Good Intentions

By The Sole Survivor

M'kay, this is another story brainstorm I have come up with. Absolutely. Yup. Okay, so after reading and still reading a VERY good story by Kawaii Spinel Queen of Evil called 'Into the Woods', I've been inspired to write an Over the Hedge story. Anyway, I have pretty much just stopped writing 'The Scarlet Ibis' though I will get around to finishing that, I promise you all. I've just had my mind on a bunch of this busy shit and stuff.. ANYWHO!

Onto the story!


Sleepless Night

Laughter filled the air after a long silence. It was a humorous joyful laugh that came from Mary Jane, or MJ for short. She ran and played with her father Jake, her mother Reba, and her older sister Britt. MJ stopped and collided with her father, laughing harder as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder upside down. This was a normal afternoon after they ate. They would always run around outside the den. Huge, gigantic rocks that were stacked over each other made a perfect home for a family of raccoons. Bushes and trees surrounded the area, protecting them from over-zealous and predatory carnivores that were looking for a snack late at night.

MJ was a very young kit, still in a growing stage. She was about waist high to her father, and exactly the same colors except for her eyes. She got her bright blue-green eyes from her mother. Her sister Britt carried the shocking resemblence of her mother, but had her father's dark green eyes. MJ's fur was a dark red and her mask a midnight black. Britt was a grayish type of brown and had black ears instead of brown ears like Reba, their mother. Jake laughed and set MJ down, intending it was time to stop. Britt laughed and ran over to her younger sister, picked her up and slung her around, earning a high-pitched giggle from MJ.

"Okay, you two. Settle down, it's almost time for bed." Reba's soft voice called, already heading to their den. Reba wasn't the very playful type, but she loved her childen all the same. She was happy that Britt and MJ were so close. Reba stood halfway inside their home and soon was joined by Jake. He smiled and put his arm around her shoulder.

"You know, sweetheart? I never dreamed that we'd have such wonderful kids. Especially one like Britt." He spoke softly, not wanting to interrupt Britt and MJ's tickle fight they were currently having. Jake felt his mate nod.

"Yes, it's so wonderful they can get along so easily. I was afraid they'd fight alot." He nodded in understanding, and yawned. "I think it's time for bed," Reba laughed lightly and turned around to lead Jake into the den. "Don't stay out after sunset, you two! I want you both in and ready for bed!"

"Okay mother!" Britt's voice rang out, laughter in her tone. She grabbed her younger sister and pulled her into her lap, MJ still giggling. "You ready to go in?" She asked, leaning back and supporting her weight by her paws. MJ shook her head, a huge smile on her face. Britt thought it was funny when MJ smiled because she always had one tooth that would stick out over her bottom jaw.

"Hey, wanna play tag?" MJ suddenly asked, feeling an urge to run. Britt was almost a full-grown raccoon, but she always loved running around with her younger sister ever since she could walk.

"Okay," Britt picked MJ up and set her on her feet, standing up herself, "'re IT!" She screamed, poking MJ lightly before taking off into a full run around a small bush. The youngest she-raccoon giggled and ran after her sister before she realized that she couldn't hear her anymore. MJ raised an eyebrow and grinned when she figured she must be hiding. She tiptoed around the other side of the bush, stopping and jumping out with her arms raised then lowered them. With a blank look on her face, she looked around at the empty side of the bush.

"Okay.. this is weird." MJ muttered, standing up straighter and walking toward the den slowly. She stood a few feet from the entrance and glanced back. "Where'd she go?" she wondered, putting her paws on her hips. She cupped her paws around her muzzle. "Britt! Where are you? I don't wanna play tag anymore!" MJ walked slowly back to the bush and carefully peeked around the side where she saw Britt disappear. She felt fear grip her throat and she reached back and grabbed her tail, bringing it in front of her. "Britt..?" She whimpered, slowly walking toward a tree.

"Britt! MJ! Time for bed!" She jumped when she heard the sudden voice of her mother ring out. Forgetting about looking for her sister, she turned and took off running toward the den.

"Mother, I can't find Britt! She disappeared!" MJ latched herself onto her mother, tears forming in her eyes. It was getting dark and soon the predators would be coming out around the outside of the trees. Reba froze in fear and picked MJ up in her arms, taking her into the den.

"Okay honey, you stay in here with your father. I'm going to go find Britt, okay?" Reba looked back outside and saw movement. "No matter what you hear, stay in this den." Her voice had lowered down to a whisper. MJ nodded and crawled closer to the sleeping form of her father. Reba ran out of the den to come face to face with a large hefty fisher. (A/N: A fisher is like an overgrown weasel, basically and it doesn't really kill fish lol) The weasel's fur was a light brown from the tip of it's head and grew to a dark brown to it's feet. It had a white spot on it's face and dark brown eyes. It grinned venomously, it's teeth carrying the stench of blood. Reba gaped at it, frozen into a state of shock.

"Why, hello there. My name's Akira. I don't believe I caught your name.." The large fisher circled the she-raccoon almost like a hunter would it's prey. She snarled viciously and whirled around when Akira was near her back.

"That's because I didn't give it, you savage.." She snapped, glaring angrily at the fisher. Reba sniffed the air and caught Britt's scent on the overgrown weasel. She froze and pointed a paw up to Akira. "You killed her.."

"You see, darling, it's the way of life. She was a little vicious but she eventually accepted her fate, as will you.." Akira was caught by surprise when the little raccoon suddenly latched herself onto the her neck, biting so viciously and angrily, her tears blurring her view. The fisher slowly calmed down and she brought up a paw to grab Reba by the scruff of her neck. "My dear, do you have any more children? Or perhaps a mate? I'd rather have them watch me devour you.." Akira's voice was soft and angry, and a little insulted that the little she-raccoon had attacked her. She had no means to attack her openly and freely without paying a price.

"You will not touch one hair on my family.." Reba's voice was low and dangerous. Her body hung loosely from Akira's claws, her tears flowing down her muzzle. The darkened sky lit up with a stroke of lightning, followed soon by thunder. In the den, MJ was shaking. She'd heard everything that had been said, and frankly, she was terrified. She cuddled closer to her father, who was in fact a deep sleeper. She swallowed her fear and clutched her tail, walking closer to the den's entrance making sure she wasn't seen or heard. From the light off the moon, she could see a very large creature holding her mother up in the air. She noticed that not one trace of fear was on her mother's face, except for the tears that were completely covered up by the sudden downpour of rain.

"Mother.." She whispered and walked back into the den to wake her father. "Papa, wake up.." MJ whispered urgently, shaking her father's shoulders. Jake grunted and rolled over. "Please, papa, wake up. Mother needs you.." She said in a whimper, still clutching her tail around her chest. She saw his eyes open slowly and he sat up quickly. He looked at her with a dazed expression and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"What is it, sweetheart?" Jake stood up and quickly became worried when he saw tears forming at the corners of his daughter's eyes. "What's wrong?" He repeated, grabbing onto her and pulling her into an embrace.

"It's... m-mother.. papa.." She whispered, pointing to the entrance of the den. MJ was completely terrified, and clutched onto her father tightly when lightning struck again.

"What's wrong with mother, honey? Tell me, what's wrong? What happened?" He looked up and noticed the entire den was empty. "Where's your sister?" Tears flowed freely down MJ's nose as she hung her head and burst into sobs. Jake, worried, picked her up and cuddled her. "It's okay, MJ, it's alright. Just tell me where they are." He felt her shake her head.

"Papa.. it's m-mother.. she's outside.." She was set down as her father carefully tiptoed to the entrance. He peeked his head out and gasped a little too loud. Akira snapped her head in the direction of the den and grinned. Reba realized what she was doing and snarled. She twisted out of the weasel's grip and jumped on her head.

"No! You will leave my family alone you savage!" Reba screamed and bit down on Akira's ear. The fisher howled and grabbed the she-raccoon by her head and slammed her into the ground. Out of anger and spite, Akira put Reba's head in her jaws and bit down as hard as she could, earning a satisfying crunch. Jake, having watched, gaped at the scene. Akira opened her mouth and let the corpse drop onto the ground roughly. She put her claw on Reba's chest, putting pressure and making an opening. He could watch no more. He screamed as he ran and jumped on the weasel, making her reach behind and grab his tail. Akira shook him loose and threw him the opposite way. She heard a loud thud as he collided with a tree stump.

"No.." MJ backed up from the entrance until her back hit the leaves that they'd made into a bed. "No.." Tears were flowing quickly down her muzzle and she looked around the den in complete terror. They were gone. All of them. Her whole family was dead. She gasped as she heard footsteps outside of the den. Akira must still be out there. MJ huddled in the corner, shaking in sobs. She heard a loud snarl and the sound of something being devoured. She swallowed the lump in her throat and laid down in a ball, curling her tail around her body and covered her ears with her paws.

MJ awoke suddenly, tears once again streaming from her eyes. She shook her head as if to shake it from unwanted thoughts. 'It's been 2 years, and I still can't forget that night.' It was true, MJ was haunted by that terrible night her family was killed by Akira. She hadn't seen Akira since either. Ever since that faithful night, MJ has been wandering the forest in search of any creature that could help her, but with no luck. She'd given up much as she had her own existance but she wouldn't even think to try and commit suicide. She sighed and looked up to the moon. It was full and was half covered in dark clouds.

The young she-raccoon was still very young, and about the same size as she was, but her mind had matured. She no longer laughed as much as she used to and she always never stays in one place for too long. MJ couldn't even remember the last time she smiled at someone, or even in the presence of being by herself lost in her thoughts. She blinked when a water droplet splashed onto her nose. Thunder boomed overhead and lightning struck moments after. 'Oh well,' She thought. 'I like the rain because I can cry without feeling weak.' As soon as the rain started, so did her tears. She pulled her body close to herself and curled her tail around her legs. Half of her tail was severed and burned because of a stupid lawn mower.

MJ sighed and sniffed, feeling her tears going dry. She wiped her nose and looked up into the sky, seeing it a light pink and purple color. The sun was coming up. She sat up and stretched, her ear twitching when she heard leaves crunching below her. "Good morning, my dear. I see you've slept well?" A sickly sweet voice drifted into her head. She turned around on her heal to face Leon, a tall black and white lemur. Leon's tail was black spotted and he had bright brown eyes. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. MJ had met Leon a couple months after she'd been on her own. He'd seemed like a nice guy and willing to help, but after he'd picked her up and tried to throw her into a pond with a very heavy rock tied to her tail, she knew that she couldn't trust him.

"Go away, Leon, I don't want to talk to you." She snapped, turning away and walking in a huff down the long tree trunk. Thunder growled above her head and she jumped onto the ground.

"Oh come on, I thought we were friends." Leon walked swiftly in front of her and flashed her an incredibly cheesy smile. She growled and pushed him aside, continuing her journey to nowhere. "MJ, you are so sad. You hold a grudge longer than you hold your breath. I was merely trying to end your pain." Leon stopped short when MJ whirled on him.

"If I want my pain ended, then I'll do it myself. I don't need help from some- AH!" Her feet slipped out from under her and she almost fell down a steep hill when Leon caught her by the scruff of her neck and pulled her up.

"You were saying?" Leon thoroughly enjoyed teasing her, though it didn't seem like it to her. He set her down and he could've sworn he heard her say "Thanks." He smirked and followed behind her. Even though she was much smaller and younger than him, it was always fun to follow to see where she'd go. Last time he followed her, she'd lead him to a place he'd never even knew existed. "You do know it's raining, right MJ?" He fell into step beside her.

"Yeah, I figured that out." Was the sarcastic reply. Leon stopped when he realized she had stopped. He watched as her ear twitched like she was listening. He walked up close to where she was and found his ear was twitching. Soon voices drifted to their ears.

"Come on everyone, it's time to wake up!" A very loud voice called out. Soft groans could be heard and the sound of leaves being stepped on. Then a loud hyper voice was heard.

"Hey everyone, do you know where my nuts are? Come on, does anyone know?" MJ raised an eyebrow (as much of an eyebrow her mask resembled). Curious, she peaked her head through a patch of bushes and saw a bunch of woodland animals all crowded around together. There was a squirrel, a turtle, a skunk with a cat, a porcupine family, two oppossum and another raccoon like herself. She gasped softly, amazed. Another raccoon? She hadn't seen any of her species since her family and she had a sudden urge to go and talk to him.

"How'd you sleep, RJ?" The turtle spoke, turning to the raccoon she guessed was RJ. 'RJ, huh? Wow, I wonder how old he is. If it weren't for the fact that he was brown, I'd think he was..' Her thought trailed off and she frowned sadly. '.. My father.' She felt tears come to her eyes and she wondered why she's so emotional when she all of a sudden sees another raccoon that vaguely resembles her deceased father. MJ suddenly was reminded it was pouring down rain when she heard thunder rumbling in the distance. She blinked and felt a tear escape her eye.

"What's the matter, MJ? That raccoon making you emotional?" Leon's voice suddenly rang through her head. She turned and looked at him before glancing back at RJ. She smiled lightly before closing her eyes and turning around.

"Yeah, he is." Her voice was unusually soft and quiet, which was very unlike MJ. Leon, both his eyebrows raised, looked back at the male raccoon in the distance. Was she crying for a lost cause or did that raccoon remind her of someone? He shook off his fur clean from water only to have it soaked again. He sighed and sat in front of the young kit. MJ wiped her nose and walked in the direction she'd come from. Curious, Leon followed but not before turning back to look at RJ. The lemur smiled and hurried to catch up with the she-raccoon.

That, my friends, was the prolouge! The next chapter will be in RJ's perspective. But, I'll tell you right now, that I think I'm about through with The Scarlet Ibis. But, if the reviewers want me to continue, I will gladly. But, this will probably be my main focused story. Anyway, thank you for your time. (. ) (.) ( .) Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonite! Dun dun dun! (. ) (.) ( .) lol

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