, he could get struck by lighting tomorrow…and even if not…even without your inheritance, you're not rich now but with the Monte Restaurant and whatever place you start up on your own later you'll be set Sanji. What you get from your grandfather is just icing on the cake… don't you realize you're financially set for the rest of your life? You never have to worry about money ever again!"

"Ya I know." He says casually "How do you think I can afford to quit my job and go gallivanting off without a care to be a pirate… and by the way Nami it's 'we', we don't have to worry about money, we are financially set for the rest of our lives."

Sanji closes the folder and kisses me on the cheek. He turns and starts discussing something with the bank guy while I sit there socked and speechless with my mouth gaping open.

As we walk out of the bank and back to the ship I'm still in a sate of disbelief.
No way.
No possible way… I'm dreaming.
This all has to be a dream.
There's no way I could be happy and content and have this wonderful guy that loves me so fully and unconditionally, whom I love just as much… I never have to worry about ever going hungry and now I never have to worry about money…
No way… that's just not possible.

"I'm dreaming aren't I?" I'm in a daze

I'm pulled out of the daze when I feel a sudden sharp pinch on my butt.


Sanji laughs "I told you before Nami, you're not dreaming."

"Sanji that hurts!" Sanji gets hit it the arm.

Sanji laughs and pulls me close to him with one arm as we walk onto the Going Merry.

"We're back!" Sanji calls

"Ah! Cook san, Navigator san welcome back. I trust you had a pleasant time."

We look up at Robin looking down from us from her secret sanctuary in the crows nest.

We smile up at her "Yes it was wonderful." I tell her

Ussop peeks out from the galley "Oh hey you guys are back."

"Nami!" I'm suddenly glomped by a cute cuddle little reindeer

"Hey Chopper." I smile

By this time Zoro has woken up "Oh jezz it's the newly weds. Now its gonna be all lovey dovey with you guys around…more so than usual, just keep it to your room will ya…"

Chopper's grinning and dancing his little happy dance "Aw that's right you guys are married now. It's so sweet. I bet the wedding was great and wonderful."

I smile "Yup it sure was. We'll tell you all about it."

"Here." Sanji hands Chopper a little box "We brought you back some cake."

The little deer beams with happiness. "Yay! Cake."

"CAAAKE!" Luffy comes flying towards us.

Sanji and I take one step to the side and Luffy goes sailing by us. A moment later there's a splash.
There's a collective grown between the rest of us.

"You gonna get him?" Zoro asks Sanji

"I got him last time! It's your turn."

"No way it's Ussop's turn."

"Well someone needs to get him." I point out

The guys look at each other

"Ok." Says Sanji "Lets go."

"Rock Paper Scissors!"

Zoro lost so he had to retrieve Luffy this time.

"Wha! I thought I was gonna die!" Luffy wringing out a corner of his vest.

"How many times do we have to tell you to watch out where you launch yourself?" Sanji drops a boxed up piece of cake into Luffy's lap and lights up.

"Woohoo! Cake!"

We set out a place on deck and have tea and leftover cake while Sanji and I tell everyone about everything…um minus the sumty bedroom scene and about Sanji being loaded that is.

Then we sit and listen while everyone tells about the fun the things they did on the island and how great it was to come here.

When it gets late have dinner and tuned in for the night.

Before we left Hanajima to continue on our journey Sanji faxed letters to his grandfather. One he wrote to send to his father and one I wrote to send to Nojiko and the others back home. He faxed some of our wedding pictures to send along with the letters.

I just had to tell them everything.
There was so much to tell Nojiko and everyone.
They weren't going to believe this.
I laugh to myself.

"Ho, I wish I could see the look on Nojiko's face…"


"WHAT THE HELL! No Fucking way!"

"Hey Gen san…What's Nojiko so upset about?" Asks an old man

"Oh. She got a letter from Nami."

"Nami-chan really?" from a young lady

"Yup relayed all the way from the Grand Line…"

"Ah the Grand Line! So our little Na-chan made it all the way to the Grand Line." Beams a little old lady

"Ya, travling with that straw hat kid." Says Gen

"But what's Nojiko so upset about?" asks another woman

"Apparently she got married."

"Married?" from the young lady


"To that straw hat kid?" asks the old man

"Nah" Gen waves off "To that one blond guy…the one who kicked the shit outa Kurobi."

"Ah him." Came a collective nod

"Ooh, he was pretty cute." giggles the young woman. "Way to go Nami- chan."

"Ah, our beautiful little Na-chan, she grew up so fast." Says the old lady "To think she's off and married now. Makes ya feel old hu Gen san?"

Gen laughs "Ya, sure does."

They all laugh.

"That little! Ooooh!" Nojiko stomps over "Old maid? Who's an Old Maid? I'M STILL YOUNG! If that's little skank can find a guy crazy enough to marry her then I sure as hell can!"

The young lady giggles "Nami sure did luck out. That guy was cute, plus he was really sweet and nice. On top of that he's super strong."

"Ya and isn't he a cook too?" Asks the old man

Nojiko sits down hard on the bench and sulks "Ya." She says with bitterness "A genius world class chef apparently."

"Ooh really?" asks Gen

Nojiko gives Gen a sideways glare "You know the Restaurant Celest?"

"That super classy place on Monte Island that takes months to get a reservation at?" asks the young lady

"Ya that one. It's the guy's father's place."

"No kidding." Says Gen

"Ya and that's not the half of it. Take a look at this." Nojiko holds out the envelope the letter came in. Everyone leans in to see. "Check out the logo."

"Hawken International." says Gen

"The big financial conglomerate?" asks the old woman

"Ya, his grandfather is Natanal J. Hawken."

Gen gives a low whistle

"Gah! It's not FAIR! How the hell does Nami find a guy before me! And a catch like that! Who knew that outlandish dork was such a good prospect. It's no fair! I'm way prettier and sweeter than she is."

"Didn't you two have a bet about who was going to get married first? Asks Gen

"Ya! 1000 beli." Nojiko bitter and annoyed "Take a look at this!"

She shows them all a picture and they laugh.

Nami is standing next to Sanji in their wedding clothes in a beautiful garden. Sanji is laughing and Nami is sticking her tongue out giving the finger. Not only is she giving the finger but she's doing it in such away one can't help but to notice the big beautiful sparkling ring on the finger next her middle finger.

On the back of the picture in big black print is written:

But you can keep the money for yourself Old Maid ;P

-Just because Nami doesn't care so much about money any more, doesn't mean she'd not gonna brag XD -

"Hey what's your father in law want Alex?"


"The letter? It's from his firm right? What's up? Is it about the restaurant?"

"Hu? Oh? No, nothing like that James." he looks at his old friend and former apprentice "Well not really…It's more about Sanji."

"Sanji eh." The assistant head chef comes over "How is your kid? His last letter was ages ago, post marked out of Rouge Town…Heh, 'Best cook in East Blue'…I guess they made it to the Grand Line then…"

Alex nods "Ya I should think so…but first, Old Man Nate tells me he's stopped Sanji's fund effective the end of last month…"

"What!" protest's James "That fund you set up with the restaurant?"

"Ya that's the one."

"Why the hell for! It's for Sanji when he starts a family of his own…"

"Ya well…the only justifiable reason the old man should stop it is if Sanji put in to access it, and he can only access it if he was gonna get married…"

Alex's scowl turns into a smile
James and the assistant head chef look at each other then back at Alex "Now way! Really?"

"Yup!" Alex grins "He married that cute fiery red head he told me about."

"No kidding."

Alex tosses the envelope packet on the table with Sanji's letter and pictures.

"Old Nate relayed the letter and pictures Sanji faxed him from one of his bank's branches on the Grand Line… He talks all about his grand adventures and winning over the girl he wanted to love with all his heart and never let go…"

James laughs "Haha! Nothing less from a man born with your genes."

"Damn straight." Alex grins

"Wow Alex that's really great."

Congratulations come around from everyone.

Later than night Alex framed one of Sanji and Nami's wedding pictures and is hanging on the wall in the restarant next to his own wedding picture.

He steps back and smiles.

"She's beautiful, the girl" A young woman comments

"Ya, they look good together." He nods "A nice couple."

"You can just tell how in love they are. They look so happy together."

"Ya they do." He nods "I wish them much happiness for years to come."

The young woman comes behind Alex and put her arms around his shoulders "I'm sure he'll make her as happy as you made me dear."

Alex brings his hand up and puts it on her arm. "Ya, he is our son after all…"

From across the room a young bus boy leans over to James "Hey." He whispers "Who's the owner talking to?"

"Hm? Don't you know Celest?"


"He's new, remember Jimmy?" Points out the assistant head chef. "They just moved here a short time ago. He doesn't know about the ghost yet."

"Ghost!" the boy becomes quite alarmed

"Don't worry kid." James claps his hand on the boy's shoulder "She's a friendly ghost and a lovely one at that."

"An Angel." Adds the other chef

James nods "That's right real live angel. She watches over the place. Alex talks with her all the time."

"R-really. Cool."

The two chefs laugh and steer the young man into the kitchen.

"A beautiful couple." Alex nods beaming at the picture of his son and his new wife. "A beautiful couple with a bright future ahead of them.

End of Love and Life

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