Good Intentions

By Anya's Trilogy

Chapter 3

Kat and Mia

"RJ is where?"

"Uh.. in a human house with a girl.." MJ said slowly, uncertain of how they would react. They've already questioned how she came back without RJ. She didn't even know he'd gone out to find her. Although she was happy that he had, she still thought he was pretty stupid to go inside a house. MJ, despite her slight phobia of thunderstorms, never went inside human homes.

"Why hasn't he come back yet? Is he in trouble?" Verne's voice was filled with worry and slight aggitation. He sighed when the small she-raccoon nodded. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers.

"Well, I'm sorry, okay? I couldn't do anything to help him! That human girl was all over him telling him that he was gonna stay with her! I thought I could get some help from you all." MJ muttered, having almost lost her temper. Without RJ there, she felt she could act herself again, and because of that she had her additude back.

"Why didn't RJ just die? He should've just layed down and died." Heather rolled her eyes and glanced up at Ozzie. Hammy, actually acting sane for once, nodded and agreed with the older 'possum. Verne shook his head and turned back to MJ.

"Okay, do you have any idea how we're gonna help him?" The turtle waited as MJ put on a thoughtful expression, crossing her arms. Everyone watched as her ears twitched, then she grinned almost in a maniacal way. She stood up straight and waved her paws in circles to get everyone to come in a circle.

"Alright, here's what we'll do.."

"Okay, momma! Here he is!"

"He better be house-trained!"

"Momma, shut it! I'm trying to show you something!"

"Mia, I don't have all day! Show me!" Mia giggled as she reached behind a couch and grabbed the little raccoon in question. He was brought inside the house when he tried to jump out the window. RJ pouted and crossed his arms as he hung loosely from Mia's grip by the scruff of his neck. He'd been through torture that morning. He woke up to the human girl watching him and then she dragged him to her room to play what he thought was the most horrifying game ever made.

Dress up.

"What'd you put on him? He looks like a girl!" Thankful someone seemed to be on his side, RJ grunted as he was pulled toward the human Mia's stomach. The raccoon was currently wearing clip-on ribbons on each of his ears, a flower-y vest with a bumblebee hanging out of the pocket, and to make it worse, he had on a collar. A blue collar with a tag.

"Shnookie doesn't look like a girl! He looks like a formal gentleman!" Momma grunted and stared at RJ then walked off to do whatever. 'Probably get her shotgun after me again...' RJ thought, getting agrivated. He glanced up angrily at the human holding onto him and sighed. He'd have to get out of there, and quickly. The cat he'd found in the garage was in fact a stray. He tried to talk to her but he was rudely dragged back in by Mia, her saying she won't let her 'Shnookie' escape. He wondered if the cat went through what was happening to him. "Okay, now it's time to eat!"

"No thanks, lady. I'm not hungry for what you- Hey!" RJ was cut off when he found himself in a small white, slightly rusted place. From what he heard her say once, it was the 'bath' room. Instead of taking him into the kitchen, she'd dragged him in the bathroom to get a bath. To his horror, she closed and locked the door behind her before setting him down. "Um.. lady, I'm not exactly the type to take baths. I'm more of a shower person.." He trailed off when she walked over to tub and turned on the faucet. Completely forgetting about his former 'clothes', he jumped up and frantically tried to unlock the door.

"Oh no, Shnookie! You can't leave, I have to make you look all pretty for when you see Ms. Nookem's! I'm sure she'll think you're handsome!" Mia giggled as she thought about the stray cat in the garage. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she turned the water off when she saw that it was almost over-flowing. "Okay, bathtime!" She turned around to get 'Shnookie', but frowned when she saw he'd disappeared. "Hmm.. Shnookie? Where'd you go?" Above her, RJ clung to the lighting fixture tightly, afraid he'd make a noise and she'd hear him. He held his breath as she looked inside the cabinet below the sink. "Shnookie? You need a bath, you're filthy!" Mia sat down, cross-legged.

"Yeah, you sit there all depressed while I escape, okay?" RJ muttered sarcastically. He carefully grabbed the tip of the light where it was attached to the ceiling but froze when it made a slight creaking noise. He looked down and saw that she had stood up again.

"Shnookie? I know you're in here! There's nowhere for you to go!" The human walked over to the window and opened it slightly, the security lock making it stay halfway shut. RJ snickered at how dumb she was and was about to climb up to the vent, the light creaked again and snapped on a wire. His eyes wide, he glanced down at her again. She had her hand out the window, waving it around in the rain. "He couldn't have gone outside. It's raining!" Mia brought her hand back inside and shook it off and saw something moving out of the corner of her eye. She looked up quickly and gasped. "Shnookie!" RJ froze and went limp. So much for escaping.

"Why do I even bother.." RJ muttered as she reached up and grabbed his tail, jerking him off and cuddling him against her. She kissed the top of his head, totally oblivious that he stuck his tongue out then wiped his head off quickly.

"Time for your bath!" The raccoon froze and went numb as Mia started to take off the vest, collar and ribbons. Once he was free of all the doll clothes, he struggled to get free.

"Let me go, you jerky cow.. human!" He stuttered, not having a ready insult. Mia giggled as she practically dunked him into the now semi-cold water.

"You're going to look so cute when I'm through with you!" She reached for a pink bottle and poured some of it in her hand. RJ glared at her from the tub.

"When I escape, you are so going to regret it.."

"Are you sure we're going the right way, MJ?" Verne asked, impatiently. They'd been walking around the neighborhood for about an hour, and it seemed MJ didn't have any idea where they were.

"Of course I am." She answered meekly, before darting off toward what she thought was a familiar looking house. The garage door was halfway open, so she stuck her head inside of it. She gasped and victoriously raised her arms above her head. "Victory!" She half-shouted and motioned for the rest of them to head under it. Inside of the garage there was a small cage in the corner. Slowly and quietly, MJ made her way over to it. Verne followed shortly after, making sure the rest stayed near the entrance.

"What the hell are you doing in here!" A loud feminine voice hissed, making Verne jump. MJ just stared at the small stray cat through the cage. "Honey, you have to leave before that woman comes out here and kills all of you like they did that raccoon!" The small she-raccoon cocked her head slightly as she raised an eyebrow at her. Verne gasped. The small white cat inside the cage had a slight accent and had huge golden eyes.

"What do you mean 'killed'?" The turtle gulped and turned to leave but stopped when he felt MJ's paw on his shell.

"Hold it, she's bluffing." Verne turned and stared at MJ, shocked. "Well well well, when everyone said you disappeared, I thought you had just run away." The small cat hissed dangerously inside the cage, but by the look on MJ's face, she didn't seemed fazed by it.

"Leave now, dog." The small cat hissed. MJ put on a fake hurt expression.

"Oh, now that's not nice, Kat. I'd figure you'd have more manners than that." The cat went from being totally pissed to shocked in 2 seconds flat. She backed up into the corner of her cage, her eyes wide.

"MJ..? Is that you?" Her voice was so quiet, Verne barely caught it. The small she-raccoon grinned.

"In the fur. I thought you forgot about me." MJ walked to the cage and unhooked it, letting the cage door creak open slowly. Kat crept out of the cage and jumped onto MJ, hugging her tightly.

"MJ! I can't believe it! I thought you were killed by Akira!" MJ's muscles tightened, but hugged the cat back none-the-less. "I'm so happy to see you, hon!" Kat continued. Verne walked foward a bit to the cat and raccoon.

"Uhm.. MJ? You know this cat?" He asked timidly. The small white cat released MJ and stared at Verne for a few seconds.

"Yeah, I know her. We go way back." Kat said, dismissing it quickly when she saw MJ's far off look. "Well, I suppose you're here for that cute raccoon they brought in here, am I right?" She nudged MJ, getting her attention quickly. The she-raccoon blinked and giggled nervously.

"Yeah, we're here for him." MJ turned back to the others and put her paws into an 'ok' sign. They all nodded and stayed put. She turned back to Kat. "Do you know where they took him?" The stray cat put on a thoughtful expression.

"Well... I know they took him inside, darling. But I'm not sure about which room. I know he did come out here once to try and escape but that girl is so protective. Anyway, he also tried to talk to me." Kat blinked at the unsure look on MJ's face. "Honey, are you okay?"

"Me?" MJ forced a smile. "Sure, yeah. I'm terrific. Absolutely.." She trailed off and closed her eyes when she'd seen Kat's suspicious look. "Alright, so I'm not. So? I just don't.. feel comfortable in a human's home. I saw what that older one did to RJ. She shot at him. I just hope we're not too--"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A loud scream pierced through the whole house, making the entire group of animals gasp.

"What was that?" Verne whispered, halfway inside his shell. MJ blinked and gasped again, turning and grabbing Kat by her shoulders, pulling her halfway off the ground in the process.

"Was that RJ? Is he in trouble? Kat, what does this girl do to animals?" MJ was frantic. She felt a pang of guilt when she realized she should've helped him when he'd asked for it. Kat slowly reached up and took MJ's paws off of her, and held them.

"MJ, honey. It's ok. He's not in pain." This time, Verne spoke up.

"How do you know? Have you ever been inside that house? For all you know, they could be.." He paused when he tried to think of a word, "..drowning him or something!" He waved his arms frantically. Suddenly, he was pushed onto his back, unable to get up. The turtle gasped and saw the small cat towering over his head, her eyes narrowed.

"Listen, baby doll. I've been here for about 6 months. I've been inside that house and all up in it! I should know what happens and what goes on in that house!" Kat straightened up when she saw Verne's wide eyes. She took a deep breath and let it out. "Mia's probably just.. playing dress up with him or giving him a bath. RJ is going to be fine, honey." Kat walked back to MJ and shook her head. "You can try to make it through the dog door over there," She pointed to the door, " Or you can try your luck getting in through the windows." MJ sighed and walked around Kat.

"Well, I guess I'll try to get in through the door. You guys go around the house and wait until you hear me. I'll let you in through the windows, got it?" Lou and Penny nodded, along with Heather and Hammy. Ozzie looked up to the door, seeing it pitch black.

"But, MJ, this place seems like a very guarded place!" He demonstrated with his arms. "How are you not going to get caught?" MJ stared blankly at him, more confused by his actions then by his words. The small she-raccoon walked to Heather slowly and put her arm around her.

"Does your dad always act like that?" She whispered, glancing at him every now and then. He was still waiting on an answer.

"Unfortunately.." Heather muttered, turning toward her dad. "Dad, she'll figure it out. Just let her go and do whatever she's gonna do, okay?" The young opossum grabbed her dad's paw and dragged him out of the garage. "Good luck, MJ!" She whispered, grinning and giving her a thumbs up with her free paw. MJ forced a grin back and waved. Lou and Penny waved and walked out, pushing the triplets as they did so.

"Are you sure you don't want someone to go with you?" MJ sighed at Verne's worried tone. She couldn't blame him though.

"She'll be fine, turtle. Just go and wait for her signal." Verne sighed when Kat started to push him out of the garage. "I'll go with her if that makes you feel better, hon." He sighed and turned around.

"Well.. not real--" He was cut off when Kat pushed him the rest of the way out, causing him to fall on his back again. MJ giggled at Kat and turned around, facing the door.

"Well.. here goes.." She muttered walking up the steps before Kat called out to her.

"Honey, are you sure you don't want me to go with you? I'll be happy to." MJ smiled and grabbed the cat's paw.

"I'll be fine, Kat. You stay in the garage if RJ does manage to escape." Still a little uncertain, Kat nodded and smiled encouragingly.

"Good luck, girl. And be careful if you wake up the momma." The she-raccoon nodded numbly, remembering the shotgun and crawled through the dog door quickly. For a moment, MJ was frozen in fear. The last time she was inside a house, she was almost killed by a bulldog that the family owned. She pushed aside her fear, assuring herself that this was for RJ and that this family didn't own any dogs. She walked swiftly around the fridge and hid behind a table leg, despite the fact she knew there wasn't anyone around. MJ got on all her paws and crawled down the hall quickly. She had no idea where that Mia girl could've taken RJ, but she was sure she was bound to find him sooner or later.

"Now where could he--" She was cut off when she accidently bumped into a side table, making it wobble. MJ gasped and tried to steady it, only succeeding in making it topple over, making a glass dish fall to the ground and shatter. The small she-raccoon gasped again and held her paws to her muzzle. "Oh.. no.."

"This.. is so wrong.." RJ muttered as he sat in the drawer Mia had made for him to sleep in. He was now dressed in a doll's dress and now complete with a blue hat. He growled and tugged on it fiercely. "This is just perfect." He sighed impatiently and pulled the hat off, shortly after ripping the dress off of himself. He looked back at the sleeping human curled up in her bed and smirked. But before he could even start to move toward her bed, he heard a loud noise like glass shattering and the girl shot up quickly and almost automatically looked to the drawer. He froze in mid-step and his ears and tail drooped when she gasped and stood up.

"Shnookie, what are you doing out of bed?" Mia walked toward him and picked him up. "Oh, do you have to go potty?" RJ raised both of his eyebrows and stared at the girl.

"Look lady, if I had to go 'potty'," He raised his paws, quoting before continuing, "I would've found a way to. Now let me go." Instead she crushed him to her again, gushing.

"Oh Shnookie! I can't believe I found you! You're the best pet in the world!" RJ winced when her loud voice reached his ears. He was about to try and get out of her grip when he heard loud footsteps and curses being muttered. The door to Mia's room opened quickly and there stood her mother with her shotgun and this time a butcher knife.

"Mia! Get that thing out of here NOW!" Her momma aimed the gun at RJ but Mia turned him around, sheltering him and holding her hand up.

"Momma! He didn't even do anything!" Momma grunted and pointed out into the hallway.

"Then what broke the dish!" Her voice was growing increasingly high and RJ could do nothing but stare, his eyes wide. When he finally came back down to reality he struggled out of Mia's grip, realizing too soon that she was his only cover. Momma took no time in aiming again and firing non-stop at the raccoon. RJ darted inbetween the bullets' spark and he hid behind Mia's bed. Breathing hard, he crawled under it and shook his head. Before he could stand up, the bed toppled over and he froze when he heard a gun click. He slowly looked up to see Momma aiming at him again. "Have fun in raccoon heav-" She was cut off by a rushing blind of fur that attached itself to the back of her head, scratching furiously.

"Uh.." He stood staring at the scene before him, shocked and a little confused.

"What are you waiting for? GO!" Deciding to take the advice, he scurried out into the hall only to bump into MJ.

"MJ!" He gasped as he toppled over on his back. He quickly stood and grabbed the stunned she-raccoon's arm.

"What's going on, RJ? What's happening?" He darted inbetween the rooms like he'd been there forever and found the kitchen where MJ had entered only moments before. Once outside, he stopped and breathed a sigh of relief. "RJ! What happened?" He came back to reality to see MJ's narrowed eyes staring at him.

"I don't know!" He snapped back, throwing his paws in the air. "I have no idea! I just ran!" MJ turned back to the garage's empty space and gestured with her paws.

"Where'd Kat go!" RJ lowered his arms and blinked.

"Her name's Kat?" He asked, cluelessly. He shook his head before glaring at MJ again. "How should I know? It's not like she could've moved! She's inside the--" RJ trailed off when he looked to the cage the stray cat once was. "How'd she get out?"

"I let her out." MJ said simply, her voice straining with rage as she crossed her arms. She had no idea why she was fighting with RJ, but it felt good to vent on somebody. RJ growled and slapped his forehead before he heard a loud howl of pain. He froze and turned back to the door. Without second thought, he darted back inside and ran back to where he heard it, feeling MJ right behind him. He stopped outside the door when he saw it was closed.

"It's so quiet.." RJ muttered and quietly and slowly walked to the door.

"Maybe too quiet.." He heard MJ mutter. He ignored her and pushed open the door slowly, making it creak loudly as it hit the door stopper. The site that met him stunned and horrified him. There was blood everywhere. It splattered the wall and part of Mia's bed that was still toppled over. RJ stood dazed as he felt MJ walk around him. It was deathly silent as RJ walked slowly to the center of the room. He blinked when he heard MJ choke back a sob.

"She's dead, isn't she?" RJ almost hated to hear the pain in her voice but nodded when he felt her gaze on him. They both stood in front of Kat and Mia. The girl and stray cat were both covered in blood and both were bleeding from the stomach. Mia was laying on her side in an odd shape, her arms were thrown back, almost looking broken. Kat looked the worst. Her once white fur was almost completely covered in deep red blood, and her stomach looked like it had exploded. Kat also had the butcher knife extending out of the her throat. Despite the fact that they had be arguing, MJ tightly closed her eyes and flung herself at RJ, sobbing loudly into his stomach fur. He patted her fur awkwardly before he heard loud breathing. He froze and turned his head slowly to face the other side of the room, feeling MJ do the same.

"She moved. She wasn't supposed to move. She was supposed to help me kill the little bastard, not help it." Kneeling in the corner was Mia's momma, clutching her shotgun close to her chest. Her eyes were wide and her hair was very tangled, hanging loosely in her face and swung as she rocked. "I will not be haunted by this. I'll be damned if I am." RJ's tail twitched when he saw her raise the shotgun to her own chest. Momma plundged the shotgun into her chest, holding it there tightly and grinned sadistically. "You little raccoons won't make a fool out of me! I'll kill myself before that happens! Rot in hell Shnookie!" She pulled the trigger and fell to the ground in a loud thump, the shotgun still protruding out from her chest. RJ stared wide-eyed at the mother of Mia before looking back down at MJ. Her face was constricted of so many emotions, RJ couldn't even begin to name them.

All of a sudden, MJ fell limp and collasped onto the ground, her form shaking violently with sobs. Her paws were tightly gripping the floorboards and her teeth were clenched. "No.." She whimpered and pounded her paw into the wood. "No.." She felt her voice rising in anger. "NO!" Before she could stop herself, she stood up and glared hatefully at RJ. "This is all YOUR fault!" She didn't care how she acted now. Once again, she witnessed another die. MJ saw RJ's eyes narrow at the accusination.

"How is this my fault?" He screamed, gesturing to himself. "I didn't do anything! You were the one who knew her, I didn't!" MJ stood up straighter and clenched her fists.

"And how is knowing her supposed to save her!"

"You could've stopped her from coming in here!"

"And you couldn't?"

"I was too busy with the girl to do anything!"

"Sure, lame excuse! If you're as great as your friends say you are, how come you couldn't have gotten away sooner!"

"I can't do everything! I'm only a raccoon! What else could I have done! Huh?" MJ clenched her teeth tighter and finally broke eye contact when she realized that they were both literally nose to nose, arguing.

"Maybe that's the problem." Her low voice threw RJ off completely and his tail went limp.

"What's the problem?" RJ asked, his voice strained.

"Being a raccoon." She muttered before sighing and started to walk out of the room. She didn't care anymore. He could stay in there as long as he wanted to, but she was going to go back to the hedge and find Leon whether she wanted to see him or not. At least he didn't make her blind with rage like RJ did just now. MJ felt she needed to cool off and she followed the way he had gone out before all of that happened.

"Where are they? It's taking MJ too long. Where--" Verne was worriedly pacing outside of the garage after Stella and Ozzie helped him up. They had all heard the scream, and they all saw Kat run inside shortly after, probably intent on drawing blood. But Verne stopped talking when he heard the flap of the dog door. He poked his head back in and silently stared as MJ walked slowly out. Her paws were clenched tightly and shaking with strain. Her mask resembling eyebrows were tightly drawn together, making her eyes seem more deadly as she turned her head to gaze at them. "MJ? What took you?" The small she-raccoon shook her head and continued back to the hedge. "Hey! Where's RJ?"

"Inside." She said simply and continued to walk. Verne and the rest stared as she walked until she disappeard from view.

"Where's RJ?" Heather asked and looked back under the garage door. A loud noise, like a scream echoed from inside the house, making the young opossum jump and hit her head.

"Well, well, well.." A soft feminine voice echoed through the animals' ears. Slowly, almost in sync, they all turned to face the voice and gasped. There about three foot from them stood a Great Dane. She was black and white footed with a brown spot on her forehead. Verne gulped slowly and walked slowly in front of the rest of the others.

"Uhm.. hi. I'm V- Verne. Who are.. you?" His voice clearly stated how nervous he was and he hated it. After all RJ had told him and how he's changed, he still felt the urge to be a tentitive turtle. The large dog chuckled slightly and walked foward a little bit.

"My name is--" But she was rudely cut off by Lou.

"Hey, aren't you that dog the Jones' own? Isn't your name Squeakers or something?" Realizing too late that he'd said the wrong thing, the dog snarled fiercely and bared her teeth.

"I have no such name. But if you must, call me Sandra." Terrified by her outburst, they all huddled together, their eyes wide. "While I think about it, I might as well tell you why I'm here." Her voice dripped with malice and she had a hungry glint in her eye. "I believe that you are on private property. You are demanded to leave at once." Sandra raised her paw slightly and waved toward the hedge. Verne's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Now wait just a minute.." He stepped foward only to bump into the dog's nose. He gasped and fell over on his back.

"No, I won't. I asked you nicely. Leave now." Despite the sudden danger Verne found himself in, he glared up at her.

"I am not leaving until I get my friend." Sandra found that comment amusing somewhat, and she chuckled, throwing the turtle into confusion. The lifted slightly off of him and began to circle all of them.

"There are no such things as friends in the world. Just ones you use to get you through life." Verne rolled himself into a standing position and put his hands on his shell.

"And what do you call that?" Sandra stopped mid-step and growled deeply at the turtle.

"You have your opinion and I have mine. You should not question what you do not understand." Verne stood, staring blankly at her before Stella spoke up.

"Why don't you take your own advice?" The skunk walked foward and stood beside the turtle. Sandra lip quivered before she sneered. In one quick movement, she walked up and wrapped a paw around Heather, pulling her away from the comfort of Ozzie's hug. Heather shook with fright and glanced up fearfully at the dog.

"Don't tell me what to do, filthy. Take one step closer and this possum'll get it." Despite the threat, Stella glared hatefully at Sandra.

"Filthy?" All the hedgies gasped. "Filthy!" Stella was about to give the dog a mouthful when she felt Verne's hand on her shoulder. He frowned deeply and pushed her into a sitting postion.

"Stella, we can't afford to put Heather's life on the line." The skunk raised both eyebrows at him.


"Come on, Stella. At least give the dog a chance to see that she's bluffing." Everyone turned quickly to the garage door just in time to see RJ standing, glaring with deep hatred at the great dane. The dog seemed just as shocked as the others but soon covered it up. She pulled Heather closer to herself and chuckled darkly.

"Don't tempt me, raccoon."

"A bowl of Kibble could tempt you, sweetheart." RJ snapped back, walking defiently behind Verne and the others and stood right beside Sandra. The raccoon sniffed the air and turned toward the driveway just in time to see a tall shadow-y figure alluminated against the moonlight. He smirked.

"Okay," The figure began, walking slowly toward the others revealing himself to be the lemur, Leon, "Speaking as a completely objective third-party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter, I believe that this is about to get ugly." The lemur walked up beside RJ and they both shook paws.

"And I don't think he means the dog."

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