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Goodbye, for Tonight

She closed her eyes,

She knew he was leaving,

She stood in the doorway,

Tears falling, chest heaving.

He had always been there,

When she needed him most,

When she had been taken,

By some unworthy host.

And here she stands,

With one last kiss goodbye,

He wipes her tears away,

He pleads her not cry.

She knows now the truth,

That he may never come back,

And when he turns away,

She feels her life go off track.

She watches him close,

As he packs up his things,

She wishes him luck,

And for mercy she sings.

She pleads and she begs,

Upon bended knee,

"Why must I stay here?

Can I not go with thee?"

He shakes his head sadly,

And whispers a word,

But her sorrow is maddening,

His thoughts were not heard.

With one final hug,

And one perfect kiss,

She thinks of the memories,

All the things that he'll miss.

She stood at the door,

Watched him from afar,

Took in all his features,

From his height to his scar.

So he picked up his things,

Told her not to fright,

Said if he did not come back,

Then goodbye, for tonight.