Wow. Well. I hate doing this, but sometimes it's necessary. Because I got really bad writer's block not only on my original fic (due to personal complications) but my Zelda fic.. I decided to start writing another. Since lately I've been obsessed with Inuyasha (namely Sesshoumaru.. kekeke) I thought I'd delve into the world of Inuyasha fanfics. Even though I haven't seen the whole series, and that bugs me, I suppose I know enough about it not to make a complete and total idiot of myself. Anyways! Um, I didn't want to post this, since it's just a venture into fangirl-dom and to try and get rid of my writer's block.. but well my friend Dante made me. So I don't particularly care if anyone reviews or not. Just if it sucks, don't tell me. Having my self-confidence destroyed will not make it easier to write. Oh btw the title of this fic is taken from a Gackt song, which inspired it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. I just own Hikari. And any other original characters I may come up with.

My uncertain soul melts entirely into oblivion
While I'm puzzled by the visible scars, I stretch out my hand

In a bright white field of vision, at the end, time is uncontrollable
The tears running off won't come back, the promise from that day

No one could stop them, the tears only we could forgive at our parting
The past promise we made to stop the mistakes from repeating over again

I was unfulfilled by the constantly overflowing passions
If only just for a little while..., I want to return to human form

If you're going to erase the pains in my heart, then go right ahead and kill me
Don't look so lonely, at least at the end I want you to smile
Just for you

Take another breath
You can't find what's important
Destroy all of the peace
Make the same mistake over again

No one could stop them, the tears only we could forgive at our parting
The past promise we made to stop the mistakes from repeating over again

-Gackt : Lust for Blood

It was just another day in the Sengoku Jidai. Youkai prowled the land, humans went about their.. growing old and dying thing, and one of the oddest family groups to ever grace the feudal era was doing what they did best. Shard hunting.

The inu-hanyou Inuyasha strolled at the head of the group with the fabled Tetsusaiga sheathed at his hip. Just behind him walked the taijiya Sango, Hiraikotsu strapped to her back and neko Kirara curled around her neck. At the demon exterminator's side was the girl from five-hundred years in the future, the miko and protector of the Shikon no Tama, Higurashi Kagome. Perched on the girl's shoulder, sucking enthusiastically on a lollipop, was the young kitsune, Shippou. And at the rear of the group, enjoying the view of female assets just in front of him, was the houshi Miroku, the rings of his staff jingling with every step.

Despite the fact that the day seemed no different from any other, with the sun shining, birds chirping, and Inuyasha incurring Kagome's wrath every so often to leave hanyou-shaped craters in the road, their day - and their lives - were about to change drastically.

Inuyasha was the first one to see the form lying still in the middle of the hard-packed dirt road, about fifty feet in front of them. That sensitive inu nose wrinkled, sniffing at the air as his hand instinctively moved to the hilt of the Tetsusaiga. Sango, ever attentive, reached over to halt the chattering Kagome's steps. Both women watched Inuyasha, until Miroku came to a stop just behind the two women, also gazing thoughtfully at the hanyou. Until the inevitable happened, that is.



The dazed houshi stared up at the sky as a bump welled on his head, Sango glaring threateningly down at him with her Hiraikotsu prepared for another strike.

"Miroku, when are you going to learn that trying to feel up Sango is just going to end with you in pain?" Kagome sighed and shook her head, trying to be the peacemaker, though her brown eyes were filled with mirth. Shippou, rolling on her shoulder, made no such effort; he clutched Kagome's thick black hair to keep from falling off as he laughed.

"Lady Kagome, are you quite aware I can see up your skirt from this vantage point?"

Kagome bristled, and all she had to do was look at the taijiya, who dealt him another blow to the head with her boomerang, before reattaching it to her back. Then the two women sidled away from the now decidedly incapacitated monk, and closer to Inuyasha. "What is it, Inuyasha? Why did you stop?"

"Keh. There's something in the road." The clawed hand not gripping Tetsusaiga's battered hilt motioned towards the indistinct shape down the road ahead of them, his furry ears swiveling on top of his head. He could sense a very faint youkai presence, but doubted it was coming from whoever, or whatever, was sprawled in the dirt. No youkai would do that.. unless... "It might be a trap."

"It might be someone in trouble, so we should at least check it out." Kagome, ever the soft-hearted and kind miko, gently placed Shippou on the ground, before un shouldering her bow and pulling an arrow from her quiver, just in case. By this time, Miroku had recovered and was standing a safe distance away from the two females of the group, prepared to investigate whatever the thing was.

"Oi, wench! I'm the leader of this group, I say what we do and don't do!" Inuyasha closed his golden eyes, folded his hands into the billowing sleeves of his haori, and snuffled at the air again. Though he did crack an eye open moments later, only to find the whole group had gone on ahead of him. "Hey! Whaddya think you're doing, onna!"

"Inuyasha..." Kagome's voice was deceptively soft. Inuyasha knew what was coming, and stared at her with a dismayed expression.

"Don't you--"


Inuyasha's curses and promises of vengeance were muffled by a faceful of dirt and the crater he'd created when he face-planted.

"Those subjugation beads are very handy, Kagome."

"I know!"


Inuyasha had removed himself from his crater and returned to the fore of the group by the time they reached the thing, now seen to be a person, laying in the middle of the tree-lined road. Everyone but Kagome was mentally puzzling over her odd clothing, and Kagome was just wondering how the hell someone seemingly from her own time managed to be in the Sengoku Jidai.

It was a girl, who looked to be just a little bit older than Kagome, maybe twenty-two at the most. Her hair was a stark white, streaked with black as it fell to her hips, and her skin was pale. Very pale, in fact; she made snow look tan in comparison, and the thick black eyeliner around her closed eyes enhanced how white her skin was. Her arms up to the base of her fingers and the entirety of her legs were covered in black lace; a tight black shirt with a picture of an animated fox and the words 'Kitsunes do it best' as well as a pair of indecently short black shorts, and black sneakers several sizes too large for her feet, completed the ensemble.

Probably the most troubling to the whole group was the fact that her ears were pointed. In itself, this was not worrisome, but add in the claw-like nails... This combined with the fact that all could sense a youkai presence in the area gave them cause to worry.

"I'll handle this." Inuyasha gestured the rest of the group away several feet, and went around to the female's side, giving her another thorough glance. He noticed on passing that she was.. quite generously endowed, with a small waist, nice hips, and very long, shapely legs. The combination was enough to make him growl slightly, ears pressing flat against his head. What a bad time for his hentai side to kick in! But he shook the building desire aside, and reached out with a bare foot, nudging at the female's prone form. "Oi! Wench!"

The hanyou's breath caught as a pair of beautiful turquoise eyes fluttered open, to gaze up at him. They were glazed, as though she'd been awakened from a deep sleep, and the groan she uttered in a low, throaty tone made all the blood rush from his head to his groin.

This was his ultimate downfall.

After a few blinks, her eyes opened wide, and with a squeaky cry, she was gone in a flash of grey-blue smoke. Everyone gasped, looking quite bewildered, except for Shippou. The kitsune was watching intently, enthralled by what he was seeing, as his fluffy tail twitched excitedly.

"KYAH! She's biting my fucking leg!" Sure enough, a miniature version of the woman, about two feet tall and complete with fluffy white black-tipped tail, had attached herself to Inuyasha's left leg, and was gnawing determinedly at his calf through the voluminous leg of his hakama. As he drew the Tetsusaiga and attempted to attack her, she rushed off into the underbrush. "I'll fuckin' kill that li'l runt!"

"Inuyasha, no!" Completely ignoring Kagome's words, the irate hanyou ran off into the woods after the small figure, leaving an exasperated miko, confused taijiya, thoughtful monk, and a kitsune who was rolling around on the ground giggling.

The whole group stared in amazement as the woman, restored to her full height of five-foot-six, dropped gracefully from a tree off to their left and strolled towards the group. Her eyes flicked between the members of the group, before landing on Shippou, who was now standing next to Kagome's leg and grinning up at the newcomer. That made her pause, and she flashed him a fanged smile, before lifting her gaze to Kagome.

"Well.. what an odd group indeed. A hanyou, a taijiya, a neko, a monk, a miko.. and a kitsune."

"I'm gonna get you, you bitch!" Inuyasha came stumbling out of the forest the way he'd gone, and barreled towards the female. She just looked at him with a disinterested gaze, and stepped nimbly away from his clumsy swing of Tetsusaiga.

"Inuyasha! OSUWARI!" The female snickered as Inuyasha went face-down in the dirt again, turning a grin and a grateful nod to Kagome.

"I suppose that since I have thoroughly annoyed your inu companion and earned him a sitting on my behalf, I should introduce myself." She chuckled, glancing down at the still-prone Inuyasha, who was giving her his best glare. "My name is Hikari."

Shippou was still gazing up at Hikari with his bright emerald green eyes, and he ran forward, ignoring Kagome's warning gasp and reaching hand. As the kit came closer, Hikari knelt before him, her lips quirked into a slight smirk. He stopped just in front of her, and rose up on his little toes, to pat at her cheek with a small hand. "..You?"

Hikari's clawed hands reached forward, gently picking Shippou up and gazing at him. Kagome moved to grab her adopted son, but Sango held the girl back, shaking her head. She wanted to see what was happening here, and she honestly didn't think the oddly-dressed woman would harm Shippou.

Hikari gave Sango a small smile, then looked back at Shippou, tilting her head ever so slightly. "You're a sight for sore eyes, little one."

Shippou gave an inarticulate sound of glee, and launched himself forward, little arms wrapping around Hikari's neck, while her own held Shippou close. Everyone was silent, staring in shock and surprise.. except Kagome. There was an angry, possessive light in the miko's eyes.

Who the hell was this woman, and why was she holding her Shippou!