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With that I give you…


Yuri had to let out a chuckle after seeing the short, spunky Sora manage to pull of Layla's famous Gold Phoenix routine, he did this in private of course. He had to admire the determination of that girl. She must have a great amount of ability if she was able to learn such an advanced routine in such a short amount of time. Yes, she wasn't able to snatch up what would be her partner's bar, but if she had a partner, that wouldn't matter. He would have caught her in her falter.

Although the plum colored hair and friendly brown eyes weren't exactly traits that could spark fear in a person's heart, Yuri knew Layla felt threatened after seeing the small girl perform the move.

Granted, she strode up and spoke with the girl, but if she hadn't Calos certainly would have said something. Besides, she had her pride to cover.

That was why Yuri decided not to tell Layla about his small piece of advice he had given Sora. He still wasn't sure what had exactly compelled him to talk to the Japanese girl, but he was glad he had.

One day Layla would no longer be the star of Kaleido Stage. She would go onto something bigger and better, the movies, TV shows, the works, all to make her father happy in attempts to gain his attention. Then it would be Sora's chance to shine. And Yuri was planning on being there, at her side, receiving applause with her, hopefully as her partner. Because the talent and spunk that Sora possessed, shouldn't go wasted.

Sora's heart had practically flown out of her chest once she realized she had successfully completed the Golden Phoenix. As she soared toward the waiting bar her heart was skipping in circles. She was doing it all for her Romeo, whoever that may be. Although perhaps deep in her heart, she wished he was Yuri. That was why she had pictured Yuri opposing her. Perhaps, one day, she would be able perform routines like the Golden Phoenix with him on Kaleido Stage. With excitement she reached out to grab the bar, thinking of all her future dreams.

All of those hopes dropped to the floor with Sora once her hand missed the bar. She felt her heart plummet as she fell through the air. It hit rock bottom once Sora felt the familiar sag of the net underneath her.

She tried to fight the tears. She, Sora, would never be able to perform with Yuri, ever. She simply wasn't good enough. That was how she felt as she miserably rolled off the net, missing the concerned light in the Russian acrobat's eyes as he walked up to the net with his current partner.

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