Maka and Mosaku were at the park. Surprisingly, no one was there. They sat on a bench beneath a tree. The stage was definitely set for a mamodo battle. Maka and Mosaku braced themselves. Suddenly, they heard some branches break from above and a small scream. They looked up and a small girl fell out of the tree and fell on her face. "Owie!" the girl cried. "Great, Ember, you blew our cover." Someone from up in the tree said. The person who the voice belonged to jumped down with grace.

The little girl, apparently named Ember, had blue eyes and short brown hair. She wore a dress like Zatch's, but red, with a gold bow. The bow had a red ruby in the middle. She wore red shoes. Her partner had grayish-blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair. She wore a pair of dark blue jeans and a gray hoddie sweater. Across it were the words Varsity Athletics in dark blue with white outlining. She also wore a seashell necklace that had a tiny white shell then three tiny wooden rings. She was holding a blackish-red spell book. They were a mamodo team.

"I'm sorry, Chelsea, that I dragged us into another mamodo battle." Ember apologized. The one named Chelsea sighed. "Don't blame it on yourself. Battles are inevitable."

Maka and Mosaku readied themselves. Maka put on his mask, the gift from an old friend. Maka and Mosaku also took a few steps back to give themselves some room. "Well, we came here for a battle, and we got one! Gigano Moinaro!" Mosaku cast.

Maka shoes the color of his gems. They turned bluish-purple and Maka shot a fire ball at Ember. Ember couldn't help but smile. The attack hit her head on, but she didn't flinch! "A fire spell? On me? You must be insane." Ember said, cockily. "Now it's our turn!" Chelsea cried. "Samyi!"

Ember's eyes turned red and she inhaled deeply. When she blew out, a blast of flame erupted from her mouth. The fire blasted forward. Maka and Mosaku rolled to the side. They turned and saw a blaze of flame where they stood. Huh. The spell only goes so far. Mosaku thought. "OK, Maka, let's try our new strategy. Nadido!"

Maka's gems turned purple. There was a bright flash. After the flash, two more Maka's stood. "OK now for phase two! Gigano Moinaro!" Mosaku yelled.

Maka 1's gem's turned maroon. Maka 2's gem's turned orangish-gold. The third Maka's gems turned pink. The plan was set in motion.

First, Maka 3 shot a Teo Zaker from his palm. Ember jumped up to avoid the attack. While she was in the air, a long whip made of feathers wrapped around Ember. Maka 2's Rond Vidom had wrapped around Ember. The burns didn't bother her. Maka 2 pulled Ember toward him. Maka 1 was ready with huge wooden fists. He punched Ember and sent her flying back. She fell on the floor, hurt. The three Maka's lined up again and two of them disappeared.

"Ember! Are you alright?" Chelsea said. She helped Ember up. "That hurt…" Ember said. Chelsea sighed. "As long as you are alright. Let's keep this going. Sawchard!"

Ember lifted her hand above her head. Then, from no where, a blaze of fire shot from her hand about three feet up. The flame disappeared and replacing it was a sword. The sword had a red handle. The blade was silver with gold streaks across it. The blade was surrounded by red a blue flames. Ember grabbed the sword and ran towards Maka with it.

"Mikaruka!" Mosaku screamed. Maka glowed and Ember chopped him with her blade. The sword did no damage to Maka. Ember quickly ran back to Chelsea's side. Maka stopped glowing. "Mikaruka Sawchard!" Mosaku cast.

Maka's gems turned blackish-red and he obtained the fire sword. He ran towards Ember with it. "Shieldro Sewu!" Chelsea cried. A circle of fire appeared in front of Ember. In the circle, a shield appeared. The shield had an imprint of a large flame on the front. Around the fire imprint were small red stars. The shield was engulfed in flames. Maka chopped the shield, but it didn't work. In fact, he was blown back by a burst of flame. He landed on his back behind Mosaku.

"Maka, are you all right?" Mosaku said. Maka groaned and stood up. "Yeah, kind of. Let's try something else."

Mosaku nodded. "Mikado!" Mosaku yelled. Maka's gems shot two white beams. The beams hit the fire shield. The shield was enveloped in light. "Huh!" Ember said. The shield disappeared and the two white beams went back into Maka's gems. He had captured the defense.

"Hey, you stole my shield!" Ember cried. She pouted. "We'll, no shield will protect you from this! Sayim Tempoyi!"

Ember's hands caught fire. She didn't seem to mind. She raised her hand high and thrust it forward. A fireball, like the spell pymara, shot from her hand. "Why block when we can counter! Gigano Moinaro!" Mosaku cast.

Maka's gems turned pink. His hands trickled with electricity. He shot two lightening orbs from his hands. One of the lightening balls hit with one of the fireballs. They both exploded with a blast of electricity and fire. The other electric ball went for Ember.

Ember pulled one of her arms back casually and threw it forward. Another fireball came from her hand. It collided with the lightening orb. Both attacks were cancelled out.

"How many fireballs can you throw?" Maka said from behind his mask. Ember smiled. "I am glad you asked." She started rapidly throwing her hands forward. Fireball after fireball after fireball came towards Maka. She also sent some towards Mosaku. "Gigano Moinaro!" Moskau yelled.

Maka's gems flashed blue-green. He quickly obtained two blue daggers, jumped into the air and began to spin around like the Tasmanian devil. The fireballs meant for him hit him and immediately just disappeared into bursts of flame. Maka just kept spinning. He was still in the air. The fireballs met for Mosaku met their target. Mosaku was blown back and hurt. Maka then decided to stop spinning and fall down, dizzy and almost passed out.

Mosaku looked at the armor chest plate that protected his front. It was dented in places. "Man, those fireballs hurt. Maka, why didn't you try to stop the attack?" Mosaku asked. Maka stood up, very dizzy and stammered out. "I can't…control…the whirlwind…very…dizzy…" he decided then to pass out.

Mosaku picked Maka up and shook him violently. "Maka! Now is no time to do that! Maka! WAKE UP!" Mosaku yelled.

Maka wasn't really totally out. He was too dizzy to stand. "Now is our chance! Time to end this! Samin Sitmin!" Chelsea yelled. Ember brought both of her hands into the air. Mosaku chose that time to hold Maka like a foot ball and hold the gray-green spell book. Ember chose that moment to shoot a huge blast of flames out of each of her hands.

Mosaku had to think, fast. He rolled to get out of the way of the first, to only get into the next. As a half second decision, he put Maka in front of him and read faster than he had ever before "Mikaruka!"

Maka glowed white and the flames hit him. Suddenly, like a huge flame tornado, the fire spiraled into the very dizzy Mimic Mamodo. The flames disappeared inside Maka.

The new spell appeared in the spell book. Mosaku gave Maka a quick glance. Maka's eyes were slightly opening and closing. He was still dizzy! He can't fight. Mosaku thought. He can barely stand. Mosaku thought for another moment. But he can still fight!

Mosaku decided to hold back on the fire spell. Since Maka couldn't stand on his own, maybe something else would let him stand. "Gigano Mikado!"

One of Maka's gems turned blue-green while the other turned bluish-purple. The colors faded into a white color and started to glow. Soon, Maka was engulfed in light. He levitated into the air and then there was a huge blast of light. Everyone was blinded. When the light faded, Maka was in a huge suit of armor. Maka was less dizzy now and was starting to regain control. He still wobbled and the huge armor swayed as he tried to regain balance. Maka was barely able to lift one of the claw like hands and point it at Chelsea. Ember nor Chelsea didn't know what to expect. They readied themselves. The gem at the palm of the claw started to glow. The light didn't last long until the beam shot a white laser. Ember and Chelsea quickly reacted. Out of panic, Chelsea screamed out "Samyizakenga!"

Ember jumped in front of Chelsea and opened her mouth wide. A little flame appeared in the front of her mouth. The flame grew quicker than the blink of an eye. In one second it was an enormous dragon made of flame! The dragon greatly resembled Zatch's Bao Zakeruga, though larger. The beam Maka shot was puny compared to the dragon. The beam hit it, but did nothing.

The dragon was through. It charged toward the armored the wayward Maka. The thing's size made it look like it could go through him like wet tissue. Maka had to do something and FAST. First instinct was to blast it, full power. Maka tried it. The thing rolled and dodged it. Man, it was fast too! That got rid of the possibility of running. Only one last option.

Maka left his armor, which turned to light and disappeared. Maka swayed back and forth, but was still trying to keep balance. He gave Mosaku a quick look and the dragon raced forward. Mosaku quickly caught the hint and read the spell. "Mikaruka!"

Maka glowed and the dragon seemed to put on a smug grin. The dragon impaled Maka, and he surprisingly was sent flying back. The dragon then found out its error to late. It was being spiraled into Maka. It seemed like the fire just kept pouring out of Ember's mouth. But soon, then entire dragon was inside Maka.

"But…how? The other spell…" and with that, Ember passed out. Chelsea caught her. And also with that, Maka fell to the earth. Both sides are incapable of battle. Mosaku thought. It is a draw.

Mosaku gave Chelsea a small nod, which she returned. They were thinking the same thing. No winner. Mosaku and Chelsea grabbed their respective mamodos and shoved off.

A shadow watch from afar. "He is strong. Did you see those spells? That is the mamodo that sent Zoa back to the mamodo world. Twice." The shadow said to another that stood right behind it. "Yup. Fighting him will be a challenge, don't you think, Miasma?" the second shadow asked. "Yes, he will be quite fun to fight." The first shadow said. The first shadow waved a hand of dismissal, and suddenly they both disappeared.